Spiritual Meaning Of The Infinity Symbol

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The infinity symbol is a powerful and significant symbol with a spiritual meaning. It is used to represent the infinite nature of time. Some people admire it for its symbolic nature toward infinite love. Throughout the years, infinity represents deep meaning. Today we talk about infinity symbols and their representation in culture, religion and more.

The word infinity is significant because there is no limit to how long it can carry on. It is timeless and limitless. Since it represents the infinite nature of time, many people use it as a friendship or other relationship symbol.

Types and Meanings Of The Infinity Symbol

Double infinity meanings

The double infinity creates four loops and is usually symbolic of infinite times of two different combined infinities. This one is great for lovers who represent their infinite love for each other or perhaps two worlds joining into one.

The double infinity or double eternity symbol also represents infinite possibilities in this lifetime and possible other lifetimes that have existed and continue to exist.

Infinity knot in the religious context



The infinity knot is another version of the timeless and ancient symbol. In Buddhism, it represents the endless and continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth. It is also symbolic of infinite wisdom and the wisdom of buddha, which is known to have no beginning and no end.


In Jainism, renowned as one of the oldest practices in the world, the forever symbol in the form of a knot represents one of several signs critical to practice and religion. In fact, the Tirthankaras have the symbol amongst others engraved on them. They are the only ones said to have special karma because they overcame the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth.


In Hinduism, the infinity knot is also visible on the chest of the god Vishnu who was also the goddess Lakshmi’s husband and infinite partner.

Here Are The Possible Infinity Spiritual Meaning Concepts

The infinity symbol holds deep meaning, and it is unique to the wearer, whether in the form of an infinity tattoo or infinity jewelry.

The infinity symbol for love

The infinity symbol meaning in terms of love is very symbolic to couples who share it. The symbol is a representation of their love for each other. Some couples may choose to use an infinite heart to emphasize their love relationship.

A sign of regeneration

The infinity symbol is rooted in culture and featured in Celtic history and Ancient Greece. It is also a very religious and spiritual sign symbolic of regeneration or the continuation of life.

It’s a peace symbol or a truce

Sometimes the infinity symbol is also used to represent peace or call a truce. In some cultures, it is symbolic of two opposing sides agreeing on mutual terms.

An eternal balance

In life, everything is about balance, and the infinity symbol represents this balance. Those who wear it remember to balance work life and use the symbol to remind themselves of this.


Some people use the infinite eternity sign as a lucky charm as well as one that represents wealth. Perhaps, for those who wear it, it might bring some form of wealth into their lives.

Infinite happiness

Many positives are associated with the infinity sign, including happiness. The charm is like a good omen or a talisman that attracts positive energy and joy.


What is the true meaning of infinity?

The infinity symbolizes ongoing, forever, continuous (wisdom, friendship, love, balance) and other factors that cultures and different religions hold dear.

Is the infinity symbol good luck?

Whether the triple infinity symbol or just the double, the infinity is also representative of good luck. The number eight (8) in Chinese culture is important and represents good luck. The infinity also looks like the eight and is symbolically similar.


The infinity symbol’s spiritual meaning is beautiful. From peace and eternal wisdom to eternal love and infinite spirituality. The iconic sign serves a beautiful purpose to everyone who uses it and wears it. You can buy infinity jewelry as a gift for a significant other or as a friendship symbol. You can also wear the mark as a personal choice for your spiritual beliefs.