What Happens After Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening is the process of a person’s consciousness being raised to a higher level. It is the experience of life force energy, aka “qi” in Chinese or “prana” meaning breath in Sanskrit, flowing up the spine into the brain.

The kundalini awakening is a remarkable experience that not everyone in this time and space may experience. The encounter is the rising energy flow and a spiritual awareness like never before for those who do.

What Is Kundalini Rising?

In ancient Sanskrit, kundalini is also feminine energy sometimes referred to as “Kundalini Shakti”. Shakti dance, or the “yoga of dance” can aid the awakening of the kundalini. If this energy is already awakened, the Shakti dance may help you flow in this energy and separate yourself from the trials of the world.

The word “kundalini” is a Sanskrit word that means “coiled snake.” This term is fitting because kundalini is thought to lay at the base of our spines coiled up. It is dormant and everyone has it. Still, not everyone may experience the kundalini rising at all in this lifetime.

What Happens When You Experience A Kundalini Awakening

The kundalini awakening experience might differ from one person to the next. It may also feel like an ongoing event that remains part of your waking life.

Here are 7 kundalini symptoms or things you may experience when you tap into this grounded energy that naturally rests within your body:

1 – A feeling of electric current running through your body

When it feels as though your body has electricity running through it, there is no logical explanation other than you have tapped into or awoken the kundalini. Some may describe this electric vibrancy as euphoria. This electric feeling is that supreme energy inside you.

2 – Intense heat and cold sensations

You may also notice changes in your body’s temperature. While you may feel cold, you may also sometimes feel warm. No, this is not a fever of any sort; this is the energy of the kundalini surging through you.

3 – Feeling as if one is being touched by something or someone

Sometimes, kundalini energy could feel like someone is touching you. This is also a natural occurrence of the kundalini awakening.

4 – Feeling as if one has become extremely light and can levitate

A feeling of lightness or being able to float is typical of the kundalini awakening experience. It helps you take off the world’s weight and enjoy bliss and peace, giving rise to that light feeling you may get.

5 – Sensing that time has either stopped or slowed down

When you experience the kundalini rising, you may wonder if everything as you know it was only a simulation. In fact, awakening the kundalini is one way to guarantee that you can see the world from an outside or simply a different perspective than you did before.

6 – Hearing strange sounds or voices that seem to come from inside oneself rather than outside

The kundalini awakening will allow you to tap into your spiritual side, helping you listen with more than just your physical ears. Instead, you may hear voices in your head, not in a bad way but more of a guide. This is your voice, your inner self guiding you in life.

7 – Seeing lights or shapes before one’s eyes (aura)

There are a few gifted folks who can see an aura. Sometimes when you experience the Kundalini awakening, your mind’s eye opens and you are able to see the aura of others. 

Why Does Kundalini Energy Awaken?

For those who experience this life-changing spiritual effect in their lives, it occurs as a spiritual rebirth. It sets your understanding and the way you live life apart from people who have not experienced the kundalini arising phenomenon in their lives.

For the most part, when your chakras are clear, and the crown chakra is open, this is one of the ways people experience this spiritual re-birthing. While some experts may also suggest that the kundalini awakening is not a spiritual experience, the process does connect the person going through it with spiritual events, as mentioned in those 7 points earlier.

Kundalini is purely the energy at work that gives rise to this connection to higher spiritual growth. 

How To Prepare Your Mind and Body For Kundalini Awakening

Even though you can’t be sure that you may have a kundalini arising experience, to help you connect to these spiritual events and energy flow, you could prepare your body.

Clear your mind of negative thoughts

The Om mantra is known to help with cleansing the body and mind in many ways. Taking the step to rid your mind of negative thoughts and judgmental mentality is another way to help align yourself for this energy awakening.

Prioritize meditation time

Being able to meditate and focus on the stillness and energy within yourself is another way to get yourself ready for the kundalini energy that may arise in you. When your mind is still, it allows you to focus and go further each time you practice it.

Kundalini yoga can help

Practicing kundalini yoga, which is specific to help unblock or clear chakras and create smoother energy flow, will help you get closer to the experience. Other meditative practices like tai chi are also ways of working with the energy inside your body, creating flow and grounding you spiritually and physically.

Conclusion To Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening should not be rushed or chased. Sure, you may feel the desire and eagerness to break into your spiritual abilities and higher energy, but trying too hard may render it impossible.

Instead, allow yourself to gradually learn more and do things like yoga and meditation to help you tap into the silence and focused existence amidst all the noise surrounding you. Allow the other aspects of energy and spiritual connection to flow naturally.