Spiritual Meaning Of Green

Green is often associated with luck, just like the lucky four-leaf green clover for instance. But, there are many other attributes that green is associated with. So, if you’re here, you’re probably curious about the color green and its spiritual meaning. Carry on reading as this article explores more about green.

Green is known for its lucky streak; people often have green representing their lucky charm’s color. While luck might be associated with the color green, the color might also be a reference to emotions and other spiritual aspects.

Green color items have many symbolic sentiments. With green, you’ll find a variety of plants, energy stones, spiritual connections, and lots more. Ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Aztecs, Maori and Chinese were some of the first recordings where green stones and gems were seen.

The color green means spiritually many things like positive energy. While positivity is associated with green, it is also used to describe negative aspects like envy, hence the term “green with envy”. Sometimes in the spiritual realm, green can also be linked to greed because some monetary notes, like the US Dollar, are green.

Green Stones

Green jade

Green is a much-loved color used in things like jewelry. Green jade is a precious stone famous for jewelry like rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Green jade has been seen throughout civilization, mined primarily in China, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Guatemala, Japan, Turkey and the USA, to name a few. Jade has always been expensive, and in earlier years, one could see green jade jewelry and sculptural carvings that only the wealthy could afford.

In some ancient beliefs, the stone was associated with death and wisdom from the other side of life.


Emerald green gems, like jade, are also a green color and are associated with being able to deflect or ward off negative energies. The green emerald is a stone representing the month of May and is said to be able to help with the balancing of energy or balance in general.

The Essence Of The Color Green

  • Spiritual healing – The color green symbolizes spiritual growth, again tapping into the prospect of growth, development or a fresh start in life.
  • Wealth and riches – Green has always been linked to wealth and prosperity.
  • Growth – Green is a productive color influencing growth and development.
  • Olive green – Represents harmony, balance, and tranquillity.
  • Green aqua – Aqua green shows freshness, water and cleanliness
  • Pale green – Represents peace and harmony.
  • Green with a yellow tinge – Usually showcases envy, illness and decay.

Green Chakra

The Anahata (heart chakra) is essential for the body, and while this is so, it is also important for the spirit and balancing the body’s energy based on certain colors. The green chakra connects the body organs and helps with functions like empathy, compassion and forgiveness to name a few. These are all spiritual implementations that people strive to achieve daily.

Just like the heart and as its name suggests, the heart chakra is located in the chest. It is represented by the color green. Practising the art of creativity and compassion will help you on the way. Like the other six chakras, the heart chakra is valuable for maintaining good health, focus and calmness even in stressful times.

Dreams About The Color Green

Dreams that involve the color green often signify a new start in life or creative inspiration. Green can represent the power of healing energies and freedom.

Green snake dreams

It may not seem that way, but a dream of green snakes is symbolic of a prosperous future and joy, despite snakes not being everyone’s cup of tea. It can also depict resilience and other good fortunes. Sometimes dreaming about green snakes can be a warning of danger.

In the natural world, scary dreams might not seem like the most positive thing when they often can be.

Dream of green light

Dreaming of green light, or any other color light, is quite a rare experience. If you have dreamt of green light, you can be certain that the universe is showing you a seed of spiritual essence and energy that has been planted and will take root and then florish in due season.

Dream of green trees

A dream about a green tree or many green trees is often positive in meaning. It may be representative of your good relationship with your family. It might be a sign directed to the energy and dedication you’re putting into your career or success.

Trees and plants often symbolize life; thus, dreaming of these green aspects is a good indication.

The Color Green Is Worn In Clothes and Jewelry

Wearing green garments, whether the color olive green or dark green, no matter the green color, exudes certain energy. As mentioned, the energy associated with green is usually positive and helpful if you want to have it positively affect your life.

Protects against negative vibrations

As mentioned earlier in this article, green is a powerful color and can help deflect negative energy. The wearer can choose to wear a green garment or a jewelry piece as an accessory with their outfit.

It may help cope with stress or anxiety

In some cases, green has been helpful in soothing feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s good to remember this, especially if you are experiencing a stressful time.

It’s a lucky color and a plus to wear

For centuries, green stones have been trusted for luck. Some people believe that green can ward off bad luck, and in many cultures and folklore, green is symbolic of promoting or attracting good luck.

Green is easy on the eyes and used as scrubs in the hospital

In the early years of medicine, the color wheel with green is symbolic of luck but more so, it was said that the previous white scrubs used were too bright and harsh on the doctor’s eyes. Since then, scrubs have mellowed down to green and white, as we see today.


What does the green color symbolize?

Green is often symbolic of vitality, wealth, life and new beginnings.

What emotion represents green?

Green can represent abundance, security and happiness. Still, sometimes, given the circumstances, the green color can also be related to negative feelings like anger and emotions of envy or entitlement.

Why green is a favorite color?

Green is often a color of choice for people who are known for being modest or humble. It may also be a favorite color choice when people are concerned about how others perceive them. The color lime, while it can be associated with upliftment and joy, can also be the color of those who are insecure.

Final Thoughts On The Color Green

Green is somewhat of a mesmerizing color with many mystical attributes. The color green has been part of civilization since the very beginning. Have you found the perfect shade of green for your mood? Did you ever choose green jewelry for its effects on a situation and the wearer?