Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

Colors are everywhere, and throughout the years, they have played a special role in many people’s lives. Some colors represent emotion, others may help to set a mood or tone. If you ever wanted to know what colors mean spiritually, then you have come to the right place as this post uncovers more, continue reading to find out.

Colors can be subtle, colors can be bold, hues fresh, and color hues old. Whatever color you prefer, they all have special meaning, some spiritual and others aesthetic. Colors are forever part of our lives.

What Makes Colors So Special?

On a scientific level, colors are what they are and reflect the way they do because they actually reflect light from other objects. This happens through various wavelengths.

Colors are seen in multiple hues like red, blue, green and lots more. With primary colors able to create unique colors of their own, we can almost be certain that colors could carry on reflecting and objects absorbing in every aspect or angle.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Color’s Is Spectacular – One Cannot Deny Or Refuse Their Beauty

When it comes to colors, they always play a role because each one has a specific meaning. Since colors are almost always tied to spirituality, they also represent aura colors.

Black color

Black can represent mystery and ancient wisdom. Black is also associated with grief and loss.

When someone’s aura is black, it depicts that the person might be feeling physically tired or just mentally fatigued. In this case, finding balance physically and mentally is crucial to clear this type of black-like aura.

Black auras are not the same as murky dark auras, which have negative ties to them. For instance, someone with a dark or murky aura may be experiencing anxiety and depression. They may be struggling with something deeply emotional in their lives.

Blackstones include but are not limited to black onyx, tourmaline, black obsidian, and hematite.

Color red

Red is associated with power, passion and even anger. Red is focused on inner abilities and power. It is a color of the root chakra or the base chakra, which helps ground the person from earth to spiritual realms. Since red is heavily associated with the way we feel or our emotions, it is also the chakra that helps us feel calm and rooted or grounded in other interpretations.

Some red gemstones include jasper, garnet, ruby and red diamonds.

Color green

When we think about green, we think of nature, holistic healing, plant-based diet and everything to do with nature. Some interpretations also depict green as a color of everlasting life because green also represents life in its fullness.

The heart chakra is green in color and helps with compassion and sharing compassion with others. Green is also symbolic of energy and living.

Green gems include prehnite, emerald and chlorite to name a few.

Color orange

When it comes to orange, we also feel a sense of energy and vibrancy because the color is made of red and yellow. Both red colors and yellows are vibrant and bold colors that give rise to the strong orange energy.

When reading auras, orange may represent sexual drive, energy and overflowing creative energy. The sacral chakra is the orange one, also situated in the lower part of the body, just below the belly button.

Gemstones in orange include fire opal, Mexican fire opal, amber and orange sapphire.

White color

White is almost always associated with purity, peace and innocence. The bride wears white at most traditional weddings as a sign of her purity. White is also worn in other religious ceremonies like confirmation service and baptism.

White doves represent peace, and white flags are the same. It is also an iconic symbolism of higher power or divinity and angelic presence.

Quartz, frosted garnet, and white jade are among the stones you can find in white hue.

Color blue

Blue is an aquatic color often associated with life, freshness, cleanliness, and purity. Blue is also closely associated with faith and honesty. It, like white, falls under colors that are rather “good.”

The color blue represents the throat chakra. It is also called the Vishuddha and when it is clear, energy flows freely, leading to a sense of trueness to oneself. However, when the throat chakra is blocked, it is common in those who are insecure or afraid to be themselves in front of others.

Purple color

Purple represents mystical energy and wealth. It was often the color worn by royals in the old days and it also represented priesthood or kinship. Sometimes purple is tied to psychic energy too.

The purple chakra represents the third eye. It may take years for some to experience the opening of their third eye chakra, which is a direct link to the divine. Sound healing yoga is a good place to help open or clear the third eye chakra.

Purple stones include amethyst, khooni neelam and purple sapphire to name a few.

What Your Favorite Color Meanings Say About You

  • Blue – Blue’s color symbolism is that of sincerity too and those who have this as a favorite color would often be sincere and also want people to see them as trustworthy. Self-control is another attribute as is privacy for those who like blue.
  • Purple – Those who like purple are considered kind people, somewhat mysterious and very in touch with their spiritual side.
  • Yellow – The bright nature of yellow is seen in those who prefer this as their favorite color of choice. Yellow is energetic, which is often the personality of these folks. Yellow characters can make faster decisions.
  • Indigo – Those who like the color indigo is often seen as somewhat spiritual and also known to be trustworthy.

Finding Balance With Color

You can use color in your home and workplace and even as part of your daily wardrobe to instill various moods in your day and in your environment. Yellow and orange are vibrant colors and almost earthy. It is good to boost energy levels. While green is marvelous as a creativity-promoting color. Work with the colors and their energy characteristics and design your space accordingly.


What colors are for healing?

Green is portrayed as a healing color.

What color is a power color?

Colors that represent strength and power include red and black too.

What are the colors of heaven?

Although we can’t say exactly and nobody can know for sure the colors of heaven, some colors spoken of in scripture include sapphire, blue and gold.


Colors are beautiful and have their own energy ties that make them unique. We can tell a lot about people sometimes just by sensing their aura, where possible. Colors also set the tone for many things and are often the bases of themes for occasions and parties. Have you found the perfect color for your personality?