What The Cow Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

According to historians, cows have been domesticated from as early as the Neolithic age.  They are large, docile, calm herbivores that have been kept since that time as livestock and used for their meat, milk, and hide.  However, due to them being so close to the earth, they have a spiritual significance as well.

Cows, thought of as Goddesses, are seen as symbols of prosperity, abundance, and provision.  In spirituality, the Cow is connected to Mother Earth or Gaia.  Therefore cows are associated with feminine energy and are aligned with the qualities of fertility, nurturing, and power for centuries.

You would not think a cow can be a spirit animal or animal totem, but these gentle caring animals are super sensitive and have a lot to offer.  So if you need to know more about the Cow as a spirit guide, read on. 

What Are Some Character Traits Of Cows?

Every living animal has an innate value system that we live by, whether consciously or subconsciously.  Cows, too, have values that humans can learn from.  Below are a few qualities that we can pick up from a cow.

  • Patience
  • Potential
  • Calming
  • Nourishment
  • Nurturing
  • Grounded

What Do Cows Symbolize?

When a cow appears to you as a spirit animal or animal totem, the Universe, or Supreme Consciousness, is trying to send you a message.  This commonly occurs when the recipient is awakened spiritually and in the process of ascension.

Therefore, if you notice cows are making their presence known to you, whether in pictures, dreams, or seeing these powerful but gentle creatures around, they have chosen you and have a message for you.

Here are a few recommendations of what your cow spirit or cow totem is trying to send to you.

Abundance And Prosperity

Cows have so much to offer us, not just on a physical level but spiritually as well.  They are seen as symbols of abundance and prosperity.  Because of their size, cows may be used in many different ways, from meat and milk to their hide.

Commercially, when a product or business idea is a success, it is referred to as a “cash cow  .”This means that once the business idea or product has caught on, the business owner will always have a steady flow of milk like healthy cows have a steady, free flow of milk for their calves.

In the story of the prodigal son, a “fatted calf” is killed.  This refers to a joyous celebration where the best, most expensive food is produced.  Only those with money had cows in ancient times, and when a joyous occasion was celebrated, a cow was sacrificed.

Fertility And Nurturing

Cows are representative of the female or Goddess in many ancient cultures.  As such, they are symbols of fertility and motherhood.  A cow spirit may appear to women having fertility issues or needing Cow’s guidance as a new mother approaching motherhood.

Be more maternal and nurturing.  Like humans have a bond with their children, cows also have a special bond with their calves, nurturing and taking care as the calves grow.  If you have dreams of cows, this probably brings you awareness to get in touch with your feminine side and express feminine qualities.

Cows And Spiritual Connection To Creation

Cows remind us that we are all connected to the Divine Source of creation.  From cows, we learn to be kind and caring towards all living creatures on this planet.

We may not immediately associate cows with creation, but they are symbols of creativity in many cultures.

They come to remind us that we are all great creators of our own lives if only we take the initial decision to change.  When a cow appears to you, it encourages you to use your wisdom and support from the expansive Universe to create the life you want. 

The Benefit Of Keeping Cow And Calf Statues In The Home

The Cow is especially significant amongst Hindus for various reasons.  They hold such a place of honor and reverence amongst Hindus that many Hindus do not consume any product from cows.

Another branch of Hinduism, similar to Feng Shui, is called Vastu Shastra.  This is a set of ancient Hindu texts related to the science of Architectural Design to bring harmonious living spaces.

As the story goes, the Devas, or Divine beings, together with the Asuras (demons), churned the ocean of milk to acquire the nectar of the Gods.  A golden, divine cow was brought out during this churning of the ocean.

The Cow, known as Kamadhenu, is thought to have wish-fulfilling properties and brings good luck, prosperity, and abundance to the home and business.  Hindus also believe Kamadhenu is a symbol of fertility and purity, which is the reason why it is often depicted with her calf.

Tips On Placing Cow And Calf Statue

In Vastu Shastra, placing objects at strategic points may bring good luck and prosperity to the home and business.  Here are a few tips on placing the Cow and calf statue for maximum benefits.

  • When you find things in your life that are not moving at a steady speed, place the statue in your prayer or meditation room on Friday.  This will increase the pace.
  • Businesspersons who find their expenses to income ratio is larger may place the statute in the southwest corner of the home or business to rectify this situation.
  • Alternatively, they may place the statue in the north corner of the room on Mondays. 
  • If there is disharmony in the home, the Kamadhenu statue brings an all-purpose relief.

Cow Represents Symbol Of Yin

In ancient Chinese culture, the yin and yang are representative of the complementary energies that bring about creation.  They are two parts of a whole that are symbols of non-duality.

The yin yang symbol is excellent for meditation as it gives the mind something to focus on while bringing equilibrium.  This is important because it brings about balance.  After all, the Greek philosopher Hermes Trismegistus pronounced, “As above, so below. “To be content, the scales need to be balanced.

The Cow represents the female or yin aspect, while the Bull represents the yang.  Each animal is an opposite that fits but is needed to work together.  When a person feels disassociated with the world, work or family, the yin yang symbol helps refocus. 

Qualities Of The Cow As Symbol Of Yin

The Cow as a yin portrays the following qualities

  • Dark
  • Female
  • Moon
  • Passive
  • Earth

While the Bull, the opposite of the Cow but needed for creation, has the following yang traits.

  • Male
  • Day
  • Sun
  • Active
  • Fire

When you find you require some balance in any area of your life, use the yin yang symbol.  Paste a picture on a wall close to you, and concentrate with your eyes opened for a few minutes before closing them but hold the image of the symbol in your mind’s eye. 

Take deep cleansing breathes, releasing all the tension and negativity.  Focus on the image and silently request a balance be brought to you.  Practice for a few days, and you will find a difference.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of “Lobola”?

“Lobola” is an African wedding ritual that has been in existence since 300BC.  It involves the gifting of cows to the bride’s family by the groom’s family.  The fundamental reason behind this practice is building relations between the respective families.  Marriage is seen as not just the joining of two individuals but involves the whole family as well as the ancestors.

African culture is rich in history and culture.  At the time of a marriage, the elders on both sides of the family will meet to discuss the “bride price” or “lobola” as it is known.

It is seen as a token of appreciation by the groom’s family to the bride.  Cows are seen as spiritual animals by Africans and signify the spiritual connection between the two families.

A salient point to be aware of is that the cows were not seen as an economic benefit.  Instead, it was a spiritual affirmation, acknowledging the two families coming together.  The Nguni tribe emphasized this practice because they saw it as a continuation of their lineage. 

The intention behind gifting the cows lies in communicating with the ancestors on both sides of the wedding party.  That is to inform them that a new family member is welcomed and accepted.


At first look, no one will think of the Cow as a spirit animal or an animal totem.  However, if you look closely at the qualities of this gentle creature, you will ask, Why Not?  When she does come to you, it is to bring awareness to yourself.  Be gentler with yourself.  Perhaps avoid rushing into anything, nurture and care for those around you as this mother do with her young.

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