What The Seagull Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

If you grew up near the beach or live at the coast, you likely have a preconceived notion of these birds and their nature. We probably see them as annoying scavengers that are opportunistic and rude. However, these birds are somewhat misunderstood, and there is more to them. So what is their spiritual meaning?

Seagulls represent transitional periods and alterations in tides. They are also symbolic of freedom, imagination, and spirituality. Like other birds, they are thought to be messengers of the spirit realm bringing messages of unrestraint, optimism, and hope. They also unite earth and water elements.

It is worth fully understanding what the seagull symbolizes and how they influence our spiritual well-being. If you are going through a change in life, the seagull is significant to you, and it can aid you in seeing all sides of a problem or situation. So to find out more about these fascinating creatures, read on.

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Seagull

The seagull is a chatty bird with no qualms about making themselves heard and squawking stridently. Although they are loud and slightly obnoxious at times, they symbolize the need to stay firm in your beliefs and make your views known if the occasion calls for it. Our spirituality should not be silent.

Part of being comfortable with making your beliefs known is the freedom with which the seagull is associated. Perhaps it is because we associate the sea with holidays and spending time relaxing and soaking up the sun, but the seagull is synonymous with exercising our freedom, including that of our spirituality.

Another aspect of seagulls is their intuitive nature. A seagull can fly above the water and can spot fish, even though you or I would be unaware that there is food at hand. The same goes for knowing that people near the beach often means that food is present. We need to tap into this ability to “know” what others may not.

It is no secret that seagulls are intelligent and crafty. However, this can be a pain for those who have food stolen from them while at the seaside. The seagull is certainly a representation of open-mindedness and the ability to provide for oneself. Spiritually we should be open to possibilities and be able to take care of ourselves.

Their marrying of the sea and the shore is a powerful symbol representing the union and interrelationship between our minds, bodies, and spirits. They represent the ability to cross between the physical and spiritual realm and the journey one can go on to search for the divine and our purpose.

Symbolic Meanings Of A Seagull

The seagull is highly adaptable and resourceful. They can live between the land and the water, which goes not only for seagulls but also for gulls of other sorts. The weather at the coast is often unpredictable, and so is the consistency of food supply, so seagulls need to have their wits about them to survive.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is another key component of seagulls. They take the opportunities presented to them and move to where they can find food sources. They invite us to take risks in life and to do so with the hope of obtaining betterment in our lives.  

They are also persistent and signify being grateful for what one has at any given point in life. They will not allow circumstances to get them down, and instead, they will recycle what we throw away and turn trash into treasure. They find contentment in what they have, even though they aim for improvements.

Seagulls also remind us to consider different perspectives as they will scour the shore and ocean before swooping down and snatching up a morsel. They remind us to look at things from different angles before making our move. Additionally, they remind us that one can always rise above one’s circumstances.

Seagulls can teach us that things are temporary and that we need to be willing to make changes and moves in life that will aid our growth and prosperity. They will move where they and their colonies can thrive, and they can sense storms and other dangers that will prompt them to move from harm’s way.

Dreaming About Seagulls

Various meanings can be drawn from the experience when we dream about seagulls. A common one is to see the seagull in flight, which indicates that you have risen above the challenges of a situation and can be proud of yourself. You have gained experience and perspective and can choose to stay or fly away.

If it is a challenge that you are likely to have to face again, for instance, a regular issue that occurs at work, the seagull is encouraging you to remain on top of things and rise to the occasion repeatedly. This is not always easy, though, and thus you may need it as your spirit animal to help you persevere.

If the seagull is hovering in the dream, it is a message to let you know that you have the strength to weather what is coming your way and have the grace and wisdom to push through. Although you have the capabilities, this could also be a subconscious message that you desire to get away from your current situation.

Witnessing a seagull carrying something in its beak indicates that you have potential and skills that are not being tapped into or utilized. It would help if you considered examining this area of your life, as you could be missing out on the fruits of talents and abilities that you are not engaging with.

A seagull biting you in your dream is a warning that you are partaking in something beneath you or is detrimental to your health or reputation. You need to assess your standards and integrity and realize that you need to stop engaging in whatever the activity is. 

Seeing sick or dead seagulls in your dream can have two meanings which are equally as serious. The first is that you are removed from your spiritual path and have lost sight of your higher self. Alternatively, it can indicate that you are emotionally disconnected from friends and family, which makes you feel empty.

The Seagull As A Spirit Animal

When considering the seagull as a spirit animal, one of the first things one thinks of is its ability to teach us the art of spotting an opportunity. People who are akin to seagulls have a knack for turning things to their advantage, regardless of the circumstances.

These people are often highly creative and inventive problem solvers as they can use limited resources to their advantage. They are also the sort to thrive in bustling social settings and do well when networking and making connections.

Such a person is likely confident and is the sort who will look a person in the eye and will always ensure that any conflicts are properly resolved before moving forward. They are also willing to step outside their comfort zone and are rather vocal individuals.

This spirit animal encourages one to realize that they will gain success in life, regardless of their current circumstances. And having this knowledge can help one press on through difficult times. People with the seagull as their spirit animal know that they need to be adaptable and flexible to grow.

Such people are likely to think outside the box and are willing to try and test things that they have not attempted before. If it fails, they have learned what not to do, and if it succeeds, they’ve gained a win – either way, it plays in their favor.

The seagull may also encourage you to take on new challenges and break your current routines and habits. That’s not to say your old ways are bad, but rather that by embarking on new adventures, you give yourself greater opportunities and chances of growth and fulfillment.


The seagull is a strong reminder to be hopeful about the future and simultaneously be willing to adapt to change. You are the master of your journey and are free to make your own choices. Recognize the opportunities life brings your way and always seek clarity of perspective and see the special things among the mundane.  

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