What The Spider Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Spiders are easily the world’s most feared and hated creatures – but they are also one of the most misunderstood. Although spiders creep me out, which is the case for many people, I am able to appreciate the importance of their connections to the spiritual world. This being said, what is the spiritual meaning of a spider?

Spiritually, spiders are symbols of ancient wisdom, manifestation, patience, artistry, illusion, and interconnection, amongst other things. A spider is believed to be connected to the physical and spiritual realms. Thus, the spiritual implications of seeing a spider are potent omens.

Spiders’ venomous and often aggressive behavior has associated them with fear and death; thus, overshadowing the inspirational elements of a spider. Spiders symbolize feminine power, showing us the importance of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Spider?

The spiritual meaning behind a spider is that of personal power, balance, and energetic exchanges.

In the spirit realm, spiders are timekeepers, tying knots that weave the past and future together to manifest the present moment. A spider can alert you when you are stuck in the past or jumping into the future.

Spiders are artistic creatures, representing the duality of creativity and manifestation balanced by destruction. Able to seamlessly visualize and create what they picture, spiders are imaginative thinkers and work well with their hands.

The spider teaches manifestation and how to create your highest reality. Spiders ask you to reflect on spiritual lessons in order to plan for the future, then mimic their patience as you wait in the spiritual web you have weaved. The opportunities will come when the time is right.

Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of a spider is that you must find balance in your life to come into your personal power and achieve your highest reality. You must be open to learning from your past and consistently creating and attracting your own opportunities.

The Spiritual Implication Of A Spider Phobia

Spiders are symbolic of personal power, strength, and capability. Thus, a fear of spiders represents an imbalance or lack in these areas.

For the most part, Spiders are tiny – even the biggest species are considered small compared to the size of a human. Additionally, 0.0005% of spider species have venom that threatens humans. The majority of spiders will avoid humans, and the event of being bitten is extremely rare. Yet, encountering a spider can trigger large amounts of fear and the ‘fight or flight response.

This creature’s ability to incite such a reaction comes from your own sense of diminished power. Thus, a spider may be a sign to gain some self-confidence, self-assurance, and capability. The only thing holding you back is your lack of belief and trust in yourself and the emotional imbalances in your life. Once you have strengthened your personal power, you may notice your fear of spiders start to diminish.

The Spiritual Meanings Of Different Colored Spiders

With thousands of species of spiders found across the globe, they are found in an array of stunning colors and combinations. The spiritual meaning of a spider can be presented through its coloring.

  • White Spider – White spider symbolism is purity and simplicity.
  • Black Spider – Black spiders symbolize mystery, formality, elegance, and rebellion.
  • Grey Spider – Grey spiders are symbolic of balance, subtlety, calm, and mystery symbols.
  • Brown Spider – Brown spider symbolism includes groundedness, security, and stability.
  • Red Spider – Red spiders symbolize primal energy, passion, excitement, action, and wealth.
  • Orange Spider – Orange spiders are symbolic of wellness, creativity, joy, and sensuality.
  • Yellow Spider – Yellow spider symbolism contains optimism, happiness, honor, and prosperity.
  • Green Spider – Green spiders symbolize renewal, growth, abundance, fertility, and emotions.
  • Blue Spider – Blue spiders are symbols of faith, loyalty, trust, and wisdom.
  • Purple Spider – Purple spiders symbolize royalty, aspiration, wealth, peace, and devotion.

Messages From Spiders As Spiritual Weavers

The spider’s ability to travel between the physical and spiritual realms and weave their energies makes them powerful messengers. Common messages carried in a spider sighting are:

  • Wisdom: Spiders have inhabited the earth for over 300 million years and are symbolic of ancient wisdom. A spider is a reminder to stay open-minded and understanding and to help guide younger souls navigating their path.
  • Patience: Spiders possess seemingly endless patience, allowing them to focus and work on something until it is complete and reflects what they had envisioned. Even faced with failure, the spider picks up the pieces and starts again. Good things happen for those who wait.
  • Aggression: The aggressive nature of spiders is seen in how they attack and kill. Though patience and a gentle touch are crucial, stepping up and fighting for what’s yours without fear or hesitation is vital in realizing your true potential.
  • Artistry: A spider may be a sign to embrace your imagination and creativity. Further, combined with the steady use of their hands, a spider’s sense of artistry is reflected in the world of art, music, cooking, and surgery.
  • Manifestation: Spiders are known for being intelligent and serve as reminders of your own ingenuity. You have the potential to take control of your life and create something extraordinary. Being able to envision what you want and what it will look like when you get there is the key to success.
  • Illusion: Spiders are masters of illusion and entrapment, but not all illusion is negative. Promoting the idea of ‘fake it till you make it’ when you aren’t feeling strong, capable, or confident, the spider shows you to act the part until it manifests into reality.
  • Balance: The essential role spiders play in maintaining the ecosystem is what gives makes them a symbol of balance. Spiders are a sign to find balance in all aspects of your life.
  • Interconnection: Webs illustrate the universe’s interconnectedness on the known and unknown levels. Remember that everything is connected.
  • Shadow Self: The feelings of fear and aversion that come with seeing a spider are what connects them to the idea of the shadow self. A spider is a sign of bringing the dark parts of yourself into the light and dealing with your problems.
  • Infinity: Spiders have a strong connection to the number 8, associated with the infinity symbol. Thus, a spider represents infinite wisdom, strength, and power. The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth shows that although things may have a beginning and an end, they are infinite.

