What The Squirrel Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

There are over 200 species of squirrel found in almost all parts of the world, but they are particularly at home in the northern hemisphere, where the climate is relatively moderate. You may have crossed paths with a squirrel in your life, but if it has been a recent encounter, you may be wondering about their spiritual meaning.

The squirrel is symbolic of preparation, having foresight, and practicality. It also exudes high energy levels and, although playful, demonstrates a delicate balance between work and life. They also represent the ability to multitask and manage resources through hard work and determination.

This small, playful, and chattering creature scurrying around foraging for food and strategically depositing it for difficult times has a wealth of spiritual meanings and wisdom to impart on us. They are highly energetic, animated, and full of life and can be truly inspirational creatures, so do read on to discover their spiritual meaning.

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Squirrel

It is typical for creatures such as birds to be assigned the role of messengers between this world and the spiritual realm, but various other animals also don this cap. The squirrel is one of these, and it effectively runs to and fro, chattering and making various other noises as it translates ethereal messages.

The squirrel is also one who brightens the darkest of prospects, and because they have such a light footing, they seemingly never leave the physical or spiritual realm but instead have a grounding in both. And although they seem to be somewhat scatterbrained, they are actually symbolic of immense focus.

This level of focus is highly favorable, especially when one wishes to grow in their spiritual walk. If you are serious about maturing in your spirituality, you will know that other aspects of your life require your attention, but when dealing with the spiritual realm, you need to hone in on it and give it your full attention.

Another trait that the squirrel embodies is a perfect balance in all avenues of life. This follows what we have just mentioned and is something many strive to achieve, but few genuinely manage to master. There is also the importance of finding equilibrium within the different aspects of our lives.

 For instance, there are times to be prudent and diligent within almost everything, but on other occasions, it is acceptable to be silly and have fun. One example would be in our spiritual walks; yes, it is essential, and we ought to take it seriously, but that does not mean that there ought never to be fun found in it.

The squirrel also reminds us that life is full of seasons, and at times our spirits dwindle and stagnate, and we need to enter a phase of renewal. They may be finite in their physical forms, but they embody significant amounts of esoteric wisdom, and part of this is that we should focus on the future but learn from the past.

They also promote positive outlooks upon life, regardless of the state we find ourselves in because every period comes to a close in the end. The squirrel is also a symbol of abundance and reaping what we sow. This does not, however, only translate to monetary abundance.

The squirrel infers that one may have prosperity in various avenues of life, such as good friends, a strongly knit family unit, sufficient provisions, a peaceful existence, and a rich and mature spirit. People with the squirrel as their spirit animal typically always tend to have just what they need, despite the difficulties they face.

Something interesting about the squirrel is that although it is highly diligent in finding and storing food in the wild, it often later does not find all of its stores. This could be interpreted as the squirrel losing out, but in retrospect, it is a beautiful part of the cycle of life, as often the buried nuts and seeds grow into plants.

This resembles the ability to faithfully prepare for the future that much more and ensures that food sources are available for future generations. This is symbolic of our proverbial spiritual seeds, which are sown, which will not only benefit us but those around us.    

One of the things which plants require to grow is the radiant sun, and this is curious as squirrels are solar creatures that adore the sun and harness its energy. This relationship sheds light on the squirrel’s vehement drive, passion, and enthusiasm towards life.

If we hope to expand our spiritual journeys, we need to take a cue from the squirrel and realize that we need to be zealous about life, especially our spirituality. However, seemingly in contrast to this energy is the lack of stress and anxious energy which the squirrel holds.

Instead, amidst its excessive and seemingly frantic movements, the squirrel is actually in a space of calmness and tranquility. This reminds us that regardless of how busy our lives may become, spiritual rootedness is vital for a prosperous existence.

There is, however, a slightly negative meaning behind the squirrel, and that is that you are carrying around the clutter of your past. These tend to be in stresses, concerns, negative thoughts, bad memories, and experiences. These things cloud our vision and result in an encumbered spiritual journey.

Symbolic Meanings Of A Squirrel

One of the fundamental meanings held by the squirrel is that we need to be prepared and organized. The squirrel exemplifies those cautionary tales of needing to prepare for rainy days to come. Instinctively they know that although the sun is shining today, there will come a time when that is not the case.

Therefore, squirrels encourage us to prepare for the future, which can take many forms, from financial savings to conserving our energy for when it will be most needed. We live in the present with a keen eye on what is to come, and with the use of hindsight, we learn from our past.

One needs to take action today to secure a better tomorrow; we cannot procrastinate and say each day that we shall begin tomorrow as then, it may be too late. So although the squirrel encourages enjoyment of life, it also epitomizes hard work, the ability to multitask and plan ahead.   

Additionally, certain types of squirrels, such as white or albino ones, hold this meaning even more firmly. They suggest a period in your life that you are not yet prepared for, and they strongly recommend that you begin to make provisions. You are likely aware of the need, but have yet to commit to it fully. 

As you have likely already surmised, squirrels are the epitome of both potential and kinetic energy, and they diligently allocate these resources to managing their lives, and this is something that we need to recognize and consider implementing in our own lives.

For instance, it is one thing to pause and regroup before deciding on one’s next move in life, but stopping to the point of vegetating and allowing yourself to wallow are far beyond recommended by the squirrel.

The squirrel also prompts us to be mindful of what we invest in and that, at times, we need to prioritize certain things over others. For example, when it comes to long-term planning, we should be considering career paths, life insurance policies, hospital plans, and other things which will cover us in times of trouble.

