What The Crane Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Except for Antarctica, with its frosty temperatures, South America, these large, tall, elegant, and magnificent birds can be seen roaming the various landscapes of the other continents. There are different types of cranes, which range in size and unique colorations, but we want to know their spiritual meaning.

Along with being representative of spirituality, cranes are also connected to harmonious existence, grace, elegance, and beauty. Other valuable traits include wisdom, prosperity, luck, and even immortality. Relationally they point to happy marriages, a mother’s love, loyalty, and integrity.  

There are 15 species of crane; many of their numbers dwindle due to hunting, especially in areas where hunger is a paramount issue. With wingspans that can stretch as far as 7 feet, these remarkable birds are highly territorial and connected to air, earth, and water, so come and discover their spiritual meaning.

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Crane

As mentioned, there are various cranes in existence, and although they share common meanings, some have a particular significance. For example, The Blue Crane promotes being present, mindfulness, and a peaceful disposition. The Grey-Crowned Crane is the epitome of elegance.

The White Crane is an illustration of faithfulness, innocence, and purity, and the Red-Crowned Crane is the semblance of passion, vibrancy, and love, all positive and valuable traits which we would do well to heed and adopt. However, now we shall examine the spiritual meanings of the crane species as a collective.

When it comes to the coloration of cranes, there are variations, but one staple color seen on most of the species and is associated with the bird is white. This is no coincidence as the crane and the pigment both represent spirituality, spiritual purity, and connection to the divine.

Due to their connection to various elements, cranes have been thought of for a great period to connect to this world and the spiritual realm. Thus making them divine messengers in many cultures and interpretations as they are of the land, air, and water.

Additionally, if you have not been focusing on your spirituality and the crane has become evident in your life, it is best not to ignore this as the crane is also symbolic of the awakening of one’s spiritual senses. There is also a component alluding to the heightening of spiritual prowess.

This aids not just in our spiritual journey, but is also a vital part of our physical lives and stretches into our interactions with others. By experiencing a spiritual awakening and growing in this area of our lives, we become more attuned to the messages conveyed through other means, such as body language.

We also have more intuition about matters and can “sense” when things are off, rather than logically surmising. One becomes more sensitive to energies that people give off, and this aids us in forming and maintaining better relationships. Additionally, we grow wiser regarding the sort of environments that are toxic.

Once we are more in tune with our spirituality, something we will also note that occurs and is keenly represented by the crane is focus and balance within one’s life. We are spiritual beings, but there are other facets of our lives. However, our spirituality bleeds into these other components and affects them.

For example, the crane can poise itself on one leg in the calm water of a lake for hours, waiting for the opportune moment to strike at a passing fish or small amphibian. Other creatures thrive on busyness and chaos, but the crane knows that if it is not patient and meticulous, it could well go hungry. 

Focusing on what you want and having the vision and patience to put in the work and bide your time is advised by the crane. Also, realize that there are various components of your life, all of which require ample attention. Sometimes this can lead one to feel overwhelmed, but the crane lends perspective.

This does not mean that the crane is a lazy or sedentary creature at all; rather, they are also surprisingly energetic, confident, and healthy. Those akin to the crane will find that they are likely the kind of people who enjoy exercise, especially the sort that requires coordination and grace, such as dance or martial arts.

As mentioned, this bird can, through the wise practice of patience, catch its prey completely unaware. They are, therefore, a strong representation of wisdom, and due to their strong spiritual connotations, they are also capable of imparting divine wisdom, especially for those for whom they are spirit animals.

Cranes are also a definitive representation of monogamy, love, and dedication. One thing that people struggle with a lot these days is committed relationships, and part of this is that they do not have a firm rooting in their own spirituality and identity before they attempt to couple up.

The crane is different in that they are well versed in who they are, and when they find a mate, it is for life. They are also rather social birds, which are family orientated and will be part of large families or flocks, and strong bonds are formed between these creatures.

Symbolic Meanings Of A Crane

Looking at a crane, whether it is standing still, strutting along, or in flight, there is one word that undoubtedly comes to mind, and that is elegance. They resemble a seasoned ballerina poised and ready to embark on a masterful dance piece. As humans, we need to train and be taught to be eloquent, but not these creatures.

If we examine images of cranes, we might be surprised to learn that those slender birds have some rather tall members of their family tree in real life, and some of them stand as tall as 6 feet. So when they do get moving, they are like basketball players or runway models, which have swift, graceful movements.

Along with this, when considering their extensively long legs and necks, they have a particularly clear view of their surroundings, unlike many other animals, which are not as tall and cannot fly. The crane, therefore, symbolizes clarity and perspective, both literally and figuratively.

As seen, the crane is the epitome of patience and focus, but it is also symbolic of concentration, and this is unwavering. The crane overcomes obstacles and seemingly always manages to find a solution to a given problem using its wits and competence.

That concentration is not fleeting, though, and it certainly endures, which is why another symbolic meaning of the crane is endurance and the ability to stay centered even during trying and challenging circumstances. The crane is a great inspiration for people who feel dismayed about chasing their goals and dreams.

Another avenue of life that requires one to endure, even through the difficulties, is remaining loyal to others. Loyalty is a key feature of the crane, especially in partnership and relationships. They are faithful to their mates and will stay with them for life. This is not always easy to practice, but loyalty is rewarded.

