What The Sheep Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The sheep has profound spiritual meaning and can be found across many cultures and religions. Its symbolism extends into the modern-day era, making it an ancient symbol and a timeless one engraved into the human psyche.

The symbolism of the sheep is present in all the Abrahamic religions. It represents gentleness, obedience, and vulnerability. Lambs are thought of as the perfect sacrifice in many religions. Sheep’s symbolism and spiritual significance extend into mythology, the Zodiac, and Literature.

To understand the deep spiritual significance, we will delve into the characteristics, explore the different cultures that revere it and its ancient symbolism in an astonishing number of religions. We will discuss both the male and female versions of the sheep.

What Do Sheep Represent?

The symbolism of the sheep can be divided into three different contexts, the lamb, the ram (the male form), or the ewe (the female form). The spiritual meaning of sheep in the female form is:

  • Gentleness
  • Trust
  • Docility
  • Prosperity
  • Conformity

As a lamb, its meaning is:

  • Innocence
  • Peace
  • Sacrifice
  • Vulnerability

The ram, the male sheep, represents strength and is the animal symbolizing those born in the house of Aries. Arians are known to show leadership, stubbornness, and boldness. The ram symbolizes:

  • Strength
  • Persistence
  • Virility
  • Boldness.

Attributes And Personality Of A Sheep

Usually, when one thinks about sheep, the first words that come to mind are obedience, gentleness, and possibly, even a succulent lamb roast! Surprisingly, sheep are much more intelligent than we give them credit.

Sheep have remarkable memories and can identify a large number of other sheep as well as humans many years down the line. In terms of their IQ, sheep are slightly less intelligent than pigs, known to be relatively bright.

The ability to form deep and meaningful bonds means that sheep are also emotionally intelligent beings. They can also show affection to their human handlers, and lambs make excellent pets, especially when reared from a young age.

Recent research has discovered that sheep are highly individualistic, unlike the popular stereotype of being conformist, and each has a unique personality.

Spiritual Meaning Of Sheep In Christianity

Sheep has profound significance in all Abrahamic religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity). Sheep are seen as the perfect sacrifice to atone for sins. No wonder Jesus Christ was called The Lamb of God as He was sacrificed for the world’s sins.

In this sense, sacrifice is a significant symbolism. Christ was also seen as the Great Shepherd. The exciting thing is that He can identify with the experiences of His followers and their loving leader and protector.

The relationship that sheep have with their Shepherd is used to show how God cares for his proverbial flock, leading them through dangerous terrain, providing food and protection from predators.

It also shows the deep trust that sheep can give a leader when they feel bonded. It shows vulnerability and discernment as to the intentions of the leader they choose.

The spiritual significance of sheep in both the new and old Testaments is a deep relationship with the Shepherd.

New research has highlighted the astonishing ability of sheep to recognize people and other sheep. Not only can they identify people by their faces and voices, but they can also remember them for more than two years, even when they have been absent for a long time.

Sheep are capable of identifying who can be trusted and form lifelong, meaningful bonds with their shepherds and other members of their flock. They are vulnerable to predators, but they depend on their ability to trust each other to find places of safety.

Spiritual Meaning Of Sheep In Islam

Muslims worldwide commemorate the Prophet Ibrahim and his obedience to God by being willing to sacrifice his son Ismail. They do this by slaughtering a sheep, cow, or goat.

The act of sacrificing an animal is known as Qurbani in the Muslim community. In the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims remember how God showed mercy to the Prophet Ibrahim by providing a ram as a sacrifice to spare his son Ismail.

God was testing the Prophets’ obedience to Him. The Prophet was spared the terrible act of sacrificing his son because God intervened by providing a ram to be sacrificed instead.

The spiritual significance of the sheep that is demonstrated here is God’s divine intervention, mercy, obedience, and sacrifice.

The Meaning Of Sheep In Popular Culture

Sheeple. A word that has emerged in popular culture refers to people who act like sheep. It does have a rather negative connotation which, after all, we’ve learned about the true nature of sheep, seems unfair.

The word sheeple has been used to describe societies that are easily led without questioning authority or people who subscribe to an ideology without knowing why they support it and who do not research or question anything.

Popular culture generally refers to sheep in a somewhat derogatory way, but this is only one aspect of the sheep symbol: all animals possess positive and negative traits.

In many African cultures, sheep and other cattle are seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Sheep In Dreams?

Both positive and negative connotations can apply to dreams about sheep, so always take note of the context of your dream. On the positive side, dreaming of sheep symbolizes joy, prosperity, and happiness.

If there is a more negative context in your dream, sheep could indicate that you may feel governed or perhaps manipulated by someone in your life. Perhaps you feel that your freedom to express your own opinions has been taken away?

If you experience the fear of not fulfilling your duties, the sheep symbol may also appear in your dreams. Dreams about sheep might portray how you see yourself, especially if you are feeling soft, weak, or lacking courage.

There may also be a profoundly spiritual meaning if you dream about a lamb or a flock of sheep. In Christianity, The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ leads His sheep to places of safety and provision, protecting them from predators and sacrificing His life for them. 

When interpreting your dream, make sure that you note when the symbol of the sheep appears and in which context you interact with it.


Whether portrayed as a lamb, ram, or ewe, sheep have beautiful spiritual meaning. No wonder the sheep symbol appears in such a deeply religious way. The concepts of sacrifice, obedience, gentleness, innocence, even strength, and boldness are all part of the spirituality of this animal.

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