What The Grasshopper Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The Grasshopper is seen as a symbol of good luck and success in many parts of the world. Their tremendous ability to jump fast, far, and out of harm’s way underlies this belief. Grasshopper’s spiritual meaning ties into its habit of being an insect that lives on the ground and in the air, signifying a balance between action and stillness.

Grasshoppers as spirit guides encourage us to take a leap of faith and have the courage to act even if we don’t yet know the exact outcome of our actions. Grasshoppers communicate by sound (stridulation). Their message is that finding and trusting your own voice will attract what you need in life.

Grasshoppers belong to an order of insects that goes back 250 million years. This is evidence of extraordinary resourcefulness, endurance, fertility, and longevity. They have a varied symbology and are considered a blessing and a plague. This ancient creature living alongside us has a lot of spiritual wisdom to offer.

Spiritual Symbolism And Positive Meaning Of Grasshoppers

Insects belonging to the sub-group Orthoptera like Grasshoppers and crickets have powerful back legs. Grasshoppers can jump 20-30 times their own length. The appearance of Grasshopper signifies a time when leaping forwards is needed to overcome obstacles.

Grasshoppers have finely developed sensory organs like their antennae which perceive touch and smell. These insects have two large compound eyes and three simple eyes. Grasshoppers have a well-developed sense of hearing. They warn us to use our intuition and sense organs to become aware of possible dangers and opportunities.

There are at least 11 000 species of Grasshoppers known worldwide. They differ widely in appearance and habits. Some are so superbly camouflaged that they only become visible when they move. The spiritual message here is that one should have patience. Acting powerfully at the right time will have the maximum effect.

Some Grasshoppers display warning coloration in bright yellow, red and black. These Grasshoppers protect themselves by warning predators that they could be toxic to eat. The advice offered is to show your true worth and revel in your unique abilities. Do not let your potential go unnoticed.

All male grasshoppers and some females make rasping sounds by rubbing their back legs against their rigid wing veins. This is how they attract mates as well as warn off invaders. Do not be afraid of singing your own song or voicing your heartfelt opinions. Use your voice creatively to attract those you want in your love life.

Grasshoppers molt up to six times before they metamorphose into adults. Only the adults have fully developed wings. This step-by-step transformation can be seen as a symbolic call to make the changes for transforming your life. Do what is needed to grow wings and escape from the past. Grasshopper urges us to embrace change.

Spiritual Symbolism And Negative Meaning Of Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are considered a pest when they come together in swarms and cause significant damage to agricultural harvests. This happens when the ecological balance has been disturbed by great expanses of monoculture crops that disrupt the food chain. Fewer birds and predators that feed on grasshoppers are part of this imbalance.

Locust swarms are a warning that the ecological balance needs to be restored. The spiritual meaning is that the equilibrium of giving and taking in your life may need to be adjusted. When Grasshoppers appear negatively, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are individuals or groups of people taking more from you than required?
  • Are others taking too much of your time and energy, leaving you exhausted emotionally?
  • Are you over-using your resources?
  • Are you disturbing the emotional balance of somebody else?
  • Are you moving with the wrong crowd?
  • Are you resisting a journey that can reunite you with your family?

Grasshoppers jump upwards and forwards in great leaps, but they never jump backward. The negative spiritual meaning of grasshoppers could warn you of possibly spending too much time stuck in the past instead of moving forwards. Questions to ask yourself include the following:

  • Are you discouraged from taking action that can change your life?
  • Are you afraid to make the moves you need to go forwards in your career or personal life?
  • Are you fearful of taking a big step or a leap-of-faith?
  • Have you been taking thoughtless actions?
  • Are you hindering the progress of those that are close to you?
  • Do your ambitions to be successful cause damage to other people or the natural world?

Grasshopper Symbolism World Wide

Grasshoppers have been inhabiting the earth since before humans appeared. Many cultures have folk-tales and stories associated with this insect. The  Grasshopper is seen chiefly as a symbol of good luck and happiness. Here are some of the spiritual meanings of Grasshoppers as seen by different world cultures.

Grasshopper Symbolism in Oriental Cultures

Grasshoppers are valued as good omens, bringing success and happiness. Crickets and Grasshoppers were seen as holy creatures in ancient China and considered symbols of divine truth. Killing these insects was believed to bring bad luck. Grasshoppers featured in love charms made for Chinese brides to ensure a happy marriage.

In early Buddhist writing, the Grasshopper is seen as sacred, announcing new beginnings and a quick end to the cycle of life. Some believed that deceased relatives come back in the form of Grasshoppers or crickets. The Dalai Lama traditionally wears robes with Grasshopper images combined with dragons, frogs, and butterflies.

Grasshopper Symbolism In Native American Culture

The Indian tribes of North America relying on agriculture considered Grasshoppers as symbols of bad luck, greed, and carelessness. The origin of this is the locust swarms that caused damage to their crops. Hunter-gatherer tribes, on the other hand, saw Grasshoppers as good omens foretelling changing weather conditions.

In Aztec culture, Grasshoppers have both good and bad connotations. They are associated with water and fertility. Grasshoppers are also associated with famine, death, and punishment. As symbols of devastation and abundance, Grasshoppers are seen as a reflection of the dual nature of capricious gods.

Grasshoppers are honored in many Aztec sculptures and carvings made of precious stones. The Creation stories of the Navajo tribes have Grasshopper-people inhabiting one of the four underworlds. As in many others cultures, Grasshoppers were portrayed as spiritual messengers communicating with the Gods.

The Mimbres people of ancient Mexico are well known for their exquisite and sophisticated pottery. These were often decorated with geometric patterns and insects like Grasshoppers, dragonflies, and antlion larvae in black on white. 

