What Is Sound Healing?

When you listen to your favorite music artist, there is something about the sound of the instruments and the person’s voice that can put you in any mood. Mostly, this mood is good, calm, or excited.

Sound healing works by incorporating distinct vibrations to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Sound healing normally works on two principles. These principles are because different emotions have vibrations on different levels.

The emotions which are blocked or unexpressed are the primary source of the disease that sound healing wants to eliminate. Let’s look closer at the vibrations of emotions and then also the source of the disease to get a better understanding.

The Vibration of Emotions

When we dive deeper into physics, we find that everything around us is made from atoms and that those atoms are made of subatomic particles. For those subatomic particles to keep on existing, it has to vibrate at a certain level of frequency. So summing it up, some physicists believe and found that the entire universe as we know it is the consequence of infinitely extensive fields of vibration.

Why are we telling you this? It’s because these objects aren’t the only things vibrating. Some have proven that thoughts and emotions can also cause vibration through the energy it produces. All emotions, however, vibrate at different levels.

Looking at unpleasant or uncomfortable emotions, they vibrate on a much lower level as opposed to joyful and pleasing emotions, which vibrate on a higher level.

The Source of Disease

We all love to feel positive emotions and then do our best to hide our negative emotions. It’s because we love to feel happy and joy, but if the negative emotions are stuffed away over the years, those negative emotions can cause diseases. The most common disease we’ve come across is mental health problems.

What Is Sound Healing Like?

There are two experiences with sound healing. The first one is passive and what this means is that when you are about to receive the healing treatment. You lay down and start paying attention to your breathing, slowly in and out, becoming more relaxed with every breath you take.

With this, you are preparing yourself to receive the sound; you are detaching yourself from all distractions. It’s in this state of bliss that you open up to each sound that vibrates into you. We can compare the vibration of the sound and the pathway to the stillness you reach with meditation when doing a mantra.

Various instruments are used in sound healing, some of them are drumming, tuning forks, and Himalayan singing bowls. For the best results, having a strong breathing technique is always a plus if you want to stay in that place of stillness during a healing session.

Benefits of Sound Healing

We all know today’s age brings an enormous amount of stress, anxiety, and frustration into our lives. Sometimes we don’t know when it will ever end, which brings frustration into the picture as well. Not knowing when we will catch a break from our daily activities that feel like a never ending road.

But, there is one wonderful way you can relieve some of that stress from your life and that’s with sound healing. The ways your body reacts to certain sounds within sound healing can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Let’s look at some of those benefits in more detail.

  1. The first, and this is probably the greatest benefit of them all, is the relief from stress. The soothing sounds from sound healing help to re-tune and recharge your brain to cope better with stress and also increase the brain’s energy.
  • Sound healing can positively create new patterns in your brain. This will allow you to gain more confidence, believe it or not. With these new patterns, you’ll be able to take on those challenges that once made you hide away in fear.
  • Keeping to the new patterns it creates will also help you regain focus in your life. Decision-making will improve and the anxiety won’t kick in every time you need to decide, doesn’t matter how big or small.
  • People that are suffering from chronic headaches and/or migraines will jump with joy. Sound healing can not only give you relief from your suffering but it can also handle the root cause of your headache and migraine, which will mostly be stress and high blood pressure.
  • Our brain sends out signals to the rest of our body, connecting everything. That’s why when you’re stressed, you feel tired. It’s because your brain is under stress and sends out negative signals to your body. Did you know that one of the primary organs that get affected by stress is our ears? This is why sound therapy works wonderfully as it sends its sound vibrations through the ear to the brain. These effects will eliminate your stress and, in return, give you more energy.

The Wrap Up On Sound Healing

A couple of years ago, this technique would’ve been almost unheard of, but ever since then, it’s only grown in popularity. Now you can find sound healing everywhere and the best place to look is on the internet. You’ll find loads of videos with different instruments being used.

The goal of sound healing, apart from eliminating stress and anxiety, is also to bring balance and restoration into your life. Ultimately, there is no way to tell which instrument will work for you. The best way to find out is to try. So, hop on the internet and let the sound flow and feel all that stress and anxiety drift away.