What The Kangaroo Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

A kangaroo, to many people, may simply look like an oversized rabbit. This is especially true in areas where it is impossible for anybody to have seen a living kangaroo in their lifetime. In its native Australia, a kangaroo has significant meaning for many people. The kangaroo has become a spiritual symbol across the globe.

The spiritual meaning of kangaroos stems from their own natural attributes as animals and their associated Australian folklore and astrology. Kangaroos represent many things on a spiritual level, including ambition, confidence, leadership, determination, and adaptability in all aspects.

A kangaroo is a strong creature with many attributes associated with strength and courage. It is simultaneously seen as a loving animal with a penchant for love and nurturing. This translates directly into the spiritual realm in that a kangaroo’s spiritual identity is one of simultaneous strength and nurturing.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Kangaroo?

Kangaroos have many associations in the spiritual realm. The kangaroo is a fascinating, unusual creature in its own right. Add to that its uniqueness and innate ability to protect its young with strength and vigor, as well as extreme strength and speed. You have a creature rife with comparisons to be made to humans and the spiritual realm.

Kangaroos have several unique physical attributes directly associated (through metaphor) with certain aspects of human life. For example, a kangaroo’s innate ability to jump exceptionally high can be associated with taking a leap of faith.

It implies that by associating with the kangaroo, you should always trust your own abilities and decisions. You should always have confidence in yourself to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Kangaroos are exceptionally good at adapting to adverse conditions, and this can be applied directly to your life as a human being. The animal is also especially good at getting itself out of bad situations whenever it finds itself in one of these.

Again, this boils down to having confidence in yourself and your abilities as a person, knowing that you have the ability to get yourself through any situation with the right amount of determination and grit.

Being grateful is another aspect of the symbolism of a kangaroo. This gratefulness extends to every aspect of life, appreciating everything you have. Whether appreciating the big or the small, an appreciation for everything life has afforded you will allow you to fully enjoy your life.

Protecting the young and the weak is something with which the kangaroo is inherently associated. The animal is extremely protective over its young, often fighting to the death to protect its offspring.

The mother kangaroo’s pouch in which the baby kangaroo spends much of its time as an infant is symbolic of this protective, nurturing nature. Kangaroos are also known for protecting the weak members of their families.

When relayed back to the human world, protecting the young and the weak in our society ( especially when helping those less fortunate than ourselves) is an extremely important aspect of being human.

A kangaroo and its large feet and toes are also representative of a strong connection with the earth, as well as a feeling of groundedness that should be experienced throughout our lives on earth.

Kangaroos And Astrology

In astrology, kangaroos are associated with individuals born under Aries. This represents leadership, strength, generosity, ambition, independence, humor, and boundless energy.        

Symbolism Of Leaping

A kangaroo’s leaping, one of the features that make this animal especially unique, can be associated not only with leaping towards new opportunities and away from that which does not serve you but also with their tendency to hop in an effort to protect their young.

Resultantly, the animal is representative of adaptation, stamina, protection, and the ability to make quick, wise choices whenever required.

A Kangaroo’s Toes & Feet

Kangaroos have large feet that are symbolic of balance, groundedness, and a firm connection to the earth. This groundedness also refers to keeping a balance between reality as well as your hopes and dreams. Striving for what you want is important, but it is equally important to remain realistic to a certain degree.

A kangaroo has four toes on each foot, and this also has its associations in numerology. This refers to the four foundations of decisiveness, structure, practicality, and self-control, respectively.

A kangaroo, therefore, represents knowing whether now is the time for a drastic leap of faith or whether it would be more appropriate to apply restraint – waiting and observing before taking your next steps.

A Kangaroo’s Speed

When required, a kangaroo can move at considerable speed, reaching up to forty miles per hour for a short distance in order to outrun danger or any potential threats. A kangaroo also has the ability to move at twenty-five miles per hour for at least a mile. The kangaroo’s average speed under normal circumstances measures around fifteen miles per hour and this is considered a leisurely pace for the animal.

The speed at which a kangaroo moves under different circumstances is representative of the way in which the animal is able to adjust its pace and employ different strengths under different circumstances.

This is indicative of a need for people to move through different situations knowing when to employ certain strengths and when to take it easy.

Kangaroos & Sniffing

Kangaroos use smell to recognize their family group by their aroma. Knowing the members of the group improves the sense of community as well as the element of safety within the group. This external awareness through the senses assists in building common bonds between the members of a group of kangaroos and helps them to create a sense of strength in numbers.

A Kangaroo’s Ability To Adapt

Kangaroos have an incredible ability to adapt to changing situations, and this is applicable to humans in the same way. When there is a drought, kangaroos do not produce sperm or develop embryos. When the water conditions improve, and the vegetation is able to grow once again, the conception potential improves drastically.

Consequently, in this context, kangaroos symbolize a degree of preparation, readiness, and taking action only when the time is right.


Overall, a kangaroo represents the strength inherent in every individual and the need to take a leap of faith and trust in your own abilities. Kangaroos represent transitioning and growing despite the discomfort and a continued desire to look towards the future and remain determined.

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