What The Horse Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Horse?

Horses are widely beloved animals known for their gentle yet wild souls. Like most, these majestic creatures have always held a special place in my heart. Considering their strong bodies and even stronger personalities, you may wonder: what is the spiritual meaning of a horse?

Spiritually, horses are symbols of passion, nobility, power, obedience, diligence, freedom, and independence, among other qualities. A horse represents spirit in both the physical and metaphysical sense. Thus, making them the embodiments of the human spirit and desire.

Horses are believed to symbolize personal power, the skills you master in life, and your natural talents. These animals represent self-actualization, teaching that knowing what drives you and being motivated will take you further than you may expect.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Horse?

The spiritual meaning behind a horse is one of endurance, valor, travel, beauty, majesty, and spirit.

The appearance of a horse brings directed energy – whether it be of power, passion, or desire. A horse will give you the energy and courage to move past your struggles and troubles to find bigger and better things.

Horses are hard-working animals; being stubborn and determined means accomplishing nearly anything they put their minds to. With their diligence, horses are a reminder to put faith in your own strength to achieve your goals.

The horse teaches you to follow your heart and go where your emotions and passions take you. These animals are strongly connected to desire and sexual energy, but the horse’s nature differentiates between control and promiscuity.

Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of a horse is to never give up on your passions and to maintain a balance between the wild and tamed parts of yourself. You must fully embrace and be proud of who you are if you seek true freedom.

The Spiritual Meanings Of Different Colored Horses

The spiritual meaning of horses extends beyond the mere associations to the animal but continues with more detailed characteristics connected to the color of a horse.

  • Grey (White) Horse – Grey horse symbolism includes purity, freedom, wisdom, heroism, spiritual enlightenment, and the triumph of good.
  • Black Horse – Black horses symbolize strength, beating expectations, wildness, victory, and passion.
  • Brown Horse – Brown horse symbolism is that of consistency, energy, determination, stubbornness, and control.

Finding the meaning of a multi-colored horse is as easy as combining the meanings of the colors above.

Spiritual Messages From Horses

Humans and horses have built a strong and trusting relationship that has created a deep sense of mutual respect and responsibility towards each other. Thus, a horse is always looking to warn or guide you through any situation, their messages carrying the knowledge you need to succeed. These are a few common messages sent by a horse:

  • Determination: Horses are determined to a fault, making them easily exploitable. A horse symbolizes that you should use your stubborn determination to accomplish your goals and that others will want to take advantage of your drive. With this quality comes optimism and faith – remember to focus on goals and not obstacles.
  • Endurance: The incredible endurance of a horse signifies that there is a long journey ahead of you. They are a reminder that you have the capacity to see things through.
  • Burdens: Despite the inspiring strength of a horse, they can only handle so much before being weakened by the burden. A horse is a sign to let go of the baggage you do not need; you must release what is weighing you down to move forward.
  • Travel: With how much they love to move, horses are symbols of travel. A horse appearing to you signifies that it is time you go somewhere new and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Beauty: Horses are a reminder of the beauty in life, despite all the ugliness in the world. You must remember to never give up and remember that life is beautiful.
  • Freedom: A horse is the embodiment of freedom. The unexpected sight of a horse signifies that you have been pent up for too long, and it is time to escape and explore something new.
  • Spirit: Many horses are described as ‘spirited’ due to their playful natures, making them the symbol of spirit on both a physical and metaphysical level. Thus, horses exude positive energy and represent the human soul. A horse inspires you to be yourself and have faith.
  • Valor: Though they are naturally gentle and peaceful, horses are incredibly brave – explaining why they were often used in war. A horse will not back down when confronted, their power making it easy to forget that they are gentle prey animals. Their valor is a reminder to stand your ground no matter what and to escape or fight your way out of trouble.
  • Majesty: Horses are heavily associated with nobility and leadership due to their services to humans as well as their own majestic nature. A horse teaches you to hold your head high and be proud of who you are. To achieve majesty in life is to fulfill your true purpose.

One message from a horse can be interpreted in both a positive and negative manner. The secret behind decoding this perspective is to look at the behavior of the horse:

A Wild Horse – There is no restraining a wild horse, bringing vitality and freedom in its actions. These horses are associated with embracing each of your desires as well as being out of control.

A Tame Horse – This horse represents control, restriction, and confinement. These horses are symbols of obedience and service as well as being held back or limited. 

For example, when looking at the message of majesty, a wild horse may symbolize pride and arrogance and the need to ‘get off your high horse’ and become more grounded. Alternatively, a tame horse could signify taking pride in yourself and your accomplishments.

The Spiritual Meaning When You Dream About Horses

As messages from the subconscious, dreams are unique to every individual. This means you will never be able to force one specific meaning onto a dream, but through understanding a combination of symbolic horse associations, your emotions throughout the dream, and your personal feelings on horses, you may decipher the meaning behind your dream.

Generally, horses are common animals to encounter in dreams, and their messages are plentiful. Dreams about horses symbolize passion, luck, wisdom, and fulfillment. While horse dreams have many interpretations, only you can find the hidden message.

