What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

Sometimes, you may feel like you’re just floating along aimlessly in life, like a fish going with the flow. This feeling may leave you yearning for something more, desperately hoping for something beyond what this world has to offer. Perhaps what you are seeking is spiritual as the physical no longer seems to fulfill you. The way you view the world will always be the same because it is through your own eyes, but maybe the idea of gaining enlightenment and a spiritual awakening seems like an answer. But what is a spiritual awakening and how can it help you pursue a new journey and a new path in life?

A spiritual awakening occurs when you make contact with your higher spiritual power, you find enlightenment, and you cease to experience the world through the veil of your ego. This intense enlightenment can permanently impact your view of this world and the universe.

Being far more than just an interaction with a higher spiritual being, a spiritual awakening can change your entire life and the way you have perceived things up to now. Let us delve further into the phenomenon of experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening in Different Beliefs

From the beliefs of age-old and ancient times, the concept of a spiritual awakening has been present and has been passed down from generation to generation. In Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Zoroastrianism, spiritual awakenings are sought after as a way of enlightening the mind, body, and soul.

Although greatly present and often referred to in ancient eastern cultures and beliefs, western religions have a similar concept of making contact with a greater being and becoming more in touch with one’s spirituality. In western beliefs, it is not generally referred to as enlightenment or as a spiritual awakening, however, the idea of becoming more spiritual with one’s views and outlooks influenced by spirituality is of paramount importance.

The Psychology Behind it

Science and psychology have long sought to understand the intricacies related to spirituality. While intangible and extremely unique to each person, it is a nearly impossible feat to quantify a spiritually enlightening experience.

One way in which science has tried to quantify spirituality is through remedying addiction. Many scientists believe that the onset of addiction begins with a yearning to fill a void within. It is not to say that those who succumb to addiction are not spiritual, but that spirituality has its place in curing addiction.

Addiction is seen to have an extremely spiritual component which, in the absence of enlightenment, is filled with worldly substances. For this reason, a spiritual awakening is a large part of the journey to recovery.

On this journey, a spiritual awakening need not necessarily be the pursuit of a higher power, of God, or of a deity, but it is just about encountering something beyond the confines of oneself.

Why do People Experience a Spiritual Awakening?

Any situation or experience that causes you to re-evaluate and change your perspective of your current situation, or on life as a whole, can be a spiritual awakening. If you find yourself viewing life with a greater spiritual inclination, this may be because of experiencing enlightenment.

While a spiritual awakening is a major life-altering event, it does not need to be caused by something major such as seeing an angel or having a near death experience. They can also occur in the midst of quiet meditation when you are acutely aware of the higher power omnipotently surrounding you.

You can also experience enlightenment by meeting someone that awakens your spirituality. Whether it is meeting a soulmate, a spiritual leader, or your guru, such encounters bring you closer to your enlightenment, and the spiritual teachers that guide or lead you are the vessels.

Often, a spiritual awakening can take place subtly over a period of time. Slight changes in your life can bring you closer and closer to enlightenment, and it is only when you take a retrospective look back on your life, do you see the change that has seemingly reawakened your sense of spirituality.

How do You Know You’ve Experienced a Spiritual Awakening?

The signs of a spiritual awakening can be as drastic and sudden as immediately seeing the world through a different lens, or it can occur through gradual changes. A greater inclination to your spirituality can be one of the first signs that you have experienced enlightenment.

If you experience notable changes in your relationships, a shift in your worldview, vivid dreams, and a sudden increase in experiences of synchronicities such as déjà vu, this could mean you have experienced a spiritual awakening.

Enlightenment can also bring you a heightened awareness and a stronger sense of intuition. You may find yourself noticing subtle changes in the behavior of those around you. This can even lead you to having a greater sense of picking up vibrations and energies in your near surroundings.


A spiritual awakening is an extremely unique experience that is different for everyone. The impact it will have on your worldly outlook will be nothing short of life-altering. While it is not the pursuit of all, it can change the trajectory of your life.