For someone single and searching for their soul mate, the crane is a message that the person is in the season of their life, during which they will come across their partner and should diligently be on the lookout. People who have the crane as a spirit animal will typically find their relationships filled with trust and loyalty.

In Japanese cultures, they often give wedding gifts that contain crane motifs as it is a symbolic representation of the couple’s eternal ties and conjugal joy and bliss at being united.

Along with loyalty and partnership, another positive meaning held by the crane is that of prosperity, which can come in varying forms from financial riches to good health and happy life. Those going through difficult times should be assured by the crane, its endurance, and signification of luck.

Dreaming About A Crane

Cranes can be observed in various environments, and often where they are seen, and what they are doing has certain meanings. For one, although cranes are relatively shy birds, they are rather explorative, and once they settle into a space, usually while mating, they are aware of their surroundings; this signifies a search for knowledge.

Suppose you are viewing a crane busying itself with searching out something, perhaps food, or merely surveying the land. In that case, this could well be a hint that there is an area in your life, be it intellectually, spiritually, or emotionally, where you are yearning to learn more and grow your knowledge.

Cranes are already typically tall birds and have a decent scope of that which surrounds them, but unlike some other large bird species, they can soar to new heights. This is precisely what a flying crane in your dream represents; you are on a path to elevation, prosperity, and likely new social heights.

Remember, though, to remain humble and grounded, despite your successes is an important trait to possess. As the crane cannot stay in the air forever and must return to the ground, especially to feed and rest, so must you. Celebrate your growth, but never forget that modesty is paramount. 

Another space where it is typical to observe cranes is in water, which is serene. However, there is much going on here, and although your dream may be peaceful, it is possible that the crane is actually in the process of patiently biding its time before it strikes out at prey which it has eyed.

This is a reminder that success and achievement are within your grasp; however, patience and persistence are key to obtaining what you are after. It is also an indication that you will likely have to practice these within the next season of your life, but if you can be like the crane and be strategic, you will endure.

Additionally, fish and other aquatic life are not the only aspects of a crane’s diet; instead, they will consume a varied array of foods such as seeds and roots, small reptiles, insects, crustaceans, and even small mammals. If you witness a crane foraging in your dream, it may signify that you require diversity in your life.

This diversity can come in many forms, from mixing up your diet and fitness regime to your social circles. It could also mean that you need to find balance within your life. Take the time to break from work and follow the example of the crane, which not only toils hard, but knows when to take the time to dance.

As we have seen, dreams of cranes are predominantly representative of positive omens; however, there is one instance in particular where there is a negative connotation. This is when you dream about a crane falling out of the sky or flying haphazardly.

In these instances, the crane is likely injured, and this dream is either a signifier of the fact that you are hurting in some way or another and trying simply to brush it off without addressing it. Or it is foretelling of unexpected trials and difficulties which are coming your way, and you ought to prepare yourself for it.

Seeing a crane in your dream would be wonderful, but at times, the creature itself does not make a full appearance, and if you, for instance, catch a glimpse of a feather, this too can be a good sign. A crane feather, both in dreams and in real life, is a symbol of courage, and it is an encouragement to strengthen your resolve.

Cranes seen with their young are a sign of channeling that courage and protecting your family and loved ones. This may be drawing your attention to someone close to you who needs your protection, or it is merely a reminder that family and those connected to you should be prioritized and looked after.

The Crane As A Spirit Animal

People who have the crane as their spirit animals will usually be quite aware of it as it is reflected in various aspects of their lives and manifests more apparent than with some other spirit animals. For a start, the cranes’ grace and elegance are evident in the person in question, and they are eloquent in their ways.

They are not always financially affluent; however, that does not stop them from being sophisticated and refined individuals with class and good taste. They are highly charismatic, and people tend to be drawn to them and hold them in high esteem. These people have self-confidence and self-assurance but are not arrogant.

People with the crane as their spirit animal have a natural aptitude for socializing and connecting with others; however, sometimes, they can shy away from interacting with others in favor of work and their careers. Therefore, the crane will prompt you to seek greater balance in life and find time for family and friends.

One thing that such people either have mastered or, which the crane will assist them in doing, is finding a balance between work and home life. Family is very important to crane people, but sometimes they cannot demonstrate the same poise as the crane, but do not fear; if you lack in this area, look to the crane for guidance.

Having found the equilibrium, you will find that you reap equal joy and rewards from your career and family. You are also an individual who will go out of your way to ensure the happiness of your family. You are also likely quite protective, especially of those younger or weaker than yourself.

Additionally, you are instinctively a loyal person, and you seek out genuine relationships and bonds with others. When it comes to romantic relationships, you are not interested in casual dating, or you are at least aware that it is not good for your constitution.

You are looking for your one true love, and they are out there. However, a void needs to be filled, and you are sometimes overcome with a longing to have someone as your own and to belong to another; the uniting of souls, but at times you may be inclined to stumble into trivial encounters – try to refrain.

Cranes also make excellent mentors and teachers, and thus if you are in such a position or find yourself moving into this type of role, take heart that it is no mistake. You are someone who digests great amounts of knowledge, and with the crane as your spirit animal, you inherently possess great wisdom.


Apart from being highly spiritual creatures, but possibly due to that, cranes and those akin to them are patient, calm, and composed individuals who demonstrate grace and elegance. They are capable of immense focus and determination and are fiercely loyal and protective. These pure and wise birds are truly a marvel.

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