What Are The Akashic Records?

In this fast-paced and ever-moving world, many people find themselves contemplating their every move, analyzing it almost under a microscopic lens of judgment and scrutiny. Most people find themselves anxious and nervous about the future, while simultaneously questioning every decision they have made in the past, wondering if they have set foot on the wrong path.

But what if I told you that you could find comfort in knowing that every past, present, and future moment has been laid out and recorded in relation to the path you are currently on?

The Akashic records are all events past, present, and future that have been recorded in a higher dimension than we currently occupy. It’s a spiritual record that holds every word, thought, and feeling across time and space of the current path that your life is on and will likely pursue.

While the Akashic records may sound like a big, old, and dusty book sitting high atop a shelf, it is not something tangible. Let us take a deeper look at the Akashic records and how it may change one’s life.

Who can access the Akashic records?

Anyone who can tap into the spiritual realm can access the records. Some psychics, including the famous Edgar Cayce, are known for accessing the records. Cayce claimed that anyone can access their own records if they were willing to do the spiritual work necessary to do so.

The records contain all the details and elements of your soul’s journey, its physical manifestation through your life, and the trajectory it is on. You have your own personal Akashic record that, once accessed, allows you to be in touch with almost every element of your life.

Much like memories, it is unbound by time or space, and you will be able to look back on long-forgotten events as if they had occurred yesterday. Additionally, your relationships, interactions, and all the places you go to, all have their own Akashic records that intersect with yours at a certain point. The records of these external elements will either intertwine or diverge from yours, depending on the relationship you hold with them.

The Akashic record is not just a record of the current life you are living, but rather of all past lives that you have lived, and future lives that you will live.

How do you access the Akashic records?

As with all spiritual interactions, it takes deep prayer and meditation to access your own personal Akashic records. Through a vibrational frequency that is comprised of multiple repetitive hums and sounds, your records can be accessed through a Pathway Prayer.

The first thing you would need to do is ground yourself in deep meditation, making clear your intentions and what information you are seeking from your records. It is important to note that, with these records being hosted from a spiritual realm, the human mind may not be able to withstand and hold all the information that it contains. Therefore, you need to be specific about what it is you seek.

By seeking specific information, you will receive answers that are deemed necessary and needed by you at the specific time you find yourself in. You may find your mind feeling more open, and you may find yourself being less anxious about any uncertainty surrounding your future.

What happens when you access your Akashic records?

At some point in life, everyone needs some guidance and reassurance. While the Akashic records do not serve the purpose of telling the future, it instead offers guidance and wisdom on the trajectory you are currently on.

Some people may find themselves skeptical of the Akashic records. This is because it is in our human nature to be curious, and because of our curious nature when accessing the Akashic records, we are more likely to question the future than we are to question the past.

This often leaves people feeling doubtful when their life doesn’t pan out the way their Akashic record had suggested it would.

But free will still exist. And the Akashic records for the future only portray the future of the current path you are on. Every decision you make on this earth will determine various aspects of the future. Depending on the decisions you make, you may slightly, or entirely deviate from the path that you are currently on.

But this is not always a bad thing. Perhaps the path you are currently on leads to your downfall or destruction. You can take solace in the reading of your Akashic records and make a conscious effort to change your path and make better decisions for your future.

Another reason people tend to doubt the Akashic records is that you are the only one that can see your own personal record. It doesn’t come on a written scroll or with a loud booming voice from the heavens. Instead, it comes as a quiet voice within your mind.

But because it is a voice in your mind, you may feel that there is no way of verifying what you are hearing. Maybe you feel as though it is your own thoughts telling you what you are hoping to hear, and this may be true.

However, the belief and the hope that you already have when accessing your Akashic records must mean, that to some extent, you hold faith, expectation, and belief in what you will hear. And ultimately, that is what faith and spirituality is based on – believing in what is unseen.


It is an old adage that where you are right now, is exactly where you are meant to be. The Akashic records are a testament to that displaying every step that has led you to where you are and that will lead you, with confidence, into the future. It is a magnificent tool in finding the confidence to face all your tomorrows.