How To Protect Your Energy As An Empath

Empathy is a special gift that those with it can truly feel and share the affection of others, whether strangers or related. Empaths also have to guard their energy. Continue reading to learn more about how to protect your energy when you are an empath.

Empaths have a unique gift of channeling people’s feelings. While good emotions can make an empath feel positive vibes, they also pick up on negative things like sadness and all vibrations of others. Guarding your empath energy is very important for your physical and mental wellness.

Our society is constantly bombarded with negativity. It’s no wonder it can lead to increased anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. For empaths, this can be especially difficult to manage. They are overwhelmed with the people’s energies and are often the target of those who need support.

Energy Protection for Empaths

Many empaths are sensitive to energy and emotion, which is why they need protection. The amount of energy they absorb can come from people, places, and objects. These energies can be both negative and positive. Psychic protection is a way to protect empaths from this. This may be done in a type of vitality overload by creating a barrier around the empath to block out the negative energy.

Protection for empaths should be done in layers to provide more protection for them. The first layer is their thoughts and intentions, followed by their confines and the space around them, and then finally, the aura or personal field around them.


The first layer of energetic protection for an empath is their thoughts and intentions. Guarding what happens in your mind as an empath should be focused on positivity, not negativity like hurting themselves or others, or causing damage to nature.

Create boundaries

The next layer of protection is boundaries. If you’re an empath, you should have limits like fences and walls (while not physical, this is psychologically done) through meditative practice. Limitations are created so that someone doesn’t accidentally bump into you or invade your personal space without permission.

Protection aura

Lastly, there is the aura of protection. This can take on many forms depending on what the empath is wearing.

A good example of this would be someone in uniform in a higher position or in an authoritative position. If the empath were a soldier, their aura would be strong because of their uniform and important function.

Colors Of Auras

Empaths may sense and see the auras of others, and the following are some colors and what they usually mean:

  • Green is representative of abundance and prosperity
  • Violet is often associated with spirituality
  • Turquoise is for protection
  • Pink is for compassionate emotion
  • While red is the color of passion
  • Gold, similar to green, is for prosperity
  • Black is always mysterious
  • White is for innocence

Power Drainage Through Other People’s Negative Energy

Energy vamps or vampires might sound strange, but these words are often used to describe those attracted to the empath. Those with negative vibrations are usually drawn to the empath’s source field and can spot them from a long way off. This would be unwanted energy for the empath, and it can cause them to become clouded. Hence self-protection is imperative.

Start Protecting Your Field Of Power And Limit Or Avoid Negative Energy Of Others

Some people find it difficult to set boundaries in their personal lives because they are not used to set them. It can be hard for empaths to say no, or to ask for what they want, or when they need help. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

It’s important to take care of your energy; if you’re out and about, it can be hard. Here are ways you can protect your zeal:

Start grounding yourself

Take a few minutes daily to ground yourself and clear your aura by connecting with the earth. Grounding yourself will help when you’re out in public or surrounded by people with a lot of energy, you won’t feel like they’re taking yours away from you. Clearing the root chakra is vital to help achieve this.

Start disconnecting

If someone tries to get your attention, but it’s not something urgent, just tell them that now isn’t a good time and disconnect from the conversation by turning off your phone or walking away from the person while you talk.

When you reconnect later, apologize for your rude interruption and say that now is a better time to talk. This is why alone time is vital to any empath, as this will give them time to recoup.

District and change the conversation when needed

If your conversation partner is trying to get your attention but it’s not something urgent, if you can’t just disconnect from the conversation, try distracting them by talking about something positive (and staying on topic!).

Focus on your breathing

You may begin to pick up on toxic people and their vibrations; even if they’re not, you can still sense it. Do some breathing exercises and breathe in calmness while exhaling negativity. In doing this, begin to visualize the harmful cloud lifting from you like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Clear your spaces

In cleansing your energy and reinforcing it, take the time to cleanse the spaces in which you regularly move. You can use a smudge stick to do this by burning the end.

The vapors will purify the atmosphere. In shamanic practice, incense and burning elements are essential when performing rituals. See this as a cleansing ritual.

Cleanse your physical being

Some empaths take a cleansing bath to let go of all the negative vibes that may have attached to them on this day. Adding lavender and essential oils will help to cleanse and relax. Bathing, feeling the emotions and going through this cleansing process is sometimes referred to as a ritual bath.

See the protection barrier enfold around you

Before heading out into the world, as part of an empath’s strong intuition, see the protective barrier securing you like a shield. This will manifest and protect you from toxic energy.


How can I not let others’ energy affect me?

You can do a few things to protect yourself from toxic vibes. Be self-aware of things and say out loud what the thing is that is making you feel the way you do. Ground yourself before you leave your home. Set limitations. Move away from the source of bad vibration.

How does an empath survive a funeral?

Funerals are sad events and deeply emotional. An empath should see the event as part of life. It’s good to accept that the person has moved on to the next stage of their life. They can also take into account that the departed left a good legacy.

What are energy vampires?

Energy vampires are those who, at times, intentionally drain the good vibes of others. Since positive energy is a strong source, sometimes vampires of negative vibration take advantage and do this so they can feed themselves. You can spot these “energy leeches” by them not taking any accountability for their actions. They often tend to hurt the empath who is willing to listen and take pity on them.


You may not know if you are an empath for sure, but sensitive people are often affected by the vibrations of others too. Feeling these vibes from others can always be a sure-fire sign that you are an empath.