Why Did God Give Us Free Will?

It is often lost on us as humans just how much of a gift it is to have free will. We have the ability to wake up in the morning and decide what we are going to do each day, how we are going to approach each day, and make choices that will change our day for better or for worse.

While there are a lot of discussions both in religion and greater society about free will and God’s will, one thing that’s certain is that a defining factor of being human is that we possess free will. It is something that one practices from early childhood, such as when a little child decides to eat or spit out certain foods that they may or may not like.

But what exactly is free will and why did God design us in this unique way that we have free will?

When you look at free will in terms of religion or spiritual beliefs, the understanding behind why God gave humans free will is that we may have the ability to choose to have faith in a creator that we have never seen. At its fundamental basis exists this profound meaning behind human existence.

Let us take a closer look at the concept of free will and why as humankind, we were given free will by our creator.

What Is Free Will And Why Is It Important?

Free will, simply put, is the ability to freely decide and make life choices. From something as simple as choosing and deciding what to eat, to the more complex notion of choosing whether to believe in God or a creator or not and which spiritual or religious path we will follow, every choice we make is made possible by us having free will.

Free will is also something that is intrinsically human. This means that as humans, we have choices, certain opportunities as a result of our choices, and repercussions, that are not always afforded to other creatures.

The reason why a free will may be seen as extremely important is that it is a human trait, however, some religious beliefs have certain understandings surrounding whether or not angels have free will.

For example, in Christian and Catholic beliefs, it is understood that angels do have free will, which is what ultimately made it possible for Lucifer to make the choices and decisions that ultimately got him cast out of heaven along with those who chose to follow him.

While angels are believed to have free will, they have chosen to serve God and it means that they actively choose not to sin.

In some facets of Islamic beliefs, it is understood that angels only have limited free will and that is what caused the ultimate fall of Lucifer because humans were deemed as higher beings owing to the fact that they had free will.

The concept of making one’s own choices is seen from an early age when a baby chooses what to put in their mouth when foods are laid out before them. This choice and free will contribute to the factors that will mold the person into who they will one day be.

Although free will is such a powerful concept, society and those that have come in generations before us, try to mold and shape us into making the right and correct choices. We are taught from an early age that certain choices and decisions have specific repercussions and so we should avoid making those choices. However, the risk remains preset that people may not listen to the guidance and still make choices that are deemed incorrect.

However, this is entirely related to the societal and moral aspects of free will. Let us look closer at spirituality and the reason why God gave humans free will.

Why God Gave Us Free Will

The most basic and easy-to-understand answer is that God created humankind and He gave us free will so that we can choose to worship Him, believe in Him, and choose to obey Him of our own volition.

The biblical principle of free will is that blessed are the people who have not seen God nor heard Him but who still believe in Him and who cling to faith. In so doing, the choices we make will ultimately draw us closer to God or wedge a greater gap between our creator and us.

But having free will also bestow upon us multiple other responsibilities such as respecting the free will of others whether they are adults or children, and it enforces the biblical principle of reaping what you sow.

Having free will also comes with the idea of being entirely selfless. Every choice and decision we make will have an outcome that influences us and others in some way or another. However, our free will also gives us the power to do charity and volunteer work. This means that we have the choice to do something for others without gaining any praise or recognition for our tasks.

Having free will is important when it aligns with the will of God. When you use your free will to make decisions that are pleasing to God and to the higher power in which you believe, there is a greater chance of your choices aligning with God’s will.


If you are wondering why you have to make so many choices and why choices may be hard, it is always important to remember that it is a fundamental part of being a human being. Having your own free will is something that is seen in spirituality as a gift. This gift will ultimately translate into how we live our lives with the hope being that we make good choices, become good people, and lead what would be considered a good life.

When what is right in society and what is right in God’s eyes aligns with our free will, we can rest assured that we have probably made the right choices and that our free will has achieved a positive end.