What The Dragonfly Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

A flush of translucent wings and metallic colors hover around the pond’s surface edges.   Up and onwards in a buzz, and then, like magic, the mysterious being is gone!  One of nature’s beautiful and most mysterious souls, the dragonfly, have graced my space.  Do you know the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly?

The spiritual meaning of a dragonfly is ‘the light of God’! It means to look within to find spiritual enlightenment. It symbolizes rebirth, immortality, transformation, adaptation, the importance of balance in life, the power of purpose and structure, and the poise between action and reflection.

The dragonfly has molted, transformed, and adapted to its surroundings and environment and is a symbol of positive change within oneself and realizing the meaning of a pure and energetic life cycle.  Read on to gather more information and inspiration from the spiritual meanings of the dragonfly.

The Spiritual Meaning Of A Dragonfly

The power of the dragonfly stems from its life cycle, starting as a water-dwelling nymph, where it spends a long time patiently waiting until it emerges as a beautiful dragonfly.  Our spiritual journey is a bit like the dragonfly. 

We have periods of deep self-examination until we discover our values and spiritual needs.  Once we have achieved this, we can move forward and create our reality and find our unique potential.

The energy of a dragonfly is a blend of fire and water, which represents the importance of a balanced yin and yang (masculine and feminine) energy in one’s daily spiritual life.  Fire is the element of energetic growth, passion, enthusiasm, and sexuality.  Water is the element of introspection, feelings, intuition, nurturing energy, and love. 

Although these elements are complete opposites that can destroy each other, the dragonfly understands the balance, as it stands perfectly poised through periods of stormy weather.  We need to find this balance between the elements in our lives, or we will quickly burn out or become too emotionally involved.  A balance is essential between forceful action and receptive reflection.

Spiritual Lessons From The Dragonfly

Dragonflies teach us these three spiritual lessons that can be the foundation of our spiritual practices:

The Power Of Purpose And Structure

A dragonfly is an expert hunter, patiently waiting in perfect stillness for the right opportunity to grab its prey.  We can learn from dragonflies how to have willpower over our impatient and impulsive natures in our thoughts and actions.  These lovely creatures teach us the importance of creating structures to help increase willpower through daily spiritual practices.

Embrace Your Spiritual Growth Stages

The dragonfly goes through many growth spurts before it emerges as a dragonfly.  This growth progression is representative of our energetic growth periods on our spiritual journey.  We face many painful stages in our life cycle, such as traumas, loss, illness, and all these feelings need to be emotionally processed and worked through. 

But, these hardships and obstacles keep us moving forward, and the dragonfly teaches us that the transformation we go through is essential to growing in our spiritual life.  We should embrace and honor these stages in our lives.

The Spiritual Balance Between Action And Reflection

People differ in how they react to life’s various phases; some emphasize taking action and moving forward, while others prefer to remain still in reflection.  However, the action and reflection should be well balanced for spiritual growth.

The dragonfly is an excellent example of this balance.  The body of the dragonfly remains completely still while its wings rapidly move.  It teaches us that if we do not have this balance, it can be harmful to our bodies.

When we take action, it requires a lot of energy, and we can feel weak and burnt-out, and just being still makes us feel stagnant and prevents us from moving forward with our goals.

In the process of introspection, we begin to know more about ourselves, and this period of rest helps us gain strength for the next phase of action.

Spiritual Meaning of Dragonfly Wings

The wings of the dragonfly give this beautiful being its strength and balance, and for this reason, the dragonfly has the spiritual energy of the number four.  The number four represents completion, perfection, harmony (yin and yang), and expression.  This number four gives us stabilizing energy to launch into our next phase.

Dragonfly wings are connected with the element of air which represents the mental pursuit, thoughts, and imagination.  Air is the element for dreams, and because dragonflies represent expression, their wings are the merging of a dream with reality.

If you dream about dragonfly wings, you should look at your goals and dreams and see if they correspond with your current reality, e.g., if staying in a job that you don’t like prevents you from attaining greater achievement in the workplace.

Dragonfly wings remind us to celebrate our successes and accomplishments on our life journey.  We need to be grateful for the foundation they have set to launch us into our next phase or cycle.

The Spiritual Meaning When A Dragonfly Enters Your Home

Our energy and spiritual growth are nurtured in our home, and a visit from a dragonfly brings protection, happiness, peace, self-awareness, and domestic harmony.  Be thankful for this positive omen and gift of blessings and love for your home.

The dragonfly will stay in your home for as long as it needs to, so keep the windows and doors open so that it can fly out on its own.  You can bring the energy of the dragonfly into your house by placing a dragonfly figurine near the place where the dragonfly was first seen.

When the dragonfly gracefully touches the water to lay its eggs, it symbolizes elegant and efficient communication, so place a figurine near your workplace to help you communicate pleasingly and gracefully.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Dead Dragonfly

When you see a dead dragonfly, it could be a message to leave something behind and start anew.  Sometimes we commit to things longer than we should, preventing us from growing and moving on.  The spiritual meaning of the dead dragonfly is change and transformation.  It represents the ending of something and the beginning of the next phase in your life.

