What Sacred Geometry Used For

Sacred geometry is the study of forms, patterns, numbers, and shapes. They are practical patterns that can be found everywhere in the world, ranging from the shapes of some animals or their body parts, some specific and unique numbers, the shapes of common everyday things that we see, and more. These sacred geometric patterns form the very essence and makeup of the world as we know it.

Sacred geometric patterns, shapes, and forms can be further broken down into mathematical terms that direct our visible and invisible world. It champions the concept that life as we know is a big ball of connections. Everything and everyone is connected.

Sacred geometry is used to create pathways to the several realms, as well as to create a connection to the unity of life. Sacred geometry is also used to bring about several effects of healing and rebalancing on different levels. It is known to be the creator’s conceptual architecture.

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is a study of the spiritual meaning behind several shapes. It is believed that each pattern of growth can be traced back to geometric shapes which represent cosmic consciousness. It only goes to show that everything in the world is just a fragment of a vast interconnected network of things.

The ancient Egyptian scribes used these shapes to connect to higher realms. However, in modern esoteric teachings today, sacred shapes are known to contain frequencies of bio-force energy capable of activating healing, awakening, and transformation.

The human DNA molecules, flower petals, snowflakes, crystals, stars, and all life forms are forged out of geometric codes. Several sacred geometry symbols can be found around us, as it is said to be a conceptual mental nature that satisfies both the left brain and right brain hemispheres simultaneously.

Some Common Sacred Geometric Shapes and What They Mean:

Platonic Solids have been taught in mystery schools in Greece over 2,500 years ago, signifying that many scholars have spent entire lifetimes studying. They are believed to be the foundation on which the universe is built. The initial model of these symbols contains five platonic solids, which represent elements. In the model, the cube represents earth, the tetrahedron symbolizes fire, the octahedron symbolizes air, the dodecahedron represents aether, and the icosahedron represents water.

Here are some of the most common holy shapes, their meanings, and how they help us:

1. Triangle

The triangle symbol is the foundation on which the other shapes are made. The triangle signifies balance, completion, harmony, and soaring upwards. It promotes us to a higher level of consciousness. They are the elements that represent numerous systems in life. A few examples of these can be seen in art, music, nature, and language.

2. Cube

The cube is a three-dimensional symbol, and it represents the last stage in the cycle of immobility. It signifies the stability of geometric perfection. The cube represents numerous systems, as it looks the exact same way from any viewpoint.

3. Circle

The circle shape geometry has a cosmic significance. It signifies wholeness, oneness, cycles of life, cycles of change, perfection, unity, boundaries, and inclusiveness. The sacred circle is said to be the representation of the first thought of God, as it exists by itself and then creates a replica of itself.

4. Square

Square is one of the most common sacred geometric shapes and it signifies stability, practicality, earthly, safety, and dependability. It is known as the base (creator of balance and stability).

5. Spiral

The spiral is a popular universal symbol. It adheres to the Fibonacci sequence and Golden ratio that oversee the physical reality and spiritual world. The spiral connects the physical world to the higher self and then links the spheres contained in the physical universe. Each of the spheres represents space, further connecting space and time.

The spiral is a sacred geometry shape with a life symbol that aids in the evolution of the soul by boosting one’s consciousness. As they revolve in an outer circle, the sacred patterns connect the human body to various energy sources.

6. Cross (2 LINES)

It is said that the intersection of the two lines is where heaven and earth meet, and the result of this union is mankind.

7. Flower Of Life Containing The Seed Of Life

The Flower of Life is the physical representation of all living things in the universe. It is believed to be a sacred symbol universally and is said to contain the ‘blueprint’ of creation and the very atomic and molecular structure of life form.

The typical depiction of the flower of life is made up of 61 identical circles, and these are templates through which life’s foundation can be expressed. The flower of life brings harmony, vitality, and order.

8. Pyramid

The pyramid is comprised of the spiral, the triangle, the square, and the golden mean. The apex of the pyramid symbolizes the highest point of spiritual accomplishments; the body of the pyramid is the path to enlightenment, flowing upwards. The pyramid is used as a means of transportation from the natural world to other realms.

9. Star Of David (Or Merkabah In Its 2D Form)

The Merkabah symbol is a mathematical shape, formed by two tetrahedrons. The symbol consists of a triangle at the top which is referred to as masculine, and another triangle at the bottom, which is said to be feminine. This symbol combines opposing energies flawlessly and gives powerful protection to its user.

How Can Ancient Sacred Geometric Forms Improve My Life?

  1. Continuous use of sacred geometric shapes can grant you profound wisdom, opening you up to the life and creations of the universe in its entirety.
  2. Sacred geometry can improve your life by forming a connection within you, your cosmic bodies, and the outside world.
  3. Sacred geometry forms the doorway to infinite realms, giving you healing and balancing abilities.
  4. Sacred symbols help to awaken the body to its true divine essence, and connect you to the oneness of life and nature.


Sacred geometry helps improve your spirituality in the best way possible. It helps you widen your acceptance, learn new concepts, and grow with the new ideas you have received.

Using the sacred geometric shapes in your day-to-day life can be made easy if you keep them near you when you work, meditate, or even in areas around your house. As you’re exposed to them, you’ll be transported to a higher level of balance that increases your spirituality.