Spiritual Meaning Of Onyx

Onyx is a beautiful and naturally occurring black stone found in many parts of the world, including the USA, Madagascar, and Uruguay. It is usually made up of different minerals, such as silica, aluminium, and iron.

Many cultures believe that onyx can bring good luck and prosperity; over the years, these beliefs have also been passed down in generations. Today, those with more spiritual insights use the onyx gem for its spiritual benefits on the mind and body. The healing stone is also connected to the root chakra.

The stone has been used for spiritual purposes since ancient times. Onyx is said to ward off negative energy and lots more that we discuss in this piece. Continue reading for more about the spiritual and healing properties of onyx.

Spiritual Meaning Of Onyx: Overview and Insights

Onyx is a stone that is made of different minerals, and it is mostly depicted as black or white onyx. These beautiful and natural stones are popular for their vast availability across the world.

Onyx healing properties are plentiful and have been used for centuries to help people eliminate their worries and fears. One can use it as a worry stone by rubbing it with your fingers to release any negative energy you have built up over the course of the day. Oftentimes, worry beads comprise of black onyx stones.

An onyx gem can also be used as a protective stone to keep you safe from harm or bad luck. You can do this by placing it on your desk or bedside table to always have protection nearby.

Here Are Some Onyx Meaning Interpretations

Depending on the dreamer’s waking life and what their emotions are in real-time, the dreams may be their subconscious manifesting messages. Sometimes the messages from a dream come as a warning or as guidance. Learning to understand and interpret dreams such as black-onyx dreams is beneficial.

Onyx can shield from danger

For centuries the powers of onyx have been said to have protective properties. It is a stone many people choose to wear as part of their jewelry selection and outfits.

Healing properties of onyx

Black and white onyx have healing abilities. It is linked to the chakra, and this chakra is responsible for feelings of security as it grounds the person. Wearing onyx will help activate the root chakra.

Physical body healing properties of onyx include the stone helping the body heal. By deactivating fears and uncertainties, the chakra enables the body to focus on healing while the wearer becomes rooted and grounded in their stance and positivity.

Healing for emotions

Mental instability is common in many of us. Factors like stress and traumatic experiences can trigger many emotions. The onyx crystal can help with mental stability and focus. Since it is also grounding, the wearer can enjoy the feeling of more mental clarity and stability.

Some people wear various colored onyx crystals to accommodate their spiritual growth. For instance, they may use green onyx to open up the heart chakra, while the white one may help remove blockages in the crown.

Black onyx in Feng Shui

When it comes to balancing energies, many natural elements are at play. For instance, feng shui requires aspects of nature, light and placement for flow and harmony. Black onyx is said to benefit the practice of feng shui in the home or office.

Charging Onyx Stones

You can charge your onyx gemstone to make sure they are working seamlessly. Because they extract so many negative energies and protect the wearer, keeping them cleansed is key to optimum benefits.

Using a smudge stick, you may want to light your smudge stick and pass it over the onyx gems a few times. Some people also make use of nature’s elements of rain, sun or moonlight to “charge” their onyx.

People sometimes think of onyx as a crystal, but it is more a stone than a crystal based on the composition of the gem. Either way, onyx falls under the category of precious gems.

Onyx Jewelery And Their Benefits

The benefits of wearing jewellery made from onyx are numerous. Wearing onyx jewellery can help you with your spiritual well-being as it can help ground you and provide stability in your life.

Black onyx is also said to help with anxiety and depression by giving you a sense of security and self-worth. Onyx jewellery also symbolizes self-control, balance, and patience, all qualities needed to succeed in one’s personal and professional life.


What is the onyx stone good for?

The iconic black onyx gem is known for its spiritual healing powers. It has the potential to deflect negative thought patterns and emotions, and it may also help the wearer be more clear-headed. Some people also believe in the stone’s ability to fight certain health conditions, although there isn’t scientific evidence to prove this.

Does onyx have any healing properties?

Onyx is one of the known crystals to bear healing abilities. Some believe that it helps the body focus on its inherent ability to heal as it works with the body’s energy. The body uses energy for all activities, including sleeping and healing, thus onyx is very beneficial to promote wellness on a spiritual and mental level.

What color is natural onyx?

Onyx is black; however, other variants of the same stone are in their colors. Sometimes these gems are customized to be different in color than they occur naturally. In nature, the blend of certain minerals during the stone’s development can change the color too.

Are onyx jewelery worth anything?

Some vintage jewlry pieces containing black onyx can sometimes be worth plenty. An assessor would be able to verify the numbers regarding specific pieces from certain eras.


Whether you want onyx as a personal choice for yourself or would like to bless someone with its beautiful and unique healing benefits, either way, it is beneficial. Onyx crystal can be expensive, but the onyx stone is usually relatively affordable.