The Spiritual Meaning When You Dream About A Spider

Every dream is unique and personal, as dreams come from the subconscious mind. Due to their exclusive nature, you cannot force a specific meaning onto a dream; however, through combining spider symbolism, your emotions in the dream, and your personal feelings on spiders, you should be able to uncover the message being sent.

Overall, a spiders’ presence in a dream is attributed to deep meaning due to its physical and spiritual realms. A spider appearing in your dream signifies fear which is rooted in your lack of personal power, strength, and confidence. While spiders are symbols of manifestation, it is up to you to attract change and opportunity to your life.

Themes Spiders In Dreams Symbolize

There are various ways to interpret the appearance of a crow in a dream, but the meaning of their presence often revolves around the following themes:

Wisdom – Spiders are highly intelligent creatures, and dreaming of them can signify that you are connecting to the strategic, methodical, and enticing part of yourself.

Patience – Spiders are incredibly patient in all that they do. This signifies your need to sit back and let things come your way instead of constantly chasing after them.

Manifestation – Spiders are masters of manifestations and connect the past and the future to create the best present. Envision what you want in life, and it will happen.

Creativity – Spiders are symbolic of creativity due to the unique intricacy of their webs.

Fear – Spiders are closely associated with fear and panic. They may appear as representations of your fear or assign that your fears are holding you back.

Warning – Spiders are often present in dreams when something in your waking life feels wrong. There may be a person or situation in your life that is harmful to you.

Spider Species & Actions In Dreams And What They Signify

Much like how spider colors carry symbolic meaning, the specific species of spider you come across in a dream can bring a particular message for you.

  • Orb Weaver: You must evaluate the repeating patterns in your life and begin approaching your problems differently and with a higher perspective.
  • Black Widow: You need to re-evaluate your relationship with others and remove toxicity in your life.
  • Jumping Spider: Now is the time to do what you have been avoiding – the opportunities will not always be available to you.
  • Wolf Spider: Take the time to properly research the new thing in your life and build a good foundation for the future.
  • Water Spider: The issues you have been experiencing will be resolved, and you will enter a stage of happiness and financial abundance.
  • Daddy Long Legs: You must walk a delicate balance between your creativity and the material world.

How a spider appears, what it does, and how you interact with it in your dream are all significant factors in determining the meaning of your dream.

  • A Pet Spider: A pet spider shows that you are ready to face life’s obstacles. You are prepared to face your deepest insecurities and secrets and begin your life’s journey.
  • A Big Spider: An especially large, or giant, spider in your dream denotes that there is something big looming over you, and you are likely ignoring it. You need to solve the problem.
  • Spiders Everywhere: Spiders everywhere signify that your relationship with a female figure in your life is unhealthy or strained. These female forces may be controlling and are sucking your life too hard. It also implies impending danger. You are emotionally disturbed and unbalanced.
  • A Spider Spinning a Web: The sight of a spider spinning a web in a dream signifies that you will soon be rewarded for all your hard work.
  • Spider Climbing a Wall: A spider climbing a wall denotes that you will achieve your desires.
  • Spider Hanging Down: Spiders hanging from the ceiling or dangling over you mean that you are anxious or fearful of something. You may also be ignoring some unfinished business.
  • Spiders Crawling on You: This signifies the shadow self and the dark parts of your personality which are hidden.
  • Flying Spiders: This suggests a good mood and success. What you have been working on will come to fruition.
  • Spider on your Hand: The spider’s presence on your hand is a literal connection to you having difficulty handling a person or situation in your waking life.
  • Afraid of the Spider: A fearful reaction to a spider in your dream is representative of feeling the same fear towards a person or situation in your waking life.
  • Chased by a Spider: Leave your innocence behind and deal with your problems with maturity and intelligence. People will take advantage of your innocence.
  • Attacked by a Spider: You may be facing an attack from a dominant and aggressive female figure. Your free will is lost as she is controlling and overshadowing you.
  • Bitten by the Spider: This is a warning to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts are manifesting your reality. Additionally, the spider could represent a narcissist in your waking life who is causing you harm.
  • Threatened by a Spider: If the spider seems harmful or is threatening you, it signifies that some aspects of your life are not aligned with your highest interest and are being rejected.
  • Killing a Spider: This represents bad luck and misfortune. You are trapped in a web of deceit and lies and cannot find a way out of the situation. Furthermore, the specific kind of spider you kill carries its own meaning.
  • A Dead Spider: This dream can signify a defeated enemy or a problem that has been solved. A dead spider is a sign of victory.


Despite their reputation and associations to fear and death, the spider is often a good omen when it comes to spiritual meanings. The spider aims to help you discover and face the dark parts of yourself while growing stronger in every sense.

Spiders are reminders that you should trust your intuition and instinct and take things into your own hands. With their patient and detail-oriented nature, spiders are examples of working towards what you want in life and having the patience to wait. But they also teach a careful balance of knowing when to wait and when to take action.

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