What Is The Meaning Of Spiritual Attunement?

Attunement has many benefits for your life, and as the name suggests, it’s like spiritually getting in tune with who you are and the life surrounding you. Today we take a closer look at this process.

The easiest way to simplify attunement is by thinking of “tuning” your energies. We are made up of energy, as is everything around us. When we stimulate our energetic pathways, we create balance, opening the door to many other positive things.

Attunement is the process of connecting with someone else’s energy. It is a skill that can be used to heal emotional wounds and provide emotional support.

To attune, one needs to be able to feel the energy field surrounding a person. The sense can either come from the hands or the eyes.

How To Practice Spiritual Attunement

Attunement is a very critical aspect of being a human being. For many years, cultures have practiced the “secrets” of balancing energies and tapping into divine light. We often hear of and know of Eastern practices and rituals that involve energy healing.

Over the years, many techniques, such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and lots more, to create that all-important balance. Since the mind and body are connected as one. Still, along the way, we have somehow missed the mark by making the mistake of separating the two as two different entities instead of one.

Over time, people shifted from materialistic thinking to a broader way by including spirituality, bringing about important changes. For instance, many folks seek natural healing methods like Reiki and other forms of energy healing techniques to recover them inside and out.

Medical doctors have also turned to healing the whole person and not only focusing on the symptoms. This is essential since the whole person includes the mind + the body + the soul.

Carl Jung’s Findings On Human Experience

By synchronizing our energies with the energies of others, we tend to “rub off” on each other. For instance, positive creates positive and negative creates negative. It is a proven technique that has been used for centuries to heal and improve the lives of others.

Learning to connect with others on a spiritual level takes an open mind and heart. It requires patience, practice, and perseverance because it can be difficult at first to feel someone else’s energy.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, was also the founder of analytical psychology, which covers many aspects of the human psyche. Jung worked with many people from all walks of life. Some of his patients included those damaged in their past through traumatic experiences. They also included those who led a normal and well-rounded upbringing.

Jung believed that, in some instances, people mirror each other’s energy. For example, a child has an extremely critical parent that doesn’t allow the child to express their feelings and emotions. The parent may also be judgemental and oppressive. This behavior from the parent to the child may create a mirror effect in that child as an adult. And the cycle of emotional abuse can continue through generations.

To deal with trauma, one has to heal from within. Once healed and whole, the traits of the past may not have the same effect on the adult going forward. Sometimes the trauma just becomes suppressed but still emerges through the person’s personality.

The Benefits of Practicing Attunement

Benefits of attunement include but are not limited to the following aspects:

Attunement is a technique that helps us to be more aware of our own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This technique can help us in many ways, from improving our relationships to boosting our creativity.

Attunement allows us to be more aware of what we are feeling and how we feel it, similarly to mindfulness. The process is a way to become more aware of ourselves and the people around us. It’s an investment in ourselves and the people around us.

When we practice mindfulness and become attuned, we can benefit from the following aspects of our daily lives and personal relationships with strangers, family, friends and work colleagues.

  • Improving relationships
  • Boosting creativity
  • Building self-awareness
  • Understanding others’ feelings

How Reiki Helps Align Energy In Attunement Process

A Reiki master practices the technique of using energy medicine to help heal people. The process involves different energy pathways in the physical body. Unlike massage, Reiki is all about energy and where the practitioner touches or hovers their hand on the body there’s an energy exchange, transfer or shift.

The practice helps the person connect with their whole self as the energy aligns through the session. Many people feel relaxed and less stressed. Reiki may also improve the mental frame of mind after a session.

Negative energies can impact the reiki specialist

Some reiki master specialists have encountered extreme negativity from patients; this negative energy flow could affect the practitioner. Many reiki specialists tend to guard themselves and their spiritual practice through certain rituals to protect their energy.

Reiki produces harmony

Reiki helps align the seven chakras linked to core bodily functions. When energy is unbalanced, we tend to feel drained, stressed, and overwhelmed and may even experience sleep problems, headaches and a lack of creativity.

People use Reiki to cope with terminal illnesses and other health conditions

Since Reiki helps heal, many people use it to manage illness, disease symptoms, and their mental well-being.


What is an example of attunement?

Attunement is similar to having intuition. For instance, someone says they’re fine but you know they’re not. Somehow, you can feel by reading their energy that they are not being truthful and are not fine.

How do you practice attunement?

Become a good listener and think before you speak. Be mindful of your partner’s feelings, too, since you are in the relationship. Practice the use of validation in your words. Know what triggers you.


Attunement practices can benefit everyone. Just like reiki masters, it’s essential to guard your energy from the negative energies of others. Sometimes, a regular day can be extremely negative because a colleague was having a bad day. Guard your energy and learn to balance it through various spiritual practices like meditation, reiki healing and attunement.