What Is A Worry Stone?

Contrary to what you might feel or believe in the moment, feelings of worry and anxiety have been around since the dawn of time. We are humans and these are basic human emotions. While they are much of the part that makes us human, they are not pleasant or welcomed feelings, and we often want to do whatever it takes to get rid of them. Luckily, there are natural and spiritual ways to help you overcome the stress and worry that each day might present.

A worry stone is a small, smooth stone that you can use to run your thumb over as a way of reducing worry. It is made of crystals or gemstones and has a perfect thumb indentation in the center of its oval shape. Being small enough to fit in your pocket, you can always carry it with you.

This small, age-old tool provides boundless benefits for the user that does exactly what the name suggests – it eliminates your worry and creates a space to replenish your soul. It serves as a self-soothing exercise to release physical tension and create a new sense of calm and renewed focus. Let us dive deeper into the beneficial properties of the magnificent worry stone.

Where Did the Worry Stone Originate?

As with many good things, the worry stone finds its origins deeply rooted in history, passed down from the days of old, although its place of origin is difficult to pinpoint. However, it is believed to find its origin in Greek, Irish, and Tibetan roots. Passed down from centuries and generation to generation, the worry stone gets its unique form by being smoothed out under the flow of water.

How Does It Work?

The worry stone creates a firm touchpoint over which its user can repeatedly rub their thumb, leading to a calming response. Linked closely to methods of reflexology, acupressure, and the notion that there are pressure points located in the hands and feet, the worry stone resting on the index finger with the thumb moving repeatedly over it triggers a calming response within the user.

As an actual object, the worry stone serves as a focal point for you to focus your mind on and find your center. It has often been proven that focusing on a physical object can lead to reduced stress and anxiety levels, especially when it comes with the intense feeling of worry.

Delving even deeper, the worry stone can be used during meditation practices to bring you greater focus and a calmer mind. The repetitive motion draws you closer and closer to a place of peace. This can be done while repeating a mantra that helps you escape from the worries that life somehow continuously presents us with.

Different Types of Worry Stones

Made from a variety of gemstones and crystals, each possesses its own unique power that transfers to you as you need it. Clear quartz, which is an amplifying and multiplying gemstone, can connect you to a higher spiritual power. Rose quartz, much like the flower, brings you to a space of love, be it for the self or others.

A moonstone heightens your intuition giving you a keen and acute sense of knowing. Black onyx provides you with powerful protection and a heightened innate sense of strength. Each gemstone, with its own unique property, comes together with the intent of meditation and culminates in an overall increased sense of peace, allowing stress to dissipate and allowing you to gain greater focus on positivity.

A Stone for Every Need

With a wide variety of different worry stones to choose from, you could make use of more than one, each for a different purpose. With their unique and distinct physical appearances, each worry stone you have can be assigned to help you overcome the different worries you may face.

They can serve as a visual reminder of your intentions. If you find yourself worried or anxious about the future, you could use your moonstone worry stone as a reminder that your stars will align in a way that is meant exactly for you. If you are worried about your romantic endeavors, rose quartz can be your north star and comfort.

A Source of Gratitude

Serving as both a visual and physical reminder, your worry stone helps eliminate your sense of worry with a phenomenal sense of thanksgiving. It allows you to align with your greater power and find the mantra from within that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be.

In the keen focus of meditation, you can be reminded to be grateful for what you have which can realign and refocus your thoughts from worrying about what you don’t have.

When to Use a Worry Stone

Providing a calming sense to your heightened stress and worry, a worry stone can be used in many particular situations, either as a way of recharging or as a way of actively calming you in a moment of high pressure.

You can use your worry stone in the heat, or the build-up to a moment of extreme stress. Whether it is an important conversation, a big event, or a necessary confrontation, a worry stone can help you ease the pressure you are facing.

During meditation, you can also use your worry stone, as you would mala beads, allowing the repetition of mantras to bring you closer to the source of your peace and calm – bringing you closer to your higher power.


Given the world that we currently live in, high stress and feelings of worry are almost applauded. Self-care and self-love are often seen as weak in a society that praises overworking. However, you can change your position in this universe, you can change your own narrative, and eliminate worry to protect your positive energy. Using a worry stone can guide you on your journey to inner peace.