What The Fly Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The fly is a highly common insect regardless of where you live. This is because it can breed, grow and feed and ultimately thrive in almost any conditions. Even if we see them as scourge and dirty, it does not negate that they are survivors who play a vital role. But what is their spiritual meaning?

The fly embodies persistence and is adaptable. They are resourceful and true survivors. They also represent transformation and having vision, especially for change. They signify cleansing and implementing of solutions to problems. They do, however, also represent nervousness and restless thoughts.

As we will see, the fly is symbolic of both positive and negative things. They can represent things such as danger lurking in your life, as well as draw your attention to gossip. On the other hand, though, they can be an emissary for forthcoming abundance in your life. So to find out in greater detail what the fly means, read on. 

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Fly

As mentioned, the fly can hold both good and bad meanings, and it often depends on where we are in life and what sort of energies we are giving off. One thing that the fly certainly reminds us of is that we reap what we sow. Yes, anyone can experience bad things, but usually, if you’re exerting goodness, it will return.

In terms of spirituality, this is a no-brainer. If you dedicate time to growing your spirit and making an effort to learn and discover, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Also, if you have a good, pure, kind, and generous spirit, you will be repaid in kind. This will reflect in your thoughts, words, and actions.

The key, though, is that you have to be consistent in your efforts, and you need to remain determined and persistent if you want to see the fruits of your labor. These sorts of returns do not come overnight, and you need to be willing to put in the time and effort – just like nurturing and growing a tree; eventually, it will bear fruit.

The fly resembles even more than this, though, and encourages us to do so even when we face adversity and tragedy. It is not easy to keep pushing when everything seems to be set against you, but this is the life of a fly. In the end, though, it is prosperous, and its works always result in victory.

They also symbolize traversing life as a free spirit. They encourage us to be unrestricted in our spiritual walks – just as they walk all over our and their food, free of cares and worries. They also dive into drinks and fly dangerously close to things like open flames. They are uninhibited and always ready for adventure.

Interestingly enough, the fly was one of the creatures that the Norse God, Loki, would often transform into to cause mischief, tease, and provoke others. Likely, many were not impressed with these antics; however, he must have found being a fly a rather exhilarating experience.  

Biblically, Satan is labeled the “Lord of the Flies” as he is evil’s powerful and manipulative embodiment. So as we can see, there are also certain connections to flies that are not positive. The fly can also clearly represent a person or thing endangering our spiritual growth and journey.

The fly also has strong connections to our emotions, particularly those with negative connotations. These stem out of nervousness and restless thoughts. We need to be aware that emotions and aspects attached to them are strongly linked to our spirituality and can have a distinctive influence.

Irritation is something we are likely to experience when a fly persistently buzzes around us, and it also happens to be an emotion with which they are associated. In life, there are plenty of things that can lead to our becoming irritated, but we need to process them properly. Otherwise, it festers and becomes disruptive.

Although the fly encourages us to be persistent, it also signifies the sensation of being frustrated. This is much like irritation but often derives from different reasons and manifests slightly differently. Just as flies are hard to catch and get rid of, so it can sometimes be in life where we try our best, but nothing seems to go our way.

Life is full of uncertainties, and although planning and preparation can usually help curb this, there is often the experience of anxiety, especially nowadays. Anxiety is the sense that something bad will happen, even if there is no proof. Like a buzzing fly, it lingers and eats away at us until we become irrational and distressed.

Going a step further from anxiety is fear, and this is a natural response to things so that we are vigilant and in a state of self-protection. Sometimes fear is valid, and at other times it is derived from nonsensical causes. Either way, it gets a firm grip on our psyche and can cripple our spirits.

Although they hold these meanings, the fly, especially if it is your spirit animal, will try to encourage against them, or at least the healthy management and processing of these feelings. They are valid, relevant, and useful, but only under the right conditions. The fly does not want these to cripple us and stifle our growth.

Symbolic Meanings Of A Fly

The fly can easily be overlooked, as can many insects, but they play a vital role in the circle of life. Although they are typically seen as a nuisance, and there are even devices specifically designed to aid in ridding our homes of them, they are remarkable creatures with many intuitive insights to teach us.

Flies show us that despite what the world thinks of you, there is a purpose to you being here, and your life offers value and has meaning in the greater scheme of things. Even though it is associated with filthy, rotten, and unpleasant things, they rise above this and manage to prosper in a world that would see them fail.  

Just as the fly has to constantly avoid danger and those who mean to cause it harm or death, so we must be aware of things in our lives that are causing us damage. It may be something that looks like it is good for us too, like a relationship or a job, but the fly wants us to analyze our surroundings and make honest assessments. 

Similarly, the fly also speaks of hate, blame, and malicious intent. These may be things that others feel towards you, or you may be feeling towards others. Either way, these are detrimental and need to be resolved. Also, the fly symbolizes that you may be spending excessive time with someone or something that is a bad influence.