Themes Horses In Dreams Symbolize

While there are dozens of ways to interpret seeing a horse in a dream, the meaning behind their appearance mainly revolves around set themes:

Freedom – Horses are symbolic of freedom and can often embody a desire for a new adventure.

Energy – Horses are powerful and wild animals, bringing strong energies with them.

Motivation – Horses are hard workers and represent the drive to move forwards and succeed.

Desire – Horses are associated with sexuality and sensuality; they can reflect your inner desires.

Pride – Horses can symbolize pride and arrogance in addition to passing judgment on others.

Horse Colors & Actions In Dreams And What They Signify

Much like how horse colors are symbolic of specific characteristics, different colored horses in dreams do carry slightly differing meanings.

  • Grey (White) Horse – Gray horses signify spiritual awareness. They symbolize prosperity, luck, and purity.
  • Black Horse – Black horses signify something negative, which can be turned into a positive. They bring mysteries and unknown wildness. A black horse also represents change and the beginning of something new.
  • Brown Horse – Brown horses signify positive, denoting ambition, determination, health, resilience, and strength. They symbolize a longing to explore the unknown.

These colors combined with actions also carry unique meanings. Thus, a horse appearing in a dream has a variety of interpretations.

  • A Beautiful Horse: This sighting is a sign of success – you must maintain your diligence, discipline, and dedication. Do not worry about the future.
  • A Running Horse: The sight of running horses implies that you have been ignoring issues you should confront. It symbolizes that you cannot run from the truth and must face the consequences of your actions.
  • A Horse Running to You: A positive omen predicts a reward for your hard work. On the other hand, it suggests you need to keep track of your financial discipline.
  • A Horse Running Away: A horse running away and out of control signifies meeting someone who will cause problems. You must guide this person to the right path.
  • Riding a Horse: This dream is associated with being in charge, controlling your impulses, and trusting your instincts. It could also signify having to take on a leadership role and develop these skills in the pursuit of success. Moreover, it symbolizes overcoming overthinking and indecisiveness, instead trusting your intuition.
  • Riding a Wild Horse: Riding a wild horse indicates challenges coming your way. Stay patient and determined to survive difficult times.
  • Riding a Horse with Someone: This dream represents good things that will happen in your relationship. Several people will express interest in you, and it signifies that this is the right time to find your partner. It also represents having a prosperous and lasting relationship.
  • Crossing a River on a Horse: Crossing a stream or river on a horse and reaching the other side signifies success in your plans. Further, it indicates your abilities to overcome obstacles. Murky water may suggest difficulties and problems. Not crossing the river means failure.
  • Falling off a Horse: Falling off a horse denotes adjustment to something unfamiliar. This dream is a manifestation of an adventurous spirit and perseverance.
  • A Horse Carriage: Seeing a horse carriage denotes future struggles and the need to remain calm and focused.
  • A Horse Eating or Drinking: Your mind and body are overwhelmed. Take time to relax and recharge. Learn your limitations and take care of yourself.
  • Horse Manure: This is a good sign associated with fortune and abundance. Being covered in horse manure signifies a fresh start and new ventures.
  • A Talking Horse: This is a reflection of yourself, and the horses’ words represent your own. This suggests you use your voice for messages worthy of respect. Contrastingly, this could be a sign to work on expressing yourself better.
  • A Wild Horse: Seeing a wild horse signifies an upcoming adventure. It may also represent your inner thoughts and sexual desire.
  • A Tame Horse: A tame horse denotes needing courage and authority in certain situations in life. It also indicates that you must be true to yourself and express yourself.
  • Taming a Horse: The action of taming a horse signifies that you are getting rid of negativity in your life. It reflects being optimistic, disciplined, and in control of your destiny.
  • Fearing a Horse: This symbolizes a big problem you are dealing with. Being afraid of dismounting a horse implies a fear of change.
  • A Saddled Horse: A horse with a saddle on its back is a sign to prepare for upcoming difficulties. It is a sign to plan for the worst and prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Saddling a Horse: Saddling a horse indicates that you must not rush into decisions. If the horse in the dream appeared ready for a ride, it signifies that you will find happiness in life. Alternately, it suggests that you are prepared to face uncertainties – your focus and discipline will help you achieve your goals.
  • Buying a Horse: Representing success, this dream suggests significant financial gain. Although, this dream could be a warning of deceit and a reminder to take caution around strangers.
  • Selling a Horse: An indication of future conflict which you will learn from. Be patient, understanding, and empathetic towards others.
  • Giving Away a Horse: This signifies being true to yourself instead of trying to be someone else.
  • A Dirty Horse: This dream is a bad omen depicting upcoming challenges. Further, it suggests failure in something you are working on.
  • Being Hurt by a Horse: A horse hurting you symbolizes misunderstanding and trouble with people in your life. Horses are a reminder to stay strong and persevere. A horse kicking you specifically represents upcