What The Turtle Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Turtles often appear in the media, whether they are a personification of wisdom or are used to bring attention to environmental issues. These animals have become associated with peace, a laid-back attitude, and even aloofness. But what is the spiritual meaning of a turtle?

Spiritually, turtles are symbols of longevity, tranquillity, perseverance, healing, transformation, protection, and wisdom, among other qualities. A turtle is believed to have a deep connection to the Earth and its energies. Thus, the spiritual implications of seeing a turtle are seen as a good omen.

Turtles have a special connection to the idea of creation. They appear in mythology as the beings who created Earth and carried it as the shell on their back. Thus, turtles were seen as the creators of all things.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Turtle?

The spiritual meaning behind a turtle is that of endurance, steadfastness, patience, and strength.

The turtle is symbolic of protection, but not in the way you may expect. Turtles are vulnerable creatures who regularly retreat into their shells for protection. This represents how our bodies are the shells and protectors of our souls.

Turtles are decisive creatures carrying ancient wisdom; they put their faith in their intuition when making even the most insignificant decisions. This ability to make decisions spreads further to situations like knowing when to engage and when to let go.

The turtle teaches you the dualistic nature of creation. The world’s energies are feminine and masculine, fast and slow, dream-orientated and action-orientated, intuitive and logical. Being in sync with the flows of these energies leads to wisdom, longevity, manifestation, self-awareness, and limitless potential.

Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of a turtle is that you must learn when to speed things up and work hard to accomplish your goals, and when you need to slow things down and take your time to enjoy the little things in life before they are lost. You must find balance.

Messages From Turtles As Spiritual Guides

With all the messages they may bring, there are certain times in life when turtles are likely to make themselves known to you. A turtle can appear to you when:

  • You may be moving too fast and need to reassess your priorities
  • You are losing motivation and don’t know how to keep going
  • You doubt yourself and your abilities
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by emotion
  • You have lost the sense of peace in your life
  • You need to sync your life pace with your mind
  • You need to learn patience and apply it to your life
  • You need to accept the vulnerable parts of yourself

Due to their ancient nature, there are infinite lessons that one can learn from the turtle. Common  messages from a turtle are:

  • Wisdom: Turtles are associated with old souls and ancient wisdom, prompting you to spend some time in thought and reflection. Trust your intuition when making important decisions.
  • Emotion: The aquatic nature of turtles is symbolic of not ‘drowning’ or being overwhelmed by emotion. Feeling emotion is vital but getting stuck in it is dangerous. You must follow the path of self-discovery to explore and understand your inner self and emotions.
  • Longevity: Turtles famously live incredibly long lives, even compared to humans. Thus, they are symbolic of all the good things yet to come in your life.
  • Peace: Turtles are representative of external and internal peace. They promote peace and harmony with all things. The presence of a turtle can be an invitation to make peace in places of turmoil and to become grounded by not getting caught up in unnecessary things.
  • Endurance: The turtle is an example of perseverance and determination. It is a sign to keep going despite obstacles and distractions. Rely on your strength to get you through difficult times and listen to the guidance of the turtle as they lead you down the right path.
  • Steadfastness: Known for their stubbornness, the turtle is a reminder to stand your ground and protect your beliefs. Further, do what feels right to you and do not pay attention to or feel pressure to follow the path of others.
  • Patience: Turtles are known for their seemingly endless patience. They teach you that you cannot rush through things in life and that sometimes you must wait for good things to find you. Patience is needed in situations, with people, and with yourself.
  • Balance: It is crucial to find balance in every aspect of your life. Without strong and steady foundations, you will never be able to reach your full potential and fulfill your purpose.
  • Slow Down: The appearance of a turtle in your busy life is a clear-cut sign for you to slow down and rest. Rushing through life will cause you to miss out on endless experiences.
  • Protection: Since they are seen as creators, turtles can symbolize the need to protect what is yours and defend yourself from approaching danger.
  • Vulnerability: A turtle’s anatomy is metaphoric for our spiritual vulnerability. Though our physical bodies act as our shells of protection, turtles are a reminder that even the most hard-shelled people are fragile inside. Approach life with compassion and understanding.
  • Inner Self: The turtle’s connection to water is symbolic of diving into your mind and soul and learning about your inner self. Never stop expanding your consciousness and learning from daily experiences and those around you.
  • Retreat: Everyone needs to escape from the chaos of life from time to time. Retreating into yourself and a place of safety is necessary to keep you grounded and check in on yourself. Take the time you need before stepping back out and facing your problems.
  • Healing: Associated with the interconnectedness of the planet and the importance of the environment, turtles are a reminder that all things deserve to be taken care of and need to be given time to heal – on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • Transformation – As semi-aquatic animals, turtles are symbols of transformation for their ability to live in and out of water. This makes them reminders that no matter how much you evolve in life, it is vital to stay connected to where you come from. Moreover, you are able to transform any area of your life.

The Spiritual Meaning When You Dream About A Turtle

Dreams are exclusive to every dreamer, appearing as manifestations of the subconscious. Their personal nature makes it difficult to force one specific meaning onto a dream; however, by combining symbolic turtle meanings, the emotions you experience during the dream, and your personal feelings on turtles in general, you should be able to determine the meaning of your dream.