Different Color Dragonflies And Their Spiritual Meaning

The dragonfly colors have spiritual messages, focusing on the specific energy you are currently experiencing.  Some dragonflies have multiple colors, so there may be a blend of different energies.  Here are the different colors and their meaning:

Color of the DragonflySpiritual Meaning of the Dragonfly
RedExpression, high vitality, good health, harmony, and financial security
BlueSharing ideas, better communication with others, controlling negative and distracting thoughts, reflection, self-examination, and releasing social anxiety
BlackThis most powerful and significant color represents spiritual enlightenment, ultimate happiness, and inner strength, bringing deep protection and healing.
GreenSelf-acceptance, acceptance of others, stability for a strong community, new ideas, and spiritual growth
OrangeConfidence, emotional stability, self-empowerment, and action on your goals
GoldSelf-awareness, abundance, creative expression of self, action, and success
BrownNurturing energy, protection, healing after illness, child-like innocence, and amusement
PurpleSpiritual growth and awareness, inner knowingness, and taking action with a higher perspective
Black and WhiteYin and yang energy, more balance, masculine and feminine divine creation, duality and transformation

The Dragonfly As A Spirit Animal

A spirit animal is the one who comes to you to guide and teach you what you need to learn to meet the challenges on your spiritual journey. 

As a spirit animal, the dragonfly symbolizes change and light, and when a dragonfly visits you, it reminds you to bring more lightness and joy into your life.  It is also an indication that it is time for a change, and you may be encouraged to live and experience yourself differently.  The two attributes of the dragonfly spirit animal are:

  • Lightness – the dragonfly spirit animal reminds us always to keep a light and positive outlook on life.
  • Flexibility – the dragonfly, always around water, symbolizes the attraction to the realm of emotion and the unconscious.  When a dragonfly comes to you, you may need to explore your feelings in a light and joyful manner.

Another meaning of the dragonfly animal spirit is the symbolic association of illusion.  The dragonfly reminds us to show our colors more often and shine just like it shines with its beautiful colors and lightness of wings.  It also reminds us to look through the illusion if someone’s intentions are unclear and may be deceiving you.

Dragonflies have a fairy-like quality, and the spirit animal of this creature is a spirit of light and fairy realms.  It tells us to open ourselves up to the magic of nature and the elements.

Are Dragonflies Messages From An Angel

Dragonflies can be a sign that your angel or spiritual guide has come to inspire, encourage, comfort, or protect you.  Sometimes dragonflies show up when your vitality and vibration are on a high level.  The dragonfly has a high vibration and is sensitive to energy currents influenced by the spiritual realm.

If there is a radiating light around them, dragonflies being sun-loving creatures, will fly towards it.  People who attract many dragonflies are usually optimistic, compassionate, and are on a spiritual transformation journey.  When a dragonfly comes to you, it can also be that it is your animal spirit guide and is there to offer you strength and wisdom during certain phases of your life.

Dragonfly Spiritual Symbolisms And Myths

Many spiritual beliefs surround the dragonfly throughout the world.  Here are a few of these ancient symbolisms, spiritual beliefs, and myths:

Native American Spiritual Symbolism

Some Native Americans believe the spirit of the dragonfly represents spring, rebirth, and renewal, and others believe that the meaning of dragonflies is swiftness, illusion, and change.  In many Native American Societies, the symbol of a dragonfly is portrayed in artworks and motifs. 

The Navajo People depict dragonflies in sand paintings and pottery as a symbolism of water to ensure rains come to their dry areas.  In their Legend of Creation, they believe that the First World was a small island inhabited with different types of insect people and that one of these was the dragonfly.

The Zuni Indians believe that the dragonfly possesses supernatural powers, and they are not allowed to kill them.

Celtic Dragonfly Spiritual Symbolism

Celtic myths have more than 23 different names for the dragonfly, and there are many poems, stories, legends, and myths that mention dragonflies.  Dragonflies are seen as magical beings, and as their eyes have 360-degree vision, the Celtic believes that this symbolizes that the human mind can seek beyond its limitations.

Many Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic legends talk about the magic of the dragonflies and that they represent overcoming delusions about self.

Japanese Dragonfly Myths And Beliefs

The dragonfly is revered in Japan and is this nation’s national emblem.  Many Japanese parents believe that the dragonfly is a protector for their children.

In Japanese mythology, it is believed that the legendary first emperor, Jimmu-Tenno, climbed a Nara mountain to look at the Seto Inland Sea.  He saw that the island was shaped like the ‘heart rings’ the dragonfly make when mating.  It is told that a mosquito tried to steal his royal blood, but a dragonfly killed the mosquito, and after these symbolic encounters, the emperor named Japan the Dragonfly Island.

Centuries ago, the rice farmers believed that the dragonfly was the spirit of the rice plant as so many dragonflies lived within the watery rice paddy fields.  The Japanese Samurai warriors have great respect for the dragonfly and depict them on their swords and arrows to believe that these weapons will fly fast and straight like the dragonfly.


The spiritual meaning of the dragonfly is looking within yourself to find your spiritual pathway and, through this, learn to live a more balanced and purposeful life.  The dragonfly teaches us to harmonize with nature and the elements and bring more lightness and joy into our lives.  The dragonfly reminds us to take time to reflect before we take action, not to burn out before moving forward to greater achievements. 

There are many stages in our life-cycle when we become emotional and need to deal with traumas, illness, and loss, but we need to embrace these phases and keep moving forward. The dragonfly tells us to create important structures to help increase willpower and achieve spiritual enlightenment through daily spiritual practices.

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