What Does Déjà vu Mean Spiritually?

We have all had that strange feeling before. In your mind, you feel like you are thrust into an alternate reality, suddenly your vantage point seems to change, and you are no longer controlling anything, but you know exactly what is going to happen and how it’s going to happen.

Whether it is a near-catastrophic event or something that happens just as you’re going about your day, you seem to know exactly what you’re going to say or do, but there’s absolutely no way for you to stop it.

As soon as the moment passes, you can’t help but share your experience of what you have come to know to be Déjà vu. It is almost as if you need to convince those around you that you have somehow, somewhere, experienced the exact same moment.

But what is déjà vu and what does it mean on a spiritual level? Is this power the ability to see into the future, or, as some would say, just a glitch in the matrix?  

In a nutshell, déjà vu is simply a feeling of familiarity or the notion that you have already seen and experienced the current moment before. From a spiritual perspective, déjà vu is usually believed to mean that where you are, in the moment or in life overall, is exactly where you are meant to be.

It is often a sign that your life is following the predestined path it was meant to follow.

Let us take a closer look at the spiritual meaning of déjà vu and if it is considered a gift or a curse.

The Spiritual Meaning

It can be hard to mark the feeling of déjà vu as being positive or negative because sometimes, it can feel exciting to experience it, but other times, it can feel quite unsettling and even disturbing.

While it is a known fact that time travel isn’t possible, déjà vu can sometimes make you question this because you know for certain that you have experienced this moment before. And from a spiritual perspective, there may be many reasons why you have these intense experiences.

At the very foundation of the experience, déjà vu is an intense intertwining of the past and present. And while this may not be something that you often experience, when you do experience it, it’s almost as if you know exactly what it is.

Where You’re Meant To Be

Most people link experiencing déjà vu to meaning that your spirit guides are telling you that where you are at this specific moment is where you’re meant to be. Through the overlap between a past that existed either in the spiritual realm, or an alternate universe, your present is seen to be on its intended path when you experience déjà vu.

Despite its rarity, with each experience of déjà vu happening few and far between, it can even be seen as a spiritual gift, even though one cannot will it to happen. However, it is considered a gift because one’s spiritual guide thought it necessary to show you that you are on the right path in your life. This is even more impactful if you found yourself wondering and questioning the path in life you have ventured down and the decisions you have made.

There are other spiritual links to the notion of déjà vu whereby some people believe that, before entering the physical world or the current realm in which we reside, we were spiritual beings, surrounded by a spiritual family. We experienced moments in our lives as spiritual beings in preparation for the physical world in which we would later enter.

Experiencing déjà vu in this sense is a confirmation that you are on the path you were destined to follow as it mirrors the preparation you experienced in your past spiritual life. Experiencing déjà vu with people you are familiar with further emphasizes this notion in that you enter this life surrounded by those who were with you in your spiritual life.

The “Past Life” Notion

There are consciousness belief principles that also state that déjà vu is a sign that you are on the right path, and further, other spiritual beliefs are of the “past life” notion. This idea is that we have all lived multiple lives before, and the experience of déjà vu is a past experience from a past life, slowly trickling into our current life.

While déjà vu isn’t an exact memory or experience per se, especially not from the current life we are living, it has a strong sense of familiarity that our minds can only relate as being experienced before, and that is probably why it cannot be altered in any way.  

In essence, the common thread among all these spiritual belief systems regarding déjà vu is that it means you are following the exact predetermined path that you were meant to follow in this life.

However, whether déjà vu is unsettling or comforting and is the confirmation you were hoping to receive, overall, it is believed to be a good sign, and it means that you are strongly tethered to your spiritual being. It’s a sign that you either have strong communication with your spirit guide, you have great intuition, or you are in sync with a higher vibrational frequency.  

The Scientific Meaning Of Déjà Vu

The world wouldn’t be what it is today without scientific explanations or understanding of even the spiritual matters that occur in the world. However, the brain processes déjà vu as a sequence of events or one moment in time, that doesn’t last very long but that has been experienced before.

Whether it takes place solely in the spiritual realm, our mind cannot fully grasp or understand the occurrence of déjà vu and seeks to make sense of what has a strangely familiar feeling.

Déjà vu has also garnered the attention of scientific and medical research that seeks to give a rational and scientific explanation for these occurrences, even though many people are happy with the spiritual explanation.

Nevertheless, it would be remiss not to touch on the possible scientific reasons that déjà vu may occur.

While déjà vu is a seemingly random occurrence, it cannot be recreated for study. This means that most scientific research on the occurrence of déjà vu is based on theorized concepts and not concrete evidence as the brain can’t be studied at the exact moment that someone experiences déjà vu.

This means that a lot of scientific theories on déjà vu are just that – theories. However, researchers are led to believe that it occurs as a result of a glitch or misfire that takes place in the brain and mind.

It has also been established that memory is often unreliable. With this idea in mind, déjà vu is sometimes attributed to this unreliability and is considered as a memory often forgotten or a memory falsely brought to the mind’s surface.

Science also believes that perhaps déjà vu comes from a memory of our peripheral or something that wasn’t given our entire attention, and when it is given our full attention, it seems eerily familiar. But this doesn’t explain instances of déjà vu that include interactions with other people.

Other explanations include the idea of miscommunication between parts of the brain that affect recollection and memory, but it has also been seen as a symptom of neurological disorders or epilepsy.

However, scientific explanations are often faced with multiple flaws in that, while two-thirds of the world’s population will experience déjà vu, not everyone has these neurological disorders.


While spirituality and science try to explain the same concept, the belief that you follow is entirely dependent on you, the person experiencing déjà vu. It is not a cause for concern that should lead you to seek medical advice, but instead, it is an inexplicable phenomenon that can be marked up to either an unreliable mind or a supernatural guiding force. Whatever it means, you can rest assured that you are wherever you are meant to be.