What The Armadillo Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The armadillo means “little armored one” and this is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this adorable little creature, its armored shell. The armor comprises cartilage and bone and provides the animal with incredible defense and protection. But what is the spiritual meaning of an armadillo?

The primary meaning of an armadillo is having a defensive disposition. It leans towards protecting one’s inner self and initiating defense systems to guard ourselves. It is sometimes seen as selfish and arrogant while actually representing objectivity and detachment.

The armadillo signifies one keeping their guard up against people and embodies those who are slow to trust others. People who see themselves as armadillo people are typically cautious and suspicious, and it could go so far as them being neurotic. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though, so to find out more, be sure to read on. 

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Armadillo

There are arrays of things that can be derived from the armadillo, and one of the main ones is trust. Armadillos encourage us to consider how easily we trust others and that protecting yourself, especially due to past pain, is not selfish, but a wise move.

Armadillos also seek out peace and are pacifistic. They do not look for fights with others, and when it comes down to it, sometimes showing neutrality amidst conflict is okay, but we should also ensure that we are not entertaining apathy. Rather if we can help fix an issue, we should not hide, but sometimes it’s best not to be nosey.

Another fact that is true of armadillos is that they are reclusive, and this may be speaking to your need to open up and venture out into the world instead of balling up and hiding away from life. Having time for yourself is one thing, but withdrawing from society is often unhealthy.

If you are drawn to the armadillo, it may also speak to how they like to dig and burrow. This represents the desire to search and discover and is married to one having a curious nature. If there is something in your life you are uncertain of or have questions about, it may be time to investigate that.

This may also point to the need for personal discovery and the act of looking inward and examining yourself. You may hold hidden secrets from your past that are holding you back, and you need to explore this to grow and develop. You will be surprised by the epiphanies you may come across with introspection.

Now, although reclusiveness is not something to be encouraged, you may be at a point in your life where you need to withdraw from social engagements and set aside time for renewal. We all need to recuperate and relax from time to time, and often that means taking time to be with ourselves.  

Although these creatures are typically found in warmer environments, there are occasions when they come across bodies of water, and they certainly make the most of it. So if we are going through floods of emotional traumas, sometimes the best thing is to do like the armadillo and simply float our way through it.

Dreaming About Armadillos

When one receives a dream about armadillos, it is to help guide us through particular components of our lives. Dreaming of an armadillo is generally a rare phenomenon, and we should pay close attention to them. The primary reason for these dreams is that you are likely experiencing insecurity in life.

 You are likely finding it difficult to step out of your comfort zone in a certain sphere of life. Usually, it is in a social sense. So try to identify if this is the case and then develop a strategy to combat the issue and tackle the difficulty you are facing. It is typically best to start small and then expand your horizons from there.

If you are seeing a dead armadillo in your dreams, it may seem like a bad omen, but it actually speaks of the potential to conquer something you are experiencing in life. It means you will likely overcome something that is challenging you and that you will grow past it.

Another reason for dreaming of an armadillo, particularly one that talks to you, is that someone in your life with whom you have a close connection needs your help with something, and only you can provide that assistance.

Symbolic Meanings Of Armadillos

Armadillos are symbolic of various things such as defense and self-protection. On top of that, they represent the perceptive and acutely attuned nature of such people. People akin to the armadillo are generally of high intellect, and although they are cautious, they are very curious.

Armadillo-folk are incredibly gifted at finding things as they are highly attentive; however, they are unfortunately often short-sighted because they do not have long-reaching goals and visions. This means that they are usually quite content with the present.

If the person is not suffering from insecurities, they will often experience self-contentment, which can be calming for those around them. People ultimately seek these people out due to their steady and soothing nature. Although they are not loud individuals, such people are grounded and inquisitive thinkers.

Armadillos also symbolize the need to not only be happy with the present, but to be looking onward to the future with dreams and goals in mind. If there are obstacles in the way, one needs to learn how to overcome them to get to where they are destined to be. Self-realization and awareness will help in this matter.

The armadillo also indicates the need to surround yourself with worthy people who will help you approach your future. There is also the distinct need for self-belief and to understand that for success to come, one often has to rely on themselves to get to where one wants to be.

The Armadillo As A Spirit Animal

If the armadillo is your spirit animal, there are recognizably good and bad traits that you likely possess. One of the main cons is that you likely miss opportunities due to lacking trust in others or faith in yourself. Also, you tend to relish your own company and sometimes shy away from being with others.

You are a highly compassionate person, and although it takes a lot to get you to lower your guard, once you do though, you are very close to people and tend to do everything you can to avoid losing them.

Armadillos are highly resilient creatures, and they can go for extended periods without water or nutrition. They are also able to survive in the desert and semi-arid regions. As your spirit animal, they encourage you to be a survivor and withstand the difficulties that life throws at you.

You do not defend aggressively; instead, you can hide behind a hard exterior and weather what others may try to harm you with. This shows incredible maturity and the realization that everything in life has its season. Even the roughest of storms will pass.


The armadillo is a cautious creature, and when it comes to socializing, the people who fall under this category sometimes struggle. However, once you manage to get them to lower their guard, they are genuine friends who are kind and compassionate. Features pertaining to the armadillo are trust, peace, and curiosity.   

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