Objects decorated with insects were often used in ceremonies and burials as insects were believed to be messengers between the realms of Life and Death.

Grasshopper Symbolism In Christian Culture

There are several references to Grasshoppers in the Bible. During a famine, God sent his people Grasshoppers as a food source. The symbolism is that those trusting in God will receive what they need. The same symbolism applies in Exodus, where locusts are sent as a plague via God’s prophet Moses to free his people from captivity.

In the book Isaiah, humans are shown to be as insignificant as a Grasshopper before God. The Grasshopper here is a symbol of God’s greatness and omnipotence.

Grasshopper Symbolism In Greek Mythology

To the ancient Greeks, Grasshoppers were a symbol of nobility and longevity. In Greek mythology, Tithonus (prince of Troy and lover of the goddess Aurora) was gifted with immortality by the God Zeus. Unfortunately, this privilege was not backed up by eternal youth. Tithonus shrunk and begged to be turned into a Grasshopper.

The fable of Tithonus illustrates how the Grasshopper was seen as a symbol of eternal life and the virtues of loyalty, love, and perseverance. In the Archaic period in Athens (700 – 480 BC), it was fashionable for men to wear hair clasps decorated with Golden Grasshoppers as a sign of their nobility.

Grasshopper As A Spirit-Animal

Accepting Grasshopper as a spirit guide will teach you much about finding balance in the dualities of life. Grasshopper teachings put a lot of emphasis on listening to your intuition and inner voice. To receive messages from this power animal, pay close attention to the behavior of any Grasshoppers that catch your eye.

The Balance Between Stillness And Action

Grasshoppers can appear inactive, and suddenly, they jump and are gone instantaneously. The spiritual advice contained in this behavior is to look before you act. Act with enthusiasm and believe in success even though the outcome may seem uncertain. This is Grasshopper’s strategy.

Those with Totem animals like Grasshopper or cricket seem to effortlessly jump into new and prosperous undertakings. This is especially true when they follow their own instincts and find their own way of jumping into action. Grasshopper might suddenly appear to propose acting rather than over-thinking the issues.

The Balance Between Earthly And Heavenly Realms

Herbivorous ground-dwelling insects are often camouflaged in green and brown coloring and stay where they can go unnoticed. Grasshoppers have this ability, but they can also catapult themselves into the air and fly away. As a spirit guide, this ability is a warning to keep yourself grounded even when escaping in daydreams.

Grasshopper spirit guides are often connected to themes of astral travel and finding ways to move through different earthly and spiritual realms. Grasshoppers that are dull and brown can fly up and flash their surprisingly lurid red underwings. They can help us overcome obstacles by lateral thinking and finding unorthodox solutions.

If your totem animal is a Grasshopper, you will find a way to be humble as well as ambitious. Grasshopper teaches how to keep your heart, mind, and spirit in balance while staying grounded in practical realities.

The Balance Between Speaking Out And Keeping Quiet

Grasshopper power animals can teach us a lot about finding and listening to our inner voice. Different species of grasshoppers each make unique sounds. These buzzing-and-chirping songs are effective acoustic communications. Grasshopper teaches us to use our own abilities creatively and display them proudly.

Grasshoppers have a tympanic organ near the base of the hind legs and internal air-sacs that give them the ability to hear exactly where sounds are coming from. When they call a mate, they stay quiet and listen to pinpoint the direction of the female’s response.

If you are suddenly more aware of the sounds, Grasshoppers make, be open to vibrational modes of healing. Musical therapy or sound journeys could be beneficial at this stage of your life. This could also be a reminder to take up playing the instruments you never find the time for.  

People attuned to the power of Grasshopper as their totem animal will know that the balance between listening and speaking up is the key to clear communication.

The power of stillness, meditation, and mindfulness of your surroundings is part of Grasshopper’s teachings.

What Do Grasshoppers In Dreams Signify

In general, dreams of Grasshopper could indicate that it is time for acting or deciding how to move forwards. Are there any situations that occupy your mind and need to be acted on? When Grasshoppers come to you in a dream, pay attention to their appearance, actions, and the emotions that they evoked in you or other role players.

Grasshoppers in flight could be a call to find your freedom or to trust in your abilities to get away from a troubling situation. A healthy jumping Grasshopper signifies independence, enlightenment, and freedom to move into a new phase of your life.

A wingless Grasshopper could signal that it is time for personal transformation.

When Grasshoppers appear injured or dead in a dream, it could be a sign to look for who or what is keeping you from moving ahead in your life. Look into the negative aspects of Grasshopper symbolism and see if that throws light onto areas of your life where you are not making progress.

It is always important to consider your usual daytime attitude towards the creatures appearing in dreams. If you usually dislike grasshoppers but find them beautiful in a night-time vision, then embrace them as a new spirit guide. This could also bring awareness that previous ways of thinking are no longer beneficial.

Additional Associations When Seeing Grasshoppers

When Grasshoppers enter your life as a spirit-guide, totem animal, or just cross your path in daily life, give some thought to the following associations.

  • Abundance
  • Achievement
  • Astral travel
  • Benevolence
  • Challenges overcome
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Fearlessness
  • Fertility
  • Fresh beginnings
  • Forward-thinking
  • Good health
  • Inner voice
  • Intuition
  • Leaping over obstacles
  • Leaps of faith
  • Longevity
  • Motivation
  • Optimism
  • Patience
  • Taking chances
  • Vibrancy
  • Wealth and posterity
  • Decisiveness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Music therapy
  • Transformation
  • Inspiration to musicians, artists, and dancers


Grasshoppers have a positive message that happiness and good luck await those with the courage to follow their dreams and act on their intuitions. We might not know how things will work out, but Grasshopper advises us to jump with the confidence that our efforts will succeed.

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