One area in our lives where we may often shy away from what we want is in the pursuit of our goals, and usually, this is done in favor of remaining comfortable and not wanting to take risks. However, the squirrel, particularly the flying squirrel, represents the need to believe in our dreams and be willing to take the leap.

For this to occur, though, the squirrel insists that we not sit idle and wait for things to fall into our laps. Instead, we need to be determined and hardworking if we hope to realize the fruits of our labor. Nothing worth having usually comes without sacrifice, and the squirrel is well aware of this.

Additionally, the squirrel is a reminder that things take time; storing up for the winter is not a task that can happen overnight, and so it is with our endeavors. They may appear to be tiresome and even futile at times, but at the end of the day, persistence will lead to you being rewarded for your diligence.

Dreaming About A Squirrel

Dreaming of squirrels holds many meanings, most of which are positive ones. Some of the most obvious ones and things we have already touched on are linked to preparedness, abundance, and storage. It may mean that you are ready for the future or that you need to pay special attention to this.

If you are in the process of working on a project or task and you dream about a squirrel, this is an encouragement to continue, even if you feel disheartened by the lack of progress you are making. Each step forward counts in your favor, and by adopting the right attitude, you will see it to fulfillment.

It is also an enticement to continue making sacrifices and working hard; you need to be committed to the end goal, particularly if you are witnessing a squirrel collecting and foraging. Once the job is done, though, you will be able to reap the much-deserved rewards.

This sort of dream also relates to the possibility of success within investments and financial endeavors. There is also likely to be an advancement in your career. However, pay attention to how you divide your time and energy as you do not want to be stretched too thin.

On top of encouraging you to be diligent in your work, dreaming of a squirrel is also a reminder that you may be too engrossed in work and that you are taking life too seriously. You would benefit from allotting time to relax and mimic the playful antics of the squirrel.

A squirrel in your dream, or more importantly, witnessing several squirrels, indicates that you need to make time for socializing and that a fun gathering is in order. This does not have to be extravagant, but consider those with whom you have not connected in a while and perhaps organize a get-together. 

If you witness a squirrel in the process of eating, this may seem like a straightforward dream. Still, the meaning is immensely positive and denotes that your domestic and familial life is either filled with joy or is in the process of entering a period of harmony.

Having the opportunity to be playful with squirrels in your dream is a sure sign that you will soon encounter a period of peace and happiness in your life that you have been longing for extensively. Additionally, relationships with evident or underlying conflict will soon be overcome with harmony and grace.

A squirrel that is seen gathering vast amounts of nuts and strategically storing them is a prediction of a change of fortune in your life and resembles luck and bountiful supplies within a region of your life that has been lacking for some time and where the reserves are now depleted.

Dreaming of feeding the squirrel means that you are in a place of prosperity or are sure to enter into one soon, and the dream is advising you not to be a miser, but rather to share what you have with those around you. In turn, the universe will note your generosity, and so the cycle shall continue.

Contrastingly though, if the squirrel is seated atop a large pile of nuts or a food stockpile, this is a clear indication that you are either hoarding things that you no longer need or being immensely greedy. The squirrel is advising against this sort of behavior.

In the unlikely chance that a squirrel attacks you in your dream, especially if you have interfered with its foraging, this is a subconscious reminder that you may be holding onto something that is on loan or does not belong to you. You are being encouraged to return it to the rightful owner.

The Squirrel As A Spirit Animal

One way that you will be aware that the squirrel is your spirit animal is if you are the sort of individual who possesses high levels of energy, but you can channel it constructively. You are also an efficient individual who possesses excellent intuition and insight.

You are a meticulous person, who enjoys following a well-structured routine, but it does not always have to be entirely rigid, and you can make allowance for spontaneity. Multitasking and engaging in various acts is par for the course for you, and you also manage to find time for your family and social life.

At times though, you are prone to be easily frustrated, and distraction can be a problem for you. As your spirit animal, the squirrel will guide you into a space where you can be pragmatic (if you are not already) and manage matters without the likelihood of becoming irritated.

However, once you are focused, you are exceptionally gifted at planning and making preparations for things big and small. You are highly resourceful and creative whenever the situation demands it of you.

You either have a preexisting affinity, or the squirrel will impart these skills to you. Still, those with the squirrel as their spirit animal are often highly adept communicators and can articulate their visions and ideas clearly to others. They are also proficient at absorbing information and researching matters.

Along with the high levels of energy that squirrel people possess, they also tend to be high-strung and restless. And although they are usually good at multitasking, at times, their energies and direction can be somewhat scattered, and the squirrel reminds them that they need to remain centered and collected.

Those with the squirrel as their spirit animal tend to hold abundance within their lives. Although they understand the importance of allocating resources, they can sometimes fall into the trap of being selfish and even tightfisted. The squirrel recommends realizing wants vs. needs and being willing to make allowances.

Along with this, squirrel people are frequently unwilling to part with things. Sometimes even to the extent where they are hoarders and accumulate vast amounts of things. And yes, although you “may find a use for it,” at a later stage, the squirrel would advise that this is not always a health approach.

In a similar vein, people akin to the squirrel tend to prefer warmer periods of the year and keep themselves and their stashes in their nests during the colder times of the year. You likely have more energy and vigor during spring and summer, which is a trait shared with the squirrel.


Squirrels have a strong focus on the future and a superior level of foresight that sets them apart from many other animals. Although they are highly mischievous and playful, they also know the meaning of hard work and seeking balance in life. They are little socialites that thrive on communicating and encourage one to be vociferous.

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