Flower Meanings

Hibiscus Flowers Meaning And Symbolism

The hibiscus plant originated in Asia. It then made its way to loads of other warm climates, such as the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia. Hibiscus flowers are not only considered stunningly beautiful, but they also have spiritual meanings and are highly symbolic. “Hibiscus” translates to the Greek word “hibiscus, ” meaning mallow. …

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Dahlia Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Dahlias have been coveted since the Spanish first encountered their exquisite perfection and vibrant hues in magnificent Aztec gardens. They have since become an integral part of the language of flowers, which ascribes various meanings and symbols to these intriguing blooms. A dahlia flower’s meanings and symbolism are tied to its color. Red-colored signifies confidence; …

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Dandelion Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

The Dandelion plant with bright yellow flowers is a versatile and nutritious plant spreading positive energy. It is thought of as a weed and grows all over the earth, except in Antarctica. The toughness and survival capabilities of the Dandelion are remarkable and add to its spiritual message of enduring hardships victoriously. Dandelion flowers signify …

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