Spiritual Meaning Of The Color Black

Black is often associated with death and mourning. However, the color black symbolizes power, authority, and sophistication too. Continue reading to better understand the various meanings of the color black.

Black is often associated with mystery and darkness or bad things. The color black also has a lot of symbolic meaning in different cultures. But the color black is such a double agent of color as it also represents strength and boldness.

Black is said to be some of the first colors used in ancient times for depicting drawings and symbols. The color would come from elements like charcoal, stone, coal, and burnt metals.

The Greeks used black in their pottery and crafts. Some early paleolithic drawings display black imagery, and some caves worldwide also used black when depicting drawings of animals.

When the computer came about in modern years, it was sensible to use black backdrops with white lettering words in the front. The concept of white letters on a black background would later change for better eligibility and became black ink on a white background similar as it is with paper and pen.

The Meaning Of Black In Cultures

The spiritual meaning of black is different in many cultures and religions. The color is dark and said to absorb all other colors, into almost something of an abyss or nothingness. The following are some meanings of the color black worldwide.

Western Culture

In Western cultures, black symbolizes mourning or death due to its dark and somber tone. It is worn at funerals and vigils as those who attend are in mourning for the one who departed.

However, black in the western world can also be symbolic of darkness or evil, while it also works as a go-to fashion color, seeing as it works with everything in your wardrobe.

In Eastern Culture

In Eastern countries like Japan, black is a feminine color and a mysterious color too. While in China, the color black is masculine and associated with positive energy. However, in South East Asia in India, they also regard black as evil like the West.

The Middle East likewise sees black as negative energy, but it also showcases progression, growth, and starting anew.

Latin America

In the Americas, black is also a morbid color worn at funerals. The color black shares its masculine status in this part of the world as in other places like China and the African continent.


In some parts of Africa, black is a masculine color, but it also represents a color of mystery and maturity.

Various Meanings & Associations Of The Color Black

Black can be symbolic of fear

Black is often associated with fear. Think of walking alone at night or staring down a dark alley; this is something that will send many people turning the other way.

Black instills distress since it seems to be the unknown, as we can’t see through pitch dark. This uncertainty inside the blackness triggers that fear of the unknown.

Black wards off evil or bad energy

It’s long been said that black is a bad energy deflector and stones like obsidian and black onyx are known to ward off negative energies. Black may also absorb other colors, and thus energies fall into this characteristic too. With black swallowing other colors and negative energies, it protects the wearer from being affected by such negativity.

Black can be seen as an authoritative color

The color black exudes strength; when people wear black, they feel a sense of protection. Black shades may also be seen as dominating, so clothing, black decor, trimmings, and even black tint on the windows of a vehicle can all give that sense of authority and dominance.

Black blends with many things

Using black as an accent color is another smart way of making everything else work seamlessly together. In decor fittings, black is often seen as a neutral color since it blends with others.

Helps to find balance

Did you know that black can create unity within yourself? People incorporate black into their homes a bit like Fengshui. Black also makes it possible to tap into balance and reduce the sense of insecurities you might have. Some people suggest that wearing the color black helped them to feel more in control.

Black can boost confidence

Since black is so authoritative, wearing this color with clothing gives that sense of confidence even to others who see you in the hue. Black is also worn to interviews and showcases a serious side to you. It is the choice of color for many formal events. When people wear black clothes, it not only changes their silhouette, it also boosts confidence.

The Color Black Is Also Associated With The Following:

  • Black belt – The highest rank in martial arts.
  • Classic gothic color – While goths may embrace neons and other styles, black remains one of the leading colors for them.
  • The black box – A durable piece of aircraft equipment made to record everything that happens on the flight. Should the aircraft crash in an unforeseen and unfortunate event, the black box serves as evidence.
  • Blacklisted or blacklist – When something or someone is blacklisted, nobody has anything else to do with it or them. Being blacklisted serves as a heads-up that others must be careful of the blacklisted item or person as it may not be beneficial to them.
  • Black-hearted – Black is often associated with evil or negativity; as mentioned before. When someone is considered black-hearted, they’re considered bad or evil.
  • Black tie – This dress-up event calls for formal attire like gowns and suits with bowties or regular neckties.
  • Blackout- When all the electricity shuts off, and there is no light, everything is dark.


What does black mean spiritually?

Black is absent of color and used in many representations on a spiritual front. Black can symbolize mourning and sadness, it can also be symbolic of power and confidence. Black is like a shade in its own league and absorbs all other color like a black hole. It can also signify mystery and elegance.

Is the color black lucky?

Black might be lucky in some cultures but for the most part, it is symbolic of being unlucky. The color black is often associated with evil or darkness, and so black is, for the most part, thought to be an unlucky color.

What color is the most powerful?

When it comes to power colors there are two that stand out. Black is seen as a powerful color since it is also symbolic of dominance and confidence. But, red is also, still a color of power for the most part. You might not stand out as much with black as you would in red.


The meaning of the color black is spread over many beliefs. After all, since black is opposite to light, they can never be in the same space with each other since one will always cancel the other. Some people like wearing black since it’s easy to match with other clothing items and some people dislike black altogether.