What The Bat Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Once again, superstition and misunderstanding have led to another spectacular animal’s bad reputation. Bats are creatures that can both frighten and fascinate – their extremely unique nature makes them things of mystery and prone to hate. Contrary to what you may believe, bats are very affectionate animals. So, what is the spiritual meaning of a bat?

Spiritually, bats are symbols of longevity, maneuverability, balance, evolution, unrest, and chaos. A bat is believed to have supernatural powers, their connection tonight giving them the title; “Night Guardian.” Thus, the spiritual implications of seeing a bat are often seen as a good omen.

Due to their connections to the dark and night, bats are emblematic of death and the underworld. Bat symbolism varies from culture to culture; they are widely believed to have the soul of a bird and the physicality of a demon. This combination has made it possible for bats to represent anything from a witch, something or someone familiar, a ghost, a devil, a vampire, or even a God.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Bat?

The spiritual meaning behind a bat is that of community, new beginnings, happiness, and fortune.

Being amongst the only mammals who have evolved to fly, bats are symbolic of evolution and transformation, but not always in the way you may think. A bat will often refer to emotional, mental, or spiritual transformation that allows you to adapt and grow to survive.

Bats are nurturing creatures, having unique methods of communication and close relationships with their friends and family. Though they may not look it, when interacting with their loved ones, bats are extremely cuddly, exposing their warm, sweet nature. These misunderstood animals are a pointed reminder that you should never judge a book by its cover.

The bat teaches you to uncover the truth hidden in the darkness and become attuned with the environment around you. They encourage you to be strong and explore the dark parts of yourself to discover who you are. Bats are reminders that there is more than meets the eye.

At its roots, the spiritual meaning of a bat is that you must pay attention to the signs around you because change is coming. Though it may seem frightening at first, you must let go of old habits that no longer serve you because they hinder your growth.

The Superstition, Myth, And Folklore Surrounding Bats

The common theme of bats in myths and legends is their association with darkness and evil. It is said that this negative attitude towards bats was born of their unusual physical form. Combined with their nocturnal nature and unusual hunting and roosting habits, the uniqueness of bats led to them being misunderstood and connected to evil.

Like any good story, people stretched the truth enough to evoke strong emotions – and in this case, that emotion was fear. Bats’ scary and dangerous reputation comes from stories that promoted the idea that they will drink your blood, get stuck in your hair, attack you, and give you diseases. Though these ideas are roughly based on fact, they were grossly exaggerated to provoke a reaction and make a good story; in fact, the same presentation of bats is still used in modern media.

But the encoding of bats’ connections to negativity went as far as localized sayings. Phrases like “bat out of hell,” “blind as a bat,” and “batty” have further contributed to how people perceive bats.

Bats are amongst the most misunderstood animals on the planet, and the widespread hate they face has put them in danger. These animals play crucial roles in the survival of their ecosystems. Thus, the truth behind their spiritual meaning and symbolism must be spread before the lies build more prejudices and the fate of these small animals is sealed.  

Messages From Bats As Spiritual Messengers

Said to have the ability to travel between the land of the living and the land of the dead, bats are not just spiritual messengers but also astral travelers. Common messages carried by bats are:

  • Change: As symbols of transformation, bats are symbolic of significant change – whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Trying to delay the change will only make it painful; thus, you must embrace the new and unfamiliar.
  • Maneuverability: Though they may sometimes seem out of control, bats have excellent command over their movements. Thus, making them reminders to be flexible and quick on your feet. No matter the problems you face, it is essential to deal with them. When things feel wrong, you have the ability to adjust and create better outcomes.
  • Good Fortune: The bat carries a winning combination of good fortune and the ability to visualize what you want. Thus, they are symbols of abundance, luck, and happiness.
  • Longevity: As a symbol of longevity, the bat reminds you that your best years are yet to come. Experience is priceless and comes with age. Consider the things in your life that you want to keep for a long time, and work to ensure that it lasts.
  • Death: Bats signify death, but not how you think. They imply the death of a part of you that is holding you back from your higher calling, leaving parts of yourself behind to make room for something new.
  • Evolution: Bats are extraordinary reminders of your power to evolve with their unique gifts. The nature of our existence is to learn and evolve on every level. There is a lesson in every challenge and an opportunity in every failure; never stop learning from your experiences.
  • Spiritual Growth: Seeing a bat can remind you to pursue your spiritual growth. You must regularly review your thoughts and beliefs, do inner work, and nurture your personal development.
  • Balance: Bats are potent symbols of balance. Bats demonstrate that balance requires effort as a keystone species in the ecosystem and helpers in their communities. Whether it is a willingness to help in your external life or maintaining balance in your personal life, finding harmony in life is vital.
  • Community: There is value in being a part of a like-minded community. The bat is a sign to not always be alone and tap into a community’s power. Align yourself with those like you.
  • Fear: You are allowing your fears to overwhelm you and must face them to overcome the barriers holding back your physical and spiritual journeys. Bats are a reminder that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.
  • Truth: Most truths are hidden in darkness, so don’t be afraid to venture into the darkness around you or your inner darkness because what you discover will be of great importance – the truth should not be kept hidden.
  • Insight: Trust your skills of perception, intuition, and instincts. The bat will help you discern the hidden meanings of the world around you and hear what is not being said.
  • Confidence: Representing life and death, bats are symbolic of trusting your psychic gifts and having faith in yourself, your intuition, and your abilities.
  • Supernatural Powers: Bats are associated with the supernatural world due to their sensory gifts and nocturnal nature. Bats are reminders that there is more to the world than meets the eye, making them a sign to tune into your intuition and spirit guides to build your awareness.
  • Rebirth: As a shapeshifter, the bat encourages you to leave your comfort zone and follow the new and unfamiliar in life. Embrace the things in store for you by finding light in the darkness.

