Where You Should Put Crystals In Your Home

Crystals have an amazing, powerful effect on your energy and can also affect the energy of your living spaces. Many people put crystals in their homes for an abundance of positive energy. Check out these different places you can keep crystals in your home and their benefits!

Crystals in Your Living Room

Like many other people, the living room is where you spend your free time and entertain guests. You want to use crystals that promote positive energy and remove negative, stagnant vibes.


When you’re spending a lot of time in one space, you want to make sure you maintain high vibes (vibes that make you happy). Selenite is a crystal, like many, that is available in different colors. Keep in mind that each color boasts different meanings. Green, orange, and orange-brown selenite are ideal for living rooms.

Green Selenite promotes positive self-esteem and well-being. People also use green Selenite to delay the effects of aging. Orange and orange-brown Selenite encourages a friendly atmosphere and helps you remain grounded.


If you’re looking for a crystal that uplifts your vibes, Apophyllite is what you want. This crystal is a glassy, white crystal that is sure to promote positive energy.

Crystals in Your Kitchen

Whether you’re cooking an extravagant meal for your family and friends, or a treat for yourself, your kitchen is where you should feel inspired and creative.


It’s funny how Apatite sounds like appetite! That’s no coincidence. This crystal is great for promoting balance between responsibilities and passions. Apatite helps with making you feel inspired and motivated. Apatite can be in various colors, including purple, pale green, and blue.


If you’re like most people, you believe that creativity is a must in the kitchen. When you’re ready to experiment in the kitchen, Carnelian is an orangish-red crystal that will keep you energized and stimulated, helping you create masterpieces with food.

Crystals In Your Dining Space

Crystals have different purposes and are great for the spaces in your home, including the dining room. There’s nothing like relaxing and enjoying one of your favorite meals.


Turquoise is a crystal that can be used to help with digestive problems. This crystal can also be used to promote conscious and healthy eating behaviors. You can keep these crystals near your plate while enjoying your meal. Turquoise features an opaque or blue-green color and is available in different shapes.


It’s great to feel good while you’re eating. Citrine is a yellow crystal that is great for creating a happy, bright environment in your dining room. You can include these crystals in your centerpiece on your dining room table to reap their benefits.

Crystals in Your Work Space

Regardless of your job, some work days can be more stressful than others. Your workspace is an area where you need to focus and stay organized.


Azurite is a crystal that is perfect to keep in your workspace. You can keep one of these crystals on your desk, and they will help you maintain your focus and stay on task. Azurite can be in different colors, including different hues of blue and green.


As Pyrite is often called, Fool’s Gold is a yellowish-colored crystal that helps manifest wealth, prosperity, and abundance. You can make this crystal a home on top of your business cards.

Crystals in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a retreat from the day’s events. You need crystals that will help you relax and calm your mind.


Selenite is a purifying crystal that not only works in your living room. When placed in your bedroom, under the bed, you receive cleansing energy that may help with your dreams.


Amethyst is a purple, spiritual crystal that promotes soothing vibes in your resting space. Place this crystal on your nightstand or dresser to promote relaxation and peace.


Aquamarine is also known as the “fountain of youth”. This light blue crystal has different properties that inspire youthful energy. Place Aquamarine near the bathtub or shower to obtain youthful energy while you cleanse yourself and get ready for bed or to take on the day.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pink crystal that boosts confidence and promotes compassion. This crystal also possesses qualities that enhance self-care and self-love. Place this crystal near your beauty and skincare products to align with this healing energy.

Things to Know Before Placing Crystals In Your Home

Before you place any crystals in your home, cleanse your home by burning sage. Get a stick of sage and a container to catch the ashes. You’ll also need a lighter. Light the sage and walk through your home as you wave the sage in the air to cleanse your home of negative energy.

Cleansing your home is important for removing negative, stagnant energy, so the crystals you place in your home won’t enhance the negative energy. Now that you know what you’re doing, it’s time to cleanse your home and place your crystals!