What The Possum Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Possums are nocturnal animals. A possum is the size of a domestic cat and is a native of the Americas. You might have heard the phrase “playing possum” before. This phrase essentially means to play dead, which possums are known to do when in danger. So what is the spiritual meaning of a possum?

A possum can appear as your spirit animal as a sign to be still and wait for the danger to pass. As a totem animal, the possum belongs to those who are here to take care of the world’s children. Possums are also very resourceful and creative. You can also invoke its energy for guidance.

Possums can appear as your spirit animal, totem animal, or power animal. Seeing a possum in your dream can also signify that you are in danger and a victim of deception. In Australian astrology, the possum is linked to the month of January. So let us look at the spiritual meaning of a possum.

The Possum As Your Guide

A possum might appear as your spirit animal to guide you on your journey. As a totem, the possum is who you are, instead of a guide. You share the same characteristics with this animal. You can also invoke the possum as a power animal to grant you spiritual energy.

The Possum As A Spirit Animal

A possum might arrive as your spirit animal. A “spirit animal” is a spirit in the form of an animal that provides guidance and protection to a specific person when they need it. They are here to help you on your journey. Although possums are nocturnal animals, this does not necessarily mean anything negative.

There are many reasons for a possum arriving as your spirit animal. A great opportunity is about to arrive, or you might need to be cautious for a while. Possums usually seek out the easiest path. It is time to consider who you allow into your life and whether the people in your life deserve the effort you put in for them.

Possums are survivors and always look after their young. Maybe you have neglected your inner child and need to spend time nourishing yourself. Children look at the world with wonder and have a simple outlook on life. Embrace the child in you. A possum can also mean that you need to fail before achieving success.

While they may play dead when the enemy seems stronger than them, these creatures are brave and confident. They know their shortcomings and how to stay in their lane. Possums are perceptive and even immune to a lot of venomous snakes. This spirit can guide you through toxic situations and relationships.

A Possum As Your Totem Animal

A totem animal is who you are. The person embodies the characteristics of the animal. If your totem animal is a possum, it means you can easily blend into society. It is not easy to access you since you are only accessible to people you trust. Possums are also deceptive. When they play dead, an odor is released from their glands to make their “death” more realistic; just like a possum, you sometimes need to pretend to protect yourself or gain something. Some find this to be very sneaky and treacherous.

Just like the possum, you are a nomadic creature. You crave adventure and never stay too long in one place if the conditions are not favorable.

Possums are very maternal. As such, you feel the need to care for children. Possums also only attack in certain situations. Similarly, you will avoid conflict and only engage in conflict if necessary. You choose your battles wisely.

Invoking The Possum As A Power Animal

A power animal is invoked and called from within for guidance or help in a particular situation. It is a spiritual energy that you can ignite within you. You can invoke a possum as a power animal when you feel out of sorts and fatigued. The energy of the possum can bring you back to life.

If you are trying to work behind the scenes efficiently and need creativity, the possum can help. They also help you blend in and adapt to changing circumstances or environments. Although possums avoid conflict, in certain situations, they need to stand up for themselves. If you need to assert yourself more, call on the possum for energy to do just that.

The Possum In Native American Legend

Possums can deceive and trick their enemy into thinking they are dead. They are fiery and sneaky animals. According to Native American Lore, similar to the possum, warriors would pretend to be dead in a battle until the enemy got close enough for them to strike.

Dreaming About A Possum

Certain dreams can have specific meanings behind them. If you dream about a possum, it means you have been too exposed and need to retreat. There is danger near or something important you are not seeing. Possums playing hide-and-seek signify that someone is trying to lead you on the wrong path, and you must be alert. This person might try to harm you with lies and deceit.

The Possum In Astrology

The possum is the animal of January in Australia. Those born in January are adaptative, patient, intuitive, and great leaders. They want to be successful and are always prepared for when something goes wrong. People born in January are courageous.


The possum is a fascinating creature. It knows its shortcomings when faced with an enemy it knows it cannot possibly defeat. When they are not playing dead, they will assert themselves. The possum can guide you on your journey by allowing you to see danger ahead. People with characteristics like a possum are usually maternal and care greatly about children. They are courageous.

Possums can also warn you in dreams of impending danger. They can quickly adapt to the environment and usually work behind the scenes. They know when to avoid conflict and assert themselves by choosing their battles wisely.

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