The Spiritual Meaning Of Police In A Dream

There is nothing quite as nerve-wracking as being pulled over by a police officer, or even seeing a police officer driving behind you. We have all been there: law-abiding citizens, driving within the speed limit with our safety belts buckled, and we see the blue flashing lights that make us question everything we have done in the past five minutes.

When you do pull over, your heart is racing (naturally), you’re nervous, and you make sure that you maintain your composure, even though sweat is forming all over your body. It is only when the officer gets to your window and asks if you knew your taillights weren’t working that you breathe a sigh of relief.

In a real-life situation, this anxiety-inducing situation may seem like too much to handle, but what does it mean if you dream about the police?

In terms of spirituality, the police hold a strong symbolism of power and authority. They serve as protectors and as prosecutors, and the spiritual meaning may reside deep within your beliefs and thoughts toward police officers.

Let us unpack this further and see what dreaming of the police could ultimately culminate in.

Why You May Be Dreaming Of The Police

Before we delve into the symbolism, we should first look at why you may be dreaming about the police. The first reason that you may be dreaming about the police is because of spiritual revelation.

For centuries it has been believed that the spiritual realm awakens when you go down to sleep. From hours of the night seen as the most spiritually active time to people having intense spiritual encounters with lost loved ones, and actually attesting to encountering God, dreams seem to be what links the spiritual with the physical.

Having vivid dreams or dreaming about the police could be your spirit guides trying to impart an important message to you, the meanings of which we will look at later in the article. But beyond a deep spiritual meaning, perhaps your dream is not quite as deep as you may think.

While many seek a deep and profound spiritual meaning from the slightest dream or interaction, sometimes our dreams are just a reflection of what has happened through our day, and they sometimes infiltrate the occurrences of our subconscious mind.

If you had an interaction with a police officer during your day, you may find yourself dreaming of a similar or the same interaction. Your dream may be greatly influenced by your feelings regarding police officers and how you feel about authority figures.

If your views of police officers are that of authority, people who were put in place to keep you safe, and the first place your turn to if you were in danger, then your dreams may follow the same theme. Perhaps you may dream that you are in danger and that a police officer comes to the rescue. If you get pulled over by an officer, you may dream that they are doing their job and seeking someone deserving of apprehension.

If you view police officers as an authority that needs to be feared, or if you view them in a less than positive light, and if you have been taught that they are not entirely meant to protect you, your dreams may reflect this too. You may experience anxiety in your dreams and your dream may be negative strongly reflecting the fear that you have associated with police and authority figures.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Police And What It Represents

Whether your view of police officers and the institution of police is positive or negative, your dreams, even if they are a spiritual symbolism, will reflect these views and would need to be interpreted in the light that you personally view the police.

To know the possible meanings of your dream when you dream of police, we first need to know what police officers represent spiritually. The police, whether it is a single police officer or the entire institution, represent different things to different people, and the symbolism is quite dynamic and complex.

You see, the overall spiritual meaning associated with police is that of authority. They are the institute designed and implemented to enforce and uphold the law. They, therefore, represent strong authority figures. They also pose the complexity of being able to protect you while also being able to apprehend you, depending on which side of the law you decide to reside.

Dreaming about the police may represent safety or a need for greater security, or it may represent fear, or you are nervous about not staying true to some form of authority and not abiding by rules, no matter how small or large they may be.

If you dream of the police, the spiritual meaning may vary depending on your current circumstances. It may not always be in relation to authority in terms of the law, but it could represent the authority in your place of work, in your home and family, or even in a social aspect of your life.

Let us delve a bit deeper into what the meanings may hold depending on your dream and whether it is tainted by a positive or negative light.

The first thing that dreaming of the police could mean spiritually is that your safety is in danger. This could be set off by something that has happened during the day that made you feel vulnerable, or it could be your spirit guides encouraging you to focus on your safety. This need not only be your physical safety, but perhaps you are entering into a new relationship that does align with your spiritual destiny, it may be a sign that you need to shield your heart.

The next meaning it could hold is that you have difficulty either being an authority figure or following and adhering to the rules set out by the authority. Some people are destined to be leaders, others steer away from the role, and some are thrown into it and need to adapt to the role. If you find yourself in a leadership role, whether in the community, in your family, or your job, your spirit guides may be encouraging you to assert yourself more and enforce your authority to avoid it being compromised later on.

Alternatively, perhaps your spirit guides notice you having difficulty adhering to authorities. Dreaming of police may be the sign you need to reign in your actions and adhere to the rules in your life so you don’t face troubles later.

However, your spirit guides go beyond guiding your spiritual, emotional, and moral well-being. They also provide guidance on your intellect. Dreaming about police may mean that someone is trying to steal your ideas or trying to pass your intellectual property off as their own without your knowledge or approval. It may serve as a reminder for you to guard your ideas and not share them freely with just anyone, giving access to only a few on the happenings of your mind.

Even beyond these meanings and representations, however, dreaming about the police could mean that you are having difficulties at work, that you need to pay closer attention to your family, or that you are having difficulties marking and upholding your boundaries.

Knowing The True Meaning

To know and understand what your dreams of the police may hold spiritually, you need to know what they could mean in relation to your current circumstances because dreams that serve as spiritual guidance rarely happen out of context.

Your dreams may help you make a decision or guide you on a specific path within your life and they may also give you an answer or a nudge in the direction you are meant to head. This will all greatly depend on what you are currently experiencing and what the area of need is in your life.


What Might Affect The Symbolic Meaning Of Police In My Dreams?

The symbolism or the power that police hold in your mind will be reflected in the meaning of your dream. If you are of the opinion that police officers never get to you on time and that they are slow to respond to emergencies, that may be the symbolism that will be reflected. Dreaming of police could therefore represent an urgency that isn’t being met.


Dreaming of the police can be unsettling if you are going through an emergency and you are trying to call them, or it can serve as a comfort when you dream of the police protecting you and your family. It is important to understand that spirituality and spiritual meanings hold great complexities that can be misinterpreted, and it is up to you to make sure you find the meaning that relates best to your life.

Knowing what meaning may apply in your life stems from having a great attunement or intuition into both the physical occurrences of your life and the spiritual link that each may hold.