What The Bull Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The bull has been prominent in various cultures throughout time, and there are myths, legends, and iconography all over, even in modern times. One of which many will be aware of is the zodiac sign of Taurus, which is symbolized by the bull. It has significant ties to masculinity and fertility, but what is its spiritual meaning?

The bull is linked to solar energies, virility, strength, power, and courage. It also symbolizes wealth and abundance, mainly due to its link to agriculture, which ties it to spring and rebirth. Although determination is key, ferocity, brutality, and obstinacy are prevalent too.  

Along with being a symbol that has been admired and revered by various civilizations over time, the bull also gave its name to the Taurus constellation, which is one of the oldest. There are rich but relatively straightforward meanings behind the bull, so be sure to read on for greater insight into its spiritual meaning.

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Bull

There are two wonderfully complementary aspects of the bull and the cow. As mentioned, the bull is associated with solar energies and is definitively masculine, and the cow is representative of the moon and the sacred feminine linked to it.

These two work in unison, and although we are examining the meaning of the bull, it is worth hinting at the relevance of the cow as well. For one, the cow (or cattle in general) is associated with the goddess Brigit, representing fertility, motherhood, nurturing, health, and spring.

This is relevant because although the bull has immensely masculine traits, it is also connected with the meanings held by the cow. For instance, the bull symbolizes renewal, life’s beginning, abundance, potential, and replenishment. When it comes to our spirituality, these are highly valuable meanings.

As people, we are at the mercy of life’s difficulties over time, and we get worn out and tired. This can affect multiple aspects of our lives, but often one of the first things that begins to dwindle and that many quickly neglect is their spirituality as they lack the time and energy to dedicate to nurturing it.

The bull is a definite reminder that this is a vital component of our lives. Even if our spiritual walk has completely stagnated and possibly even dwindled, this is a season and an apt reminder that we can re-grow and cultivate our walks again, even if it seems beyond repair.

Cattle were some of the first animals that humans domesticated and were used as a food source and for agricultural purposes. Due to this, the bull became a symbol of provision from early periods, which has not changed much even in modern times.

The bull is also a strong representation of helpfulness and cooperation; they are creatures that show us that we do not merely exist to benefit ourselves, but instead that we are to be active members in the cosmos and that our dynamic participation in the spiritual sphere has a ripple effect.    

They are also a symbol of abundance, and this may be in a material sense, and many cultures acknowledge this aspect of the bull. Still, there is the more profound spiritual wealth that so many of us could benefit from, and if you have the bull as your spirit animal, you can significantly benefit from this.

Spiritual provision is all around us, and we can connect with the spiritual realm with great ease, but it is likely that due to our fast-paced modern lives and the fact that spiritualism is not at the forefront of our minds, we may struggle to make this connection.

The bull is rather pragmatic, and it does not try to mask the fact that it contains and portrays both negative and positive traits, especially ones reflected in us. However, its blunt nature ensures no excuses or justifications for not growing.

The bull may be a stubborn beast, but it is also a creature that encourages the fostering of enlightenment and has strong correlations to knowledge, wisdom, and education. Many see the bull as a dull creature, but this is far from the truth; this is a case of a creature that encompasses equal parts brawn and brain.

It seeks to know more and promotes the acquisition of spiritual growth, which stems from a relatively humble connection with the element of earth. It is not like other creatures that have ties to the air element, and thus it has to work to hone its intuitive and psychic abilities.  

The prominent feature, which the bull represents and we ought to adopt if we hope to achieve this, is persistence. The complacent will not reach their potential, as they remain satisfied with where they are, which is in stark contrast to the bull. Hard work and perseverance are vital in life and our spiritual walks.

Along with these traits, we also need to learn how to handle things with grace and composure, as there will be many trials and difficulties which we will need to bear. Our earthly journeys are not simple, and we face many obstacles. Unfortunately, our spirituality is typically also filled with elements that need to be overcome.

If you can master these things and keep your head when matters are challenging, you will be prepared to step into the role that the bull codifies, which is a robust leader. You ought to be empathetic, especially concerning people’s spiritual walks, but realize the impact and authority your words carry.

You will have the opportunity to help guide others along their paths. Because we are not compartmentalized beings, the growth you help people foster in their spirits will filter through into the other aspects of their lives, and they will evolve because of it.

Symbolic Meanings Of A Bull

The bull has held various meanings, and of the primary denotations is that of an economic value and the importance it held when considering how much wealth one possessed. To own large herds of grazing animals, in this case, cattle, one purported that they were stable, had financial safety, and there was an air of abundance.

It is also a prominent signifier of wealth and success, but these are only achieved through determination and perseverance. Thankfully though, the bull is also the bringer of good luck and is a sign that fortune is to follow. It is usually seen in tandem with hard work, though.

Too often, though, people wish to shy away from hard work, but the bull epitomizes effort, strive, and carrying burdens to see aspects of our lives blossom. Wonderful things may well be on the horizon for us, but self-sacrifice and bearing our destined yoke is part of the process of obtaining these.

The bull is a reminder that one has all they need and that life will offer provisions to those determined to seek them out. As the bull symbolizes fertility, it means there will be sufficient supplies for one in life. It is closely linked to spring and reminds us to restock our storehouses.

This can hold various meanings, such as the need to assess our finances, take a break to recharge our batteries, or ascertain that we have everything in our lives that we require for fulfillment. Although this has particular relevance in our spiritual lives, there are definite physical implications.

On top of this, the bull is a symbol of male fertility, virility, and physical endurance. This is tied to the aspects of spring and procreation during this period. The bull is a link to stamina, strength, and stability, and a healthy bull will create numerous calves.

