What The Ant Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Powerful, cooperative, and organized animals, ants have manifested different meanings throughout centuries and across various religious, spiritual, and socio-political spaces. What then is the spiritual meaning of an ant?

While symbolizing various things across different cultures, ants typically symbolize co-operation, courage, resilience, organization, and patience, while some Eastern cultures further emphasize their role in addressing one’s mortality and working hard with the time afforded to us. 

A result of the various meanings attributed to buffalos from Western, Middle Eastern, Eastern, and indigenous communities across socio-political, spiritual, and religious spaces will be discussed in detail to decipher holistic meanings.

What Does An Ant Symbolize?

As highlighted above, ants symbolize various things across different cultures throughout the centuries; these will be individually explored to illustrate the cross-pollination of meaning attributed to ants.

Native American Ant Symbolism

Although ants have come to symbolize different things to different Native American tribes, there is a generally observed thread of meaning that sees ants as potential allies when other animals (both physical and spiritual) may be scarce.

For the Hopi community, ants formed part of the creation myth, whereby ants protected humanity in their underground lairs while the world itself was engulfed in an explosive fire.

These Ant People were said to have saved humanity a second time, when the world was engulfed in an ice age, equipping humanity with wisdom and knowledge to survive the elements during their stay in the underground caverns of the Ant People.

It is believed that the Kiva prayer is the Hopi community paying homage to the Ant People for their bravery, hospitality, and for imparting survival skills upon humanity; consequently, “ant people” are seen as protectors and teachers.

For tribes in North California, ants are believed to predict earthquakes to warn humanity of foreboding disaster, with shamans explaining the importance of emulating ant behavior of co-operation, patience, and trust.

Other tribes such as the Pima have two clans named after ants (white and red ant clans), while the Cherokee have a ceremonial Ant Dance involving the passing of ants to each other, often for the benefit of courage before battles.

For indigenous communities in South America, the ferocity of ants, such as the powerful sting of fire ants, was seen as a symbol of tenacity, strength, a warrior spirit, and overcoming larger foes through grit, determination, and teamwork.

Bullet ants are used in initiation ceremonies for the Mawé in the Amazon jungles. The bite of a bullet ant is extraordinarily painful, with the Mawé people coating a glove with numerous bullet ants to be worn by initiates.

The sting from these ants can number several hundred, resulting in large amounts of pain that leads to uncontrollable shaking, muscle paralysis, disorientation, and hallucinations!

African Ant Symbolism

For many African communities across the continent, ants symbolize diligence and community while also playing important roles in creations myths.

The Kubu people from Central Africa have a myth about white ants as central figures. The legend tells of Nyonye Ngana, the son of the creation god Mbombo, who created white ants before his death.

These white ants were said to have buried Nyonye Ngana, thus transforming the earth’s surface into arable land for human development and prosperity.

Ants are also a symbol of wisdom and admired for their inherent healing properties, an example being driver ants for stitching wounds suffered by Massai moran warriors.

Biblical Ant Symbolism

Ants feature prominently in Biblical texts as symbols of collaboration, unity, and devotion to a cause. Ants are typically depicted as weak animals that can achieve great things through teamwork, which serves as an analogy for mankind.    

Celtic Ant Symbolism

In Celtic society, ants were seen as perseverance, resilience, and persistence symbols.

While Celtic society largely ignored ants and their significance as it didn’t fee into their reverence for strong animals that represented their status as proud warrior nations, druids understood their messages of diligence and perseverance.

After the rise of Christianity in the British Isles, some came to see ants as the reincarnation of Celtic druids that refused to abandon their old ways in favor of Christian values, teachings, and beliefs.

Eastern Ant Symbolism

Typically speaking, Eastern cultures have been observed to place greater emphasis on communal relationships and engagement when compared to their Western counterparts that tend to favor the individual’s accomplishments.

Subsequently, the symbolic meaning behind ants in communities such as China is admired for their work ethic, ingenuity, and communal structures in ways that Western society largely overlooked or dismissed.

There is also a close link between ants and Buddhist philosophy, whereby understanding one’s mortality and the speed at which life passes means that individuals should cherish their time on earth and use it to the best of their ability.

What Does An Ant’s Animal Symbolism Mean?

Over and above third-party observations and interpretations of ants lie their inherent animalistic symbolism in the form of spirit, power, and totem animals. 

Ant Spirit Animal Meaning

The ant spirit materializes when a person should slow down, be patient, and consider proper planning and self-control before embarking on important life journeys.

Those with ants as spirit animals embody their characteristics of hard work and responsibility and seek to form communal connections to achieve a common goal to benefit others.

Ant Totem Animal Meaning

Those who encounter an ant totem are often inspired to improve their relationship with others and decipher how their capabilities can be improved upon and put to good use.

An ant totem helps one understand the need for sacrifice to achieve great things and overcome any obstacles that may present themselves on the way to achieving these goals.

Ant Power Animal Meaning

As a shamanistic power animal that anyone can utilize, the ant should be invoked by those who find themselves on the wrong path, particularly in one’s career choices.

Invoking these powers will help users collaborate better with co-workers, improve their organizational skills, and overcome challenges with renewed patience and courage.


While it is difficult to paint a holistic picture of ants’ spiritual meanings, looking at a cross-section of cultures and experiences suggests an entity that symbolizes co-operation, ingenuity, patience, courage, and determination.

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