Generally, turtles are considered good omens and a sign of good luck when found in dreams. A turtle appearing in your dream signifies a long life, health, and prosperity; alternatively, they can represent a need for protection, being emotionally withdrawn, and feeling defensive. While turtles are also symbols of reflection and transformation, it is up to you to determine what must change.

Themes Turtles In Dreams Symbolize

With the multitude of ways dreams with turtles can be interpreted, remember that a majority of dreams featuring turtles carry messages in relation to the following themes:

Wisdom – Turtles are ancient wisdom symbols and can thus embody your own intelligence and intuition. You may need to put more trust in your capabilities and instincts.

Patience – Turtles are known to take it slow and steady. A turtle is a reminder to keep going at the pace that suits you and reach your goal in the end.

Transformation – Turtles are symbols of transformation. Thus, a turtle may be a sign for you to reflect on the different areas of your life and determine what you want to change.

Warning – Turtles are reliant on their shells for shelter and protection. Seeing a turtle can be a sign of approaching danger and needing to protect yourself.

Turtle Color And Actions In Dreams And What They Signify

The overall appearance of a turtle in your dream carries a general message. However, the appearance of a specific colored turtle has a precise meaning.

  • White Turtle: White turtles signify the death and mourning of a loved one.
  • Black Turtle: Black turtles signify chronic pains and diseases lingering in your life.
  • Golden Turtle: Golden turtles signify wise decisions, great wealth, and momentary gain.
  • Rainbow Turtle: Rainbow turtles signify the odd and unusual things in your life.
  • Red Turtle: Red turtles signify that a short temper is disastrous to your well-being and life.
  • Blue Turtle: Blue turtles signify truth, wisdom, and faithfulness.
  • Green Turtle: Green turtles signify good health, vigor, hope, and vitality.

Dreams about turtles can hold extremely specific meanings depending on how they appear and their actions during the dream.

  • A Baby Turtle: A baby turtle is symbolic of going through turbulent times in your life. No matter how difficult it seems, you will survive these troubles and become prosperous.
  • Turtle Eggs: The sight of turtle eggs indicates that you will develop an idea for the better. Further, you need to let go of worries and responsibilities and rely on others for support.
  • A Big Turtle: Seeing a big or giant turtle means you will overcome upcoming challenges. You must stay strong and firm in your beliefs to achieve greatness. Be patient and consistent.
  • A Sea Turtle: Dreaming of a sea turtle or a turtle in water signifies that you are protecting your emotions, most likely by keeping all of your thoughts to yourself.
  • A Snapping Turtle: This foretells that you will encounter an aggressive person. Stay away from people that diminish your self-worth and wish you harm.
  • Turtle on Land: A turtle walking on land signifies that you need to slow down in specific situations and relationships.
  • A Turtle on its Back: Someone in your life, or even you, has been physically or emotionally disabled and is in need of saving. Alternatively, it could symbolize someone being taken for granted and feeling undervalued.
  • Empty Turtle Shell: This is a sign that you are well protected from the many dangers around you. It can also indicate your own negative and self-destructive thoughts. Moreover, it can be a sign to stop pretending to be something you’re not.
  • A Fast Turtle: A turtle that moves fast suggests you need to change your attitude and approach some areas of your life. Your subconscious wants you to change your life’s pace.
  • A Flying Turtle: Seeing flying turtles is an indication that you need to let go of your inhibitions and take more risks. Become more willing to try new things.
  • Holding a Turtle: A turtle in your hand suggests sheltering yourself and being cautious about expressing your emotions.
  • An Aggressive Turtle: The presence of aggressive turtles shows that you will have slow but continuous progress in your endeavors.
  • Turtle Chasing You: You are avoiding something that needs to be dealt with soon. You could be postponing a project or avoiding a specific person. Further, if multiple turtles are chasing you, it is a sign that you will encounter an emotionally damaged person who hides behind a façade.
  • Turtle Attacking You: A hostile turtle is symbolic of your fears and frustrations caused by problems in your life. Furthermore, it could relate to upcoming changes which scare you.
  • Turtle Biting You: This can be a warning sign that someone loyal in your life may be running out of patience with you, and this can lead to them being unfaithful.
  • Eating a Turtle: Good things are coming to you soon.
  • Chasing Turtles: If you are the one chasing or hunting turtles, it is an indication that instead of solving problems, you try to run away from them. This is a reminder that if you ignore your issues, they will only get worse, and only you can resolve them.
  • An Injured Turtle: Harming a turtle indicates that you have unbeatable inner strength. Seeing an injured turtle means you will face difficulties in doing the right thing. Additionally, the injured turtle signifies broken trust and needing to practice forgiveness.
  • A Dead Turtle: This dream suggests that you need to be more social. A dead turtle represents being alone and lifeless in its shell, warning you not to become isolated.


The turtle teaches the significance of finding balance, peace, and patience if you wish to have a long and prosperous life. Do not get caught up in the things searching to hold you down.

Turtles are reminders that you must embrace the vulnerable and gentle parts of yourself. Like anything else, you deserve love and care and must take the time to heal yourself from old trauma and injuries before moving forward in life. They also teach the importance of trusting yourself to make the right decisions.

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