3 Ways To Activate Crystals

Activating crystals gives you a personal connection with your crystals and helps you chime into their energy. There are different steps you need to take to activate your crystals. Here’s your guide to activating your crystals and attaining the benefits.

Activating Your Crystals

You’ve got your crystals. Now what? First, you need to perform a crystal cleanse and charge your crystals. Once the crystals are cleansed and charged, it’s time to activate! There are three methods you can use to activate your crystals:

  • Meditate with your crystals
  • Hold the crystals while you sleep
  • Hold the crystals in your hand

If you’re worried about messing something up, enjoy having peace of mind knowing there isn’t a right or wrong way to bond with your crystals or cleanse them.

Holding the Crystals in Your Hand

Maintaining contact with your crystals is the best way to connect with them. Designate a quiet place where you can clear your mind without being disturbed. Make yourself comfortable and place the crystals in the palm of your hand. Your hand can be opened or closed. You can hold the crystals with both hands if you prefer.

As you hold your crystals, notice their texture. How do they feel? A few things you can think about while holding your crystals are their color, whether they are warm or cold, and if they are heavy or light. This is also the perfect time to focus on your goals.

Although you may be excited, don’t rush to ask for anything from your crystals. This is the time you need to take to connect and communicate with the crystals themselves. While you’re holding the crystals, you may feel awkward or uncomfortable because this is a new experience, and that’s okay!

Meditating with Your Crystals

Meditating with your crystals is a similar bonding method to holding the crystals in your hands. When you meditate with your crystals, your goal is to calm your mind through meditation. When you meditate, you can create a sense of peace and calm around you.

Using crystals during meditation is perfect if you’re already familiar with meditating. If you’re not familiar with meditation, it’s okay, but we recommend avoiding using crystals during meditation if you have not made it a part of your daily routine. If meditation is part of your routine, proceed with the next steps.

Similar to the first step of holding the crystals in your hand, when you’re meditating with your crystals, you need to find a quiet place. Hold the crystals in your hand and sit quietly. As you sit there quietly, free your mind of all distractions and worries, and focus on your breathing. Release any negative energy you feel and focus on inner peace. You can meditate any time. However, a lot of people choose to meditate in the morning before or at sunrise because meditating helps them start their day.

Holding Your Crystals While You Sleep

Another way you can activate your crystals is by holding them while you sleep. This is an excellent option if you overthink things a lot and have difficulty quieting your mind. Before you attempt to activate your crystals, make sure you are comfortable and able to get a good night’s sleep.

As you’re falling asleep, focus on the physical contact your body has with the crystals and clear your mind of everything else, which should help you sleep and rest easier. When you awake, you should feel refreshed and connected with your crystals. Be advised that high vibration crystals, including Kunzite and Moldavite, should not be used in this crystal activation method.

Use a Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are tools that are used for healing work and manifestation using crystals. This grid is made of specific geometric patterns. To use the crystal grid, you need crystals and intention (your goal or desired outcome). When you’re using a crystal grid, arrange your crystals in the geometry pattern and focus solely on your intentions. Your intentions and the energy you exert are what activate your crystals.

How Long Does it Take to Activate Crystals?

The time it takes to activate your crystals is solely dependent on you. Sometimes activating a crystal can take a few minutes or several hours. The type of crystal(s) you’re using can also be a determining factor in this situation. As you gain more experience with crystals, how they work, and how to use them, you will begin to feel more confident with bonding with your crystals.

How Do You Know When You’ve Successfully Connected with Your Crystals?

You’ll know when you’ve successfully connected to your crystals when you feel different about them. These feelings differ by person. You may feel more comfortable holding the crystal or more relaxed and at peace. You could also feel more positive energy coming from yourself and the crystals.

What If I Don’t Feel a Connection with My Crystals?

If you’ve tried the above-listed methods to bond with your crystals, and you feel you aren’t connected with them, there’s no need to worry! Not feeling connected to your crystals is common, especially when you’re starting your journey with crystals. The key to success with crystal activation is to keep trying. Keep in mind that activating crystals, like meditation, is a practice, so keep trying!