Crystals That Are Good for Positive Energy

Happiness and positive energy are two peas in a pod. Crystals can do many things, including enhancing the positive energy in your home, office, and any other location. Check out these different crystals that are excellent for strengthening positive energy!

Interacting With Your Crystals

You can interact with your crystals and embrace their energy in different ways.


While you’re meditating, hold your crystals in the palm of your hand and focus on your intention, which is positivity.

Place the Crystals On Your Chakras

While you’re lying down, place your crystals on your chakras and relax while allowing the crystals to attune their energy to your body.

Sleep With Your Crystals

You can sleep with your positivity crystals under your pillow or next to your bed, such as on your nightstand. Crystals are the most effective when you allow them to work directly with your subconscious mind.

Wear Your Crystals

Did you know you can wear your crystals as jewelry? Positivity crystals are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, which creates an awesome splash of color you can accessorize with your wardrobe.

Crystals That Are Good for Positive Energy


Selenite resembles icicles. These crystals are usually sold in wand form that provides a direct connection with the angelic realms. This light stone gives you access to a realm that is happiness and positivity in its rarest form. Selenite is an earth crystal that is able to self-cleanse.


Shungite is a crystal that is known for its detoxification abilities, and because of these abilities, it is thought to give you heightened levels of happiness. Some ancient civilizations believed detoxifying your mind and body was the best way to achieve happiness. Shungite amplifies the vibrations inside and outside of your body.


When it comes to happiness, it’s all about abundance. Amethyst is one of the easiest crystals to find. This crystal works by pulling you away from many of the mundane routines and work schedules. Like many crystals, amethyst works with your subconscious mind and helps you to change your perspective on the world positively. For example, a job or chore you once thought was tedious can be seen in a more positive light by helping you find positive aspects of the task.


Does sunshine make you happy? For some people, there’s nothing better than enjoying the warmth of the sun and connecting with nature. Vitamin D boosts your mood and helps you feel great. Sunstone works similarly. This crystal retains the sun’s energy and is considered a stone of passion, motivation, and joy.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is known for its protective qualities. However, this crystal can also remove negative energy. This crystal is great for helping you stay grounded and works with the chakra that is located underneath your feet. By remaining grounded, you can improve your mood in everyday life.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a royal blue crystal that works directly with your throat chakra. This crystal heals any imbalances that are occurring in your body. When there is an imbalance in your body, you feel it emotionally, physically, and mentally. Lapis Lazuli can also help improve communication and helps clairvoyance.


Fluorite is a great crystal for beginners to use for happiness. Be aware that this crystal is easily duplicated and the most common to be sold as a fake, so make sure you purchase this crystal from a reputable source. Fluorite improves your level of happiness by removing anything in your chakras that does not serve you.

Yellow Jasper

Sunstone can sometimes be difficult to find. However, yellow jasper is a close alternative. Like sunstone, yellow jasper also harnesses the energy of the sun. This crystal is ideal for individuals who experience seasonal depression or winter blues Yellow jasper possesses high vibrations, which is also good for individuals who are constantly worrying about the thoughts of others, which can send anyone into a state of depression or low vibrations.


Looking for an angelic blue crystal that offers peace and happiness throughout your entire body? Celestite is the crystal you need. This crystal is named after the Latin word “celestial”. Celestite is pure tranquility. Think of how you feel after a long day when you lie down, and instant relaxation sets in. This is the feeling Celestite gives you. It’s a good idea to keep this crystal close to you while you’re sleeping. A good night’s sleep can lead to a positive morning and a productive day.


Bring on the healing! If you are having negative thoughts or you’re unhappy because of an ailment of your physical body, a bloodstone crystal can help. Bloodstone is a crystal that is considered a blood cleansing tool. It is believed that the physical body plays a significant role in many negative emotions you experience in your everyday life.

Maintaining your positive energy is essential for maintaining balance in your life. Bad things occur, and sometimes these things are out of your control. However, when you use crystals correctly, you can improve your health and overall mood. Allow your inner light to shine and embrace happiness and positivity with a few of the crystals mentioned above!