Spiritual Meaning Of Swimming In A Dream

Dreaming about swimming can have multiple meanings depending on what transpires in the dreamer’s life. Today’s topic of dream discussion is all about swimming.

We know that swimming is beneficial for our health, and since it is such a low-impact activity, even seniors, toddlers and those with limited mobility can enjoy the pastime. But what does it mean when you have a dream about swimming?

Swimming Dreams: The Hidden Feelings And Possible Spiritual Indications

A dream of swimming isn’t as common as running from something or seeing insects, like lice or cockroaches. Still, for everyone, it is different because the dream is born from what is happening in their real life. Stressful situations lead to dreams that manifest related to stress in the waking life, such as tornados or falling from a high drop.

If you’ve recently had a dream of swimming, then you’re here for a reason, and you should continue reading for the possible dream interpretation relating to your dream.

Bear in mind, though, that each situation is different. The smaller details you can remember about your dream, the better the clarity of the interpretation.

You see yourself swimming in a backward motion

When you’re swimming dream includes you swimming backwards, it usually interprets that you’re living in a dream. Sure, we can have plans for the future, but some of us tend to disconnect from reality and operate in an unreal version of life. So, dreaming of a backward swim is just a sign that this might happen to you.

Drowning in the water

If you had the unfortunate dream you’ve drowned, it is terrifying, to say the least. You could be having this dream due to intense stress or unforeseen problems that will arise or have already shown up in your waking life.

You walked on water

There is a verse in the Bible talking about Jesus Christ walking on water. If you see yourself in your swimming pool or ocean and dream of walking in water, then you are in a good place. You probably feel very secure in your waking life and decisive about what you want to do next. This, like seeing clear water, is a good sign in a dream. Embrace this experience.

You swam in a swamp

When we think about swamp waters, it’s never a pleasant picture. In fact, swampy waters are dirty, slimy and gross. Take heed of this dream as it is often interpreted that someone you know, either a close friend or a family member, will become ill. The swampy waters are the illness they will soon battle. Be supportive as much as you can.

Ocean swimming

Since the ocean is so massive, it relates to your varied emotions when you see yourself swimming in an ocean dream. The ocean’s vastness can draw you in either way and so too is your emotional state in real-time. In real life, it might seem like you’re “all over the place”. You might even be feeling indecisive about some situations and decisions to make.

Consider whether it was a calm ocean or the waters rough. Were you afraid, or did you hold composure? Ocean swimming dreams are not always a bad symbol, but they can sway negatively or positively under the circumstances.

Are you swimming alone?

Whether you’re swimming in cold water or the water in your dream is warm, if you happen to keep yourself swimming alone, then it means that you’re feeling down. You might be depressed or down about life and the challenges you’re facing, and it might seem that all your friends and close acquaintances have deserted you. This dream is the manifestation of how you feel in real time.

Have you witnessed yourself get swimming lessons?

You’re not too old to learn to swim. Adult swimming lessons are even more popular than you could imagine as some people look to perfect their swimming posture and technique. This is a good sign if you were learning to swim in the dream. This dream interpretation suggests you will very soon be in control of your life and emotions.

You’re a professional swimmer

Have you ever dreamt that you’re so good at swimming? Perhaps, in your dream, you can be part of the pros and big-league swimmers? Dreaming of being a pro swimmer is most likely your confidence in real life. You have strong self-esteem and confidence in how you look and carry yourself in social circles.

What’s The Color Of the Water?

One of the most important factors to observe in your dream is the color of the water. Any dream that involves water needs a closer look at the color for better interpretation. The different water colours could bear a different meaning or may change the interpretations slightly.

The following are some of the color meanings in water or swim dream:

  • Brown or dirty waters – Brown, murky or dirty water is a sign of unpleasant emotions that are mostly negative and taking over your life. Use this as a sign to try and get onto a positive mindset.
  • Deep blue waters – If you’re swimming or simply see dark blue waters in your dream, it indicates deep-set emotions. These emotions are usually overwhelming, and you struggle to manage your feelings in real life.
  • Clear, sparkly water – Seeing clear water in your dream is a good indication. Often this means that you are clear and open-minded about life and your future. You have a clear mind and idea of your life goals and are eager to accomplish them. You know what you want.


What does it mean if you dream of swimming?

Swimming dreams are often impactful and positive in meaning.

What does dream about swimming means?

Some dream books interpret swimming in the ocean as a sign that you will receive wealth, perhaps an inheritance. Swimming in your dream is often a good sign of joy and happiness.


Sometimes such a dream as swimming can be brief, or sometimes, it may be a long and in-depth one featuring various situations. But dreams often seem confusing in some ways, and that’s just our subconscious processing certain facets of our lives into dreams. While some underwater swimming dreams could sometimes portray a negative outcome, it doesn’t necessarily mean all aquatic dreams are bad.