This does not denote that we all need to rush out and consider starting a family, but it is a sure sign that these, in combination with determination and confidence, will see us growing in various aspects of our lives. Propagating our business ventures or financial states are possible avenues to focus our energy.

As with the spiritualistic aspect of bulls, leadership may become apparent in other aspects of our lives as this is a significant symbol of the bull. They have a steadfast and headstrong aura, and so do the people akin to them. However, it must be noted that it could lead to aggression if channeled incorrectly.

This is because the bull has tremendous power that needs to be channeled wisely, and they have an innate domineering presence that others may not take too kindly to. The bull is also immensely stubborn, and although this can be a good trait in ensuring decisiveness, it can result in conflict.

Dreaming About A Bull

The bull is a mighty creature, and with it come rather robust meaning and significance. As seen, there are many possible interpretations of the bull, but when it comes to dreaming of one, the primary associations that come to mind are assertiveness and aggression.

This is either encouragement or a deterrent. If you lack assertiveness in your life, the bull may be pushing you to develop the ability to stand your ground, especially in hostile or confrontational situations. You may be a remarkably calm and caring individual, and the bull is trying to invoke confidence.

 Contrastingly, you may possess an aggressive spirit, and the bull brings your attention to this. It may seem okay to you, but you are likely pushing people away and making enemies when you might not intend to. You are subconsciously aware of this, and the bull draws your attention to it.  

Dreaming of a bull can also possibly point out stubbornness within you or a need to show greater determination. This, once again, you will need to ascertain for yourself as one is negative and the other positive. If you never make compromises and are challenging to be around, it may be time to address this.

Additionally, improving your level of determination in life and decreasing your fear of risks will help you grow your inner strength and willpower. The bull denotes that you can cope with difficult circumstances, but you are not yet consciously aware of this.

Dreaming of a bull with prominent horns is a forewarning that there is a challenge within your life that you may be attempting to avoid but need to address head-on. If the bull also happens to be black, this means that you are likely approaching a trial period, or there is someone in your life who will give you a tough time.

If you are a matador in your dream, it is a clear indication that there are responsibilities in your life that you are failing to fulfill. The fact that it is a bull you are dodging in your dream is no coincidence, as your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to the severity of the matter.

If your dream again centers on a bullfight, but this time you are the bull, then this message is that you are pursuing goals that are potentially out of your reach and may well not be worth your time and effort. This could be a message to reconsider your ambitions and perhaps use an alternative approach.

You might experience being chased by a bull, which is hardly a pleasant dream; however, the meaning behind the dream may well bring you joy. This type of dream often ties to the meanings of luck, abundance, and wealth, which are likely to come about unexpectedly, such as an inheritance.

Bullfights are typically rather cruel practices; however, their dream interpretations are not always as such. If you are an observer of a bullfight, this is a clear indication that you are searching for excitement in your life but have yet to find it.

Finally, one which should not surprise you when dreaming about a bull is that it is quite possibly a representation of sexual desires. Consider the atmosphere of the dream, and if it held a great sense of masculine energy and vigor, this is likely the interpretation that fits your dream.

The Bull As A Spirit Animal

If you were born under the bull sign, which is known as the Latin “Taurus”, it is more than probable that the bull is your spirit animal. However, that does not mean that it is always the case, and those who do not fall under this sign can also possess the bull as their spirit animal.  

If you are unsure whether the bull is your spirit animal or not, you can always meditate on the matter. However, the bull is not exactly a subtle creature, and if it is your spirit animal, you more than likely are well aware of this. You are strong-willed and highly determined and have an air of potency to you.

Although you can be aggressive and often have a short fuse and a bit of a temper, your mind is usually calm, and you manage to remain collected even during highly tense and stressful situations. The bull, however, will try to encourage you to work on your anger issues, which can cause friction with others.

The reason for this is that you likely lash out at people or situations and are unconcerned about the potential consequences of your actions, and this could lead you into trouble over time. Additionally, you may have a determination that extends further and is actually a problematic level of stubbornness.

The bull wants you to learn to differentiate between being determined and stubborn, as the latter is usually seen by others as a highly selfish trait and often leads others to dislike you. You enjoy being appreciated and acknowledged by others, but this could jeopardize that if not addressed.

One innate quality of those who have the bull as their spirit animals is their strength, and this is all-encompassing. Overall, they are strong individuals who are not easily defeated by life’s difficulties. They are grounded and have a solid foundation that is not easily shaken.

Some people are not inherently aware of this aspect of themselves, though, but thankfully the bull affirms this for them and helps them foster this. One thing with being powerful, though, is that it does not need to be flaunted, and this is something the bull imparts as well; humility is a prized virtue.

Being humble, however, does not mean going without, and the bull spirit animal will aid those willing to work to amass wealth and prosperity. This may be in the form of monetary riches, but there are various other ways we can be affluent, and we ought not to forget this.

For one, loyal friendships, strong family bonds, and the ability to command respect from others are great riches that many people are not fortunate enough to have. However, they are often seen in the lives of those with the bull as their spirit animal.

In terms of romantic relationships, the bull spirit animal promotes sensuality and has strong sexual connotations. Desire and passion are usually at the forefront of these individuals’ copulations, and there is also generally a great sense of peace and serenity in the relationships.   


The bull is a powerful entity that certainly has positive and negative characteristics; however, in the end, it is something to behold. The bull encourages determination and symbolizes wealth and abundance, which usually has to be earned. It is also a creature that forms loyal bonds and can be sensual.

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