Crystals That Are Best for Love

Most people want to be happy, including being and feeling loved. Certain crystals boost self-love, self-confidence, and self-worth. Whether you intend to mend your broken heart, establish inner peace, find unconditional love, or something else in the love world, there are different crystals that can help you.

Crystals That Are Best for Love


Jade is a light green crystal that links directly to your heart chakra. The heart chakra is the energy center of your body that gives and receives love. Over the years, jade has acquired different meanings, such as harmony, eternity, and high moral standards. This crystal is your go-to if you want to bring balance and love into your life. Jade is known for its outward-flowing energies. These energies promote emotional support, healing, and replenishment.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the go-to crystal for all things associated with love. This crystal is associated with your heart chakra. Rose Quartz is pink, which brings warm feelings and comfort. This loving crystal can boost self-confidence and calm nerves, especially when you include Rose Quartz in your self-care routine. If you want to encourage love throughout your home, keep this crystal in different places around your home.


Amazonite is a teal-colored crystal that can help remove negative energy by encouraging communication. This crystal helps with being open-minded and seeing different sides of a situation. Like Rose Quartz, Amazonite links to your heart chakra.


Sugilite is a royal purple-colored crystal that is great for removing negative thoughts and energy from a space. Anger, jealousy, and hostility can take a toll on anyone who feels these emotions and breaks down a relationship, which makes Sugilite a good love crystal for couples who are having difficulty keeping their relationship stable.

Pink Agate

You can use raw or tumbled Pink Agate to promote the love between you and your children. This crystal promotes unconditional love and clarifies distorted perceptions. Like Rose Quartz and Amazonite, Pink Agate is also linked to the heart chakra.


Kunzite is a crystal that has different healing properties, such as healing emotional wounds. In addition to healing your auras, Kunzite also supports unconditional love. This soothing and calming yet powerful stone is highly vibrational and has protective qualities. Kunzite can help you embrace your best self by breaking away from old attachments and accepting new changes and situations in your love life.


Maintaining balance is essential for daily life, and Moonstone helps with balancing emotions and lighting your way in your darkest times. Moonstone is an excellent crystal to use when you’re in a relationship. This orange crystal helps you avoid petty arguments and similar situations.


Garnet is one of many crystals for love that can inspire passion and love. This loving crystal is tied to the root and sacral chakras and named after the pomegranate seed. The Garnet crystal motivates you to push through when times get tough.


If you are trying to attract love, Selenite is a crystal you can use. Selenite is a high vibrational crystal that brings universal love to anything that comes near it. Like other crystals, Selenite possesses different healing properties. This crystal removes negative energy and heals you from the inside out.

How Do You Use Crystals for Love?

Using crystals for love is personal. What you feel may be different from what another person feels. There are different ways you can use crystals for love, so you should choose the method that works best for you.

To embrace the energy from the crystals you use for love, you can:

  • Carry the crystals with you in your purse, pocket, or similar belonging
  • Place the crystals around your home
  • Place the crystals around the bathtub when you are taking ritual cleansing baths
  • Wear crystals as jewelry

Choosing a Crystal You Like

Now that you know about the different crystals that attract love, it’s time for the fun part! You need to choose a crystal or more than one crystal you like depending on your goals. What type of love are you trying to attract? What type of energy do you want to embrace? Ask yourself these questions before you choose your crystals.

You will be more attracted to some crystals than others, and that’s okay! If you’re drawn to a particular crystal, they’re worth a second look. Once you pick your favorite crystals, you can start working with them.

Working With Your Love Crystals

When you’re working with your crystals, make sure you cleanse them and your energy. Some people choose to use a crystal grid to help with manifestation. Notice how your energy changes when you’re around different crystals and how they make you feel. Paying attention to the effects a crystal has on you will help you determine how to incorporate them into your life.

You will be amazed at how crystals can improve your life. Set your intentions and allow your crystals to become a part of you. As you use your crystals more, you will notice the difference they are making. Good luck to you on your love journey!