What It Means To Be Energetically Aware

You may have had a feeling before that something was going to happen or encountered someone and had “a good [or bad] feeling about them.” But what exactly does this mean, that is, to be energetically aware?

Being energetically aware means that you are in tune with the energy around you and you have a deep sense of intuition. Being energetically aware is different from meditation which involves being present in the moment.

To be energetically aware you need to take care of your body and mind. Taking care of yourself is the first step to becoming aware of the energy around you and strengthening your awareness of your energy and the energy of other people and things overall.

How to practice being energetically aware

To be energetically aware means to be aware of the kind of energy that surrounds you. If you are energetically aware you will be able to discern whether a certain kind of energy could heal or harm, you. And therefore, make decisions for your energetic wellbeing.

Be yourself to be energetically aware

To be energetically aware your body and mind should be in a healthy state. In taking care of yourself you are naturally enhancing your ability to be energetically aware and receive intuitive messages all around you.

Focus inwardly to be energetically aware

Your body has a natural way of speaking to you when you are in tune with the energy around you. Paying attention to your energy during certain encounters will let you know how to perceive it depending on which direction your energy flows in.

How you feel about the encounter will let you know what the energy of it is. Pay attention to how certain people, situations, or environments make you feel. You will grow your awareness of the energy around you in this way and in turn help you listen to your inner voice. For example, if you meet someone and get a bad feeling, such as anxiety or fear, when you focus inwardly it means that your intuition is telling you about the energy of the person.

Sometimes it may seem like your body is not telling you anything, but it may be because you are not in tune with the energy around you. To become energetically aware, it is important you allow your mind and body to come to a peaceful state and take the time to sense the energy around you.

A way that you can train your mind and body to reach a peaceful state to become energetically aware is to practice slow and deep breaths and pay attention to how you are feeling.

Draw from your life experiences to the energetically aware

Some situations drain your energy and others recharge your energy. Consider situations that have drained or recharged your energy as clues to what and who you should surround yourself with.

Once you have established what things, situations, and people drain or recharge your energy it is important to create boundaries for the energy you surround yourself with. For example, if social media drains your energy, you could establish the boundary of limiting your social media consumption or only subscribing to the channels which recharge your energy.

Work with your energy

According to the law of being energetically aware, energy cannot be destroyed or created. However, energy can be changed to release any blockages you may have in your life.

Blockages typically take three forms:

  1. You are closed-minded. You believe that there is only one way of living life and that it cannot be changed.
  2. You have low self-esteem. You believe that you are not deserving or capable of certain things. You are aware of this energy, but you direct it onto an unhelpful path.
  3. You are repressed. You protect yourself from certain things, people, and situations to maintain control over your life which blocks your energy from flowing.

Your thoughts are a powerful tool. You can release these blockages by redirecting your thoughts into a positive direction when it seems to go into the direction of blockages.

Own the space around you to be energetically aware

Be unapologetic about taking up space. Be aware of your energy and your presence. Acknowledge and embrace the way that you fit into your environment instead of stepping aside in the presence of another type of energy.

For example, if you meet an energy that is different from yours, instead of allowing the energy to consume you or running away from it you should acknowledge the energy and embrace your position in the presence of that energy.

Different states of being energetically aware

As humans, you have a natural intuition that exceeds the abilities of your physical body. You have a natural awareness of the energy around you and sometimes your body will respond somatically, by getting goosebumps, for example.

There are five different states of energy awareness:

  1. Unawareness. When you ignore the energy around you.
  2. Semi-awareness. When you are aware of the energy around you but choose not to understand it.
  3. Awareness. When you are aware of the energy around you, and you are curious about it.
  4. Hyperawareness. When you are aware of the energy around you, you can identify the differences.
  5. Acute awareness. When you are overwhelmed with the amount of energy you are aware of.

You may be unaware of the energy around you because you are yet to experience being energetically aware. It takes time and should happen when you become conscious of your being. However, you may also be unaware of the energy around you if you have a disability or are on medication numbing your primary senses.

You may be semi-aware of energy if you feel energy occasionally but simply do not have the resources to understand it. However, over time this might develop into an awareness of the energy around you and ignite a curiosity about the energy around you. Remember that becoming energetically aware is a journey and takes time.

If you are hyperaware of the energy around you, you took the time to come in tune with the energy around you. You allow your perception of the energy around you to direct you in life. This may allow acute awareness of energy to manifest in your life where your awareness of the energy around you makes you dysfunctional.

It is important not to be at the extreme end of being energetically aware. Practice being in a balanced state of energy awareness by consulting a mentor, educating yourself, and taking supplements to neutralize your sensitivity to certain energies.