The Spiritual Meaning When You Dream About A Bat

Seeing as dreams are messages and manifestations of the subconscious mind, they are unique and personal to each dreamer. Thus, you shouldn’t force one specific meaning onto a dream; however, combining the symbolic meaning of bats, how you felt in the dream, and your overall feelings about bats make it possible to determine the meaning of their appearance.

Generally, bats are seen as powerful omens when they appear in dreams due to their ability to travel through realms and their prophetic messages. A bat appearing in your dream signifies your fears, potential, and death. While bats are symbols of change, it is up to you to let go of the past and embrace the future.

Themes Bats In Dreams Symbolize

While there are many positive and negative ways to interpret the presence of a bat in a dream, there are a few consistent and common themes:

Change – Bats are strongly connected to change and transformation, their appearance often signifying substantial changes which need to be embraced and not fought.

Potential – Bats are representative of rebirth and unrecognized potential. It is time to let go of the things holding you back and reach your full potential.

Fear – Bats are often representatives of hidden or ignored fears and the need to confront these feelings which are holding you back.

Uncleanness – Bats are associated with demons, meaning their appearance can suggest that parts of your life are unclean and need to be purified.

Bat Color & Actions In Dreams And What They Signify

Though there are general symbols surrounding bats in dreams, these meanings can become more specific and clear by looking at the message the color of the bat is sending.

  • White Bat: White bats signify the death of someone close. They symbolize purity and ascension. Bear in mind death is not always physical.
  • Black Bat: Black bats signify forthcoming personal disaster. They may be a sign to conduct a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual clean-up of yourself and your surroundings.
  • Grey Bat: Grey bats signify past trauma. Bottled-up emotions are hurting you.
  • Brown Bat: Brown bats signify decision-making. You may be making big decisions blindly or without much thought or care, and this will lead to problems.
  • Red Bat: Red bats signify inner negativity. They symbolize dark emotions, regret, and guilt.
  • Green Bat: Green bats signify self-expression. You need to evaluate how you express yourself.

To fully understand your dream, it is helpful to analyze the circumstances under which the bat appeared and what it was doing in the dream.

  • A Baby Bat: This suggests working on your personal growth and self-improvement. IT signifies hidden talents or psychic and spiritual abilities.
  • A Friendly Bat: Calm, playful, and friendly bats in dreams indicate that you will remain unaffected by your surrounding problems and toxicity. You are in a positive mental and emotional state.
  • A Pet Bat: Owning a bat in your dreams is a sign of significant changes and embracing the unknown.
  • A Vampire Bat: These bats represent something or someone in your life that is draining or depleting your energy and confidence.
  • Sleeping Bats: Seeing a sleeping bat is common and considered a bad sign. Pay attention to a situation you have ignored, or something terrible will happen.
  • Five Bats: Specifically, seeing five bats, per Chinese folklore, is symbolic of good health, happiness, longevity, peace, and wealth.
  • Lots of Bats in the Dark: This is a sign of an overwhelmed or tired subconscious. If these bats are being noisy, it suggests a loss of reputation.
  • Bats Flying in Daylight: A bat out in the day signifies you need to take steps in the difficult and unfavorable situations around you.
  • Bats Flying Over You: If bats are flying overhead, it signifies that although they are not currently impacting your life, your fears still exist and must be dealt with before they become a bigger problem.
  • Bats Crossing your Path: This suggests a close call with danger. Try to identify the threat before it appears; it could be a person, situation, place, or decision you make.
  • Bats in a Cave: Seeing bats in a cave could mean you are keeping your fears and worries hidden from those around you.
  • Being Afraid of Bats: It is considered a bad omen if you are fearful of bats. You may face an accident soon, so you must not be too careless.
  • Bats Chasing You: You have mixed feelings of fear and attraction for someone.
  • Bats Attacking You: This denotes that difficult times are coming, but you must face them bravely and use your strengths to move forward. Further, it indicates that someone will break or betray your trust.
  • Bats Biting You: You can get hurt in any way. If the bat feeds off your blood, it shows your lack of energy. A bite on the arm shows your professional or work life is in trouble. A bite on the face signifies that your relationships are struggling. A bite on the head shows issues in your family or among those close to you. A bite on the neck means getting attacked by criminally minded people.
  • Catching a Bat: This is a good omen and represents getting rid of negativity in your life.
  • Killing a Bat: This denotes that you would hurt someone close to you. Alternatively, you will have victory over your enemies.
  • A Dead Bat: Dead bats signify being surrounded by people who take you for granted.


Despite their bad reputation, one must remember the favorable spiritual omens of the bat as they aim to guide you past your fears and difficulties in life so you can reach your full potential.

Bats are reminders that you must trust yourself and your abilities to overcome any situation. Their communal nature is a reminder that you do not have to face problems alone, but be cautious of who you trust. 

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