The fly also symbolizes that one is likely to experience abrupt changes in their thoughts, emotions, and daily life. This means that one needs to be adaptable and rapidly acclimatize to the new conditions, even if they turn out to be unfavorable.  

Thankfully, a positive symbolism is connected to this, though, and that is of flexibility and the fact that if one can exercise this, they are likely to thrive, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. The fly also signifies exponential growth and the ability to see a way forward despite difficulties.

The fly also reminds us that persistence is key to obtaining our dreams and goals, and by pushing on, ultimately, we will see the fruits of our labor. In being an incredibly driven individual, you may annoy those around you, especially since you may need to be selfish for a time – do not let this stop you.

In the same vein, flies also symbolize motivation and drive. Two components you will need to muster the energy to remain dedicated to seeing your goals through to the end. And eventually, you are likely to experience wealth and abundance, which are strongly associated with the fly.

What is curious about the fly is that it does not see these things coming about only in peaceful, tranquil, and pleasant times, but rather that you are likely to obtain them after passing through tough times and in harsh environments. The fly thus symbolizes survival, transformation, and rebirth.

Dreaming About A Fly

Flies are commonplace as we are aware and for some seeing them in dreams is also something that happens frequently, but we need to look closely at the meanings as there could be serious implications for us in our lives.

In society, flies are renowned for being pests, and their presence in our dreams can mean that there is something, someone, or an event currently in our lives that is bothersome. We are annoyed by this and might be repressing it to keep the peace, but it is starting to eat us up and needs to be addressed.

Additionally, if the fly in your dream is persistently buzzing around and you cannot seem to locate it, this could well be a warning of unusual and, most likely, unpleasant things coming your way. You are advised to prepare yourself and remain composed while dealing with whatever may come your way.

In general, dreaming about flies represents dark and stern elements, ranging from doubt to unrest to trials and difficulties. It may be regarding something you are already enduring, or it could be a forewarning of things that are yet to come.

Dreaming of flies can also be a warning that you are neglecting something or someone of importance. Take heed as the recurrence of this dream could indicate that you are on the brink of losing what is important to you. Alternatively, it could mean that you are grasping something too tightly and need to let go and move on.

Following this, the dream can mean that something needs to be allowed to run its natural course and come to an end. This may be a relationship, a job, project, or hobby. You are expending your energy and attention on something “dead”, and you are being encouraged to move on.

If the flies in your dream are dead or dying, this is a good omen and a sign that you are coming to the end of a confusing or challenging period. This will be followed by a time of peace and tranquility, and you will have the opportunity to recuperate and recover from the difficulties you have recently faced.

Alternatively, a fly in your dream may be a symbol of your ability to adapt and overcome and that you will succeed in your current endeavors. If the fly is eating something sweet, you are likely to prosper and enter into a period of abundance.

To witness a fly feeding on meat or a carcass is a symbol of change in your life. You either have or will undergo a period of death of the old self and rebirth into something new. Welcome the evolution and shed anything that you feel may be trying to hold you back from stepping into your higher self.

The Fly As A Spirit Animal

The fly is often overlooked, and one may not consider it a viable spirit animal, but it has valuable lessons to teach us. The fly embodies adaptability, perseverance, and the vision to see things differently from others.

The fly may come to you in times where you are undergoing periods of transition and change. You are encouraged to be willing to adopt an air of flexibility. Experiencing alterations in our lives can be disruptive and uncomfortable, but ultimately they are likely to lead to our growth and maturity.

Your fly spirit animal encourages adaptability. Even though you may experience trials and hardships, you will encounter prosperity and abundance if you are determined and persist through the tough times. Hold your head up high and keep pressing on until you acquire the desired results of any venture.

While you are undergoing these periods of alteration in your life, your spirit animal will encourage you to be resilient and show toughness, even when you feel helpless or weak. At first, you may have to fake it and put on a brave face, but you will find it comes more naturally with time.

The fly will also aid your vision and allow you to see the path set out before you with exceptional clarity. It is much easier to find the courage to push on when you can see where you are going and know what lies ahead. Eventually, you will obtain success and will have truly earned it.

It is then important to remember to remain humble, even once you have achieved success and overcome the obstacles in your path. Yes, it is ideal to have self-confidence and be sure of your capabilities, but your spirit animal will remind you to remember your roots and show modesty.

Part of why fly people can make successes of themselves is that they are quick to act, and thus they seize the opportunities that come their way. They can also see the upsides and possibilities where others cannot. This is much like how the fly can find beauty and worth in things that others look down on.


As we have seen, the fly holds both positive and negative meanings, and often it can depend on your outlook. Flies have a bad reputation for being annoying insufferable, and selfish. However, they are also adaptable, flexible, and the epitome of survival. They also remind us to see the possibilities in life rather than the pitfalls.

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