What The Peacock Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Peacocks native to Southern Asia and Malaysia are the national birds of India. They have been revered and honored as Gods by many ancient cultures. Due to their striking colors and feathers, peacocks are regarded as prideful. However, that is untrue. They attract a mate by spreading out their feathers in an elaborate dance.

Some cultures believe the peacock has healing powers, while others see it as a symbol of Resurrection. When the peacock appears to Spiritual Seekers, it carries messages of hope, self-confidence, and self-awareness. They appear to those in need of vibrancy and vitality along the spiritual journey.

The peacock has appeared to you for a reason and a purpose. If you require more information about the spiritual meaning, myths, and history behind this beautiful creature, read on.

Powerful Deities Associated With Peacocks

Due to their beauty and regal behavior, peacocks have been associated and depicted with Gods and Goddesses. Their spiritual link with these deities is steeped in legend and history.

The Peacock’s Link To Mayura

The name Mayura is Sanskrit, meaning peacock, and one of the sacred birds in Hindu Mythology. Legend has it that Mayura was created from the feathers of Garuda, another mythical, semi-divine bird. Lord Vishnu, the Creator in the Hindu Holy Trinity, uses Garuda as His vehicle to travel across the universes and dimensions.

In the many images of Mayura as a mythical bird, He is portrayed as killing a snake. The snake is regarded as sacred in Hinduism and symbolizes the cycle of time.

The Peacock’s Link To Karthikeya

Karthikeya, or Murugan, the God Of War in India, is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. According to folk tales, a demon, Surapadma, provoked Lord Murugan in a battle. However, at the moment Lord Murugan’s spear was about to strike the demon, he turned into a tree and prayed for salvation.

The tree was struck in two. The rooster came from one half, which the young Lord made His emblem, and from the other half came the peacock, which became His chariot.  

The spiritual symbolism of the peacock is astounding. The deep blue represents infinity. The peacock is seen as prideful, a negative characteristic for any person on the spiritual path. 

However, it symbolically represents the pride of a Seeker on the spiritual path for Supreme Consciousness. By becoming aware of and being proud of the Supreme Consciousness, the Seeker shuts out all other distractions and concentrates only on the Self.

In most images of Lord Muruga, the peacock is shown as holding a snake within its claws. In this, the snake represents the ego and sensual pleasures. The peacock maintains control over the snake indicating control over the ego and sensual pleasures through discrimination and avoiding overindulgence.

The peacock never kills the snake; instead, it is placed under control. The peacock represents the ever-wavering mind, the ebb and flow of thoughts. To advance spiritually, the Seeker needs to maintain control over their thoughts.

The Peacock’s Link To Goddess Saraswathi And Laxmi

Goddess Saraswathi is the Goddess of Knowledge, while Goddess Laxmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth. Both these are seen with peacocks by their side. The peacock represents the fickleness of the human mind, arrogance, and pride.

Together these Goddesses urge the Seeker of truth to be mindful, be aware of their thoughts, and let nothing sway them from the ultimate goal of Self-Realization. When the mind and the ego are under control, nothing can stop a person from achieving their goals.

The Peacock’s Link To Buddha

In Buddhism, the peacock is seen as a symbol of patience, enlightenment and represents a robust value system. Also regarded as a symbol of wisdom, the peacock often represents The Buddha himself. 

Some art pieces depict the Buddha with two peacocks on either side of him, representing two of His closest disciples. 

The Peacock’s Link To Hera

Hera had as her favorite animal a peacock, a symbol of the sun. According to legend, as the peacock crossed many countries to get to Hera, he was a ruthless hunter of snakes. The peacock absorbed and transformed the snake venom, which is how the peacock got the shimmering feathers on his tail. 

According to folk tales, while married to Hera, Zeus fell in love with Lo, a nymph, and priestess. When Hera found out, she was extremely angry. To protect Lo, Zeus transformed her into a heifer. But Hera demanded the heifer as proof of fidelity.

Hera took custody of the heifer and appointed Argos of a Hundred Eyes as guardian of the heifer. On the other hand, Zeus asked Hermes to get Lo back from Hera, which Hermes did. 

As the tale goes, Hermes tells a very long boring story to Argos, who fell asleep listening to the story. Hermes took the opportunity to kill Argos by knocking him on the head with a stone.

To show her gratitude and to honor Argos, Hera placed his eyes on the tail of her peacock. 

The Peacock’s Link To Jesus

In early Christian art, the peacock is depicted as a symbol of Resurrection and Eternal Life. The symbol is entrenched in pagan religion, which believed the peacock flesh never decayed.

Therefore the first Christians adopted the peacock as their symbol to represent Resurrection and the everlasting existence of Christ the Savior. During medieval times, it was believed the peacock lost its feathers annually, and the feathers that grew back were more beautiful than the ones before. 

This idea was adopted by early Christians who saw the peacock as a symbol that represents the Resurrection of Christ. Since Christ died for the people’s sins (2Cor 5:21) then rose from the dead, his body bearing the wounds inflicted on Him by his fellow men. 

The Peacock’s Link To Kuan Yin

The peacock is also associated with the Chinese Goddess Kuan Yin. In Chinese spirituality, the peacock represents beauty, divinity, protection, majesty, and the triumph of good over evil.

Kuan Yin, whose name translates to “she who hears the cries of the suffering world,” was born a princess but later renounced Her possessions and luxuries of palace life to live amongst the ordinary people. She is known as a Bodhisattva, one who has attained enlightenment.

According to legend, Kuan Yin attained enlightenment but declined. She decided to return to earth to watch over and care for those in need. Kuan Yin brought along Her trusted pet, her peacock.

When Kuan Yin saw the immense need and heard the cries of the masses, she realized she was unable to help everyone at once. She, therefore, gave Her peacock a hundred eyes to serve as Her eyes on earth.

Spiritual Significance Of A Peacock In Islam

The 12th Century Persian poet, Farid ud-Din in his poem entitled “The Conference of the Birds,” wrote that the peacock was one of the animals living in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

Just as Adam and Eve were tempted into sin by the snake, so was the peacock. So the peacock left Paradise along with Adam and Eve. The Poet says that if the peacock can defeat the snake and deny its temptation, it may return to the Garden. 

Amongst the Javanese Muslims, they believe the peacocks are Guardians to the Gates of Paradise. They associate the peacock’s fan-like tail and feathers with the sun and the heavens and indirectly with royalty.

The “Peacock Throne” of Persia, a jewel-encrusted throne initially commissioned by the Indian Emperor Shah Jehan, was stolen by the Persians a century later. It was called the “Peacock Throne” because it had two peacocks carved into the throne’s back. Unfortunately, this precious artifact has been lost over time.

Significance Of Peacocks According To Native Americans

It is believed that the eyes on the feathers of the peacock hold deep spiritual wisdom. That is why when Native American sees a peacock, they believe the feathers carry spiritual wisdom and the desire to pursue spiritual enlightenment through prayer or meditation.

Peacock medicine is widespread amongst certain Native American cultures. Therefore the peacock represents healing on a spiritual and physical level.

Seven Spiritual Meanings Of A Peacock

We take more from a peacock than its beauty and prideful manner. There are spiritual meanings as well, which are discussed below.

1.   The Peacock Reminds Us To Be Joyful

Whenever we look at a peacock, its sheer beauty leaves us stunned and in awe. We wonder, how can such a magnificent creature be a part of this earth? Looking at a peacock brings a sense of joy and happiness to our hearts. No matter what you are going through, how tired of the life you are, when you see a peacock, it lifts your spirits.

The peacock is an instrument between our consciousness and the spirit realm. Therefore, when you come across a peacock, either in real life or a picture, the Higher beings communicate with you.

They are telling you to be happy, be joyful. Our lives must bring so much joy to others that we feel joy too. You cannot fill from an empty cup; therefore, you need to care for yourself first, then those around you. That is what the peacock helps you with.

2.   A Peacock Carries A Promise Of Everlasting Joy

The Universe is sending you a promise of everlasting joy. This applies to those going through such difficult or traumatic times that their whole psyche is negatively affected. 

If this resonates either with you or someone you know, the peacock carries a message from the Gods. Like the peacock is a vehicle for so many deities, the peacock will carry a promise, a message of everlasting joy to you. 

The promise is that you are about to enter a period of immense joy and happiness. The hard time will come to an end soon. Things will take a turn for the better, and you will find true bliss in your life. 

Be aware. When you are going through difficult times, ask the Universe to send you a peacock. Directly after this, you should expect a time of everlasting joy.

3.   Carries A Message Of Love To Us

When you have experienced heartbreak or betrayal either in a friendship or relationship, the peacock presents itself to resolve that issue. The peacock is a symbol of love; its attractiveness makes it easy to find a mate. 

If you have been praying for your soul mate, this is your sign your prayers have been answered. Therefore when a peacock appears to you, it makes you aware there is a change coming to your relationships. You are about to meet the person meant for you.

However, it would be best if you put in some work too. Position yourself correctly and keep an open mind to call forth the love you need. Trust the Universe and your peacock spirit animal.

4.   The Peacock Lets You Know Not To Settle For Mediocrity

Many think of the peacock as very proud, an attention seeker, but it stands out from others. When the peacock appears to you, it urges you not to settle for anything less than you deserve. 

It is time for you to be as valuable as the peacock. It is time for you To Stand Out! The peacock invokes strong passions and a desire to never settle for less, not just in love but also in every area of your life.

5.   The Peacock Carries A Message Of Self-Confidence

The peacock displays its inspiring qualities for all to see and admire. When the peacock appears to you, it carries a message to embrace yourself and your skills and talents truly. Be proud of who you are, your successes and failures, and all your skills. Never play small for anyone.

The peacock brings a message of self-confidence to you. It heartens you to pursue your dreams and never allow others or yourself, for that matter, to put you down. 

6.   A Peacock Carries A Message Of Self-Awareness

The beauty and elegance of the peacock carry a message of self-awareness. It encourages you to question yourself, “Are you aware of how beautiful your life is?”

Also, “Why don’t you focus on what you do have instead of the things you don’t have?”

The peacock does not have a tough exterior or a horn to protect itself. It does not hide or shy away. In fact, it is very vulnerable to predators. But that does not stop it from prancing around, displaying its regal beauty for all to see. 

Similarly, we should embrace and recognize our talents, skills, and strength for all to see. In this way, we attract more opportunities and open ourselves for more gifts from the Universe.

7.   The Peacock Encourages Us To Be Open And Honest

If you watch a peacock walk around, it prances very proudly, feathers wide open. It doesn’t have anything to hide. In the same way, you should be open and honest with those around you. Learn to live a life of total honesty.

Avoid living life with double standards. You can lose many opportunities and good friends if you continue living in this way. When the Universe needs you to change a harmful habit or behavior, it will send you a peacock.

What Does It Mean If I See A Peacock?

Unless you live close to a zoo or farm, sightings of peacocks can be rare. So when one does cross your path, you have to know how extremely lucky and blessed you are. And that is even more so if the feathers are open in all its glory!

The peacock spirit lets you know it is Ok to Love yourself, despite all the flaws and faults. Love yourself and be grateful for all your successes, no matter how small they seem to others or yourself. 

When a peacock appears to you, quit competing and comparing yourself to others. It is your life; after all, Live it on your terms.

It also reminds you to look beyond a person’s physical features. True beauty can be found through transformation and growth. Our inner beauty shines through as we evolve emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In this way, we help ourselves and others as well.


Despite what folklore and stories tell us, peacocks are not the pompous, prideful animals we were told they were. They are entrenched throughout history, holding a special place amongst many religious and spiritual groups. When the peacock appears to you either physically or in a dream, it brings a message for you from the spirit realm. Be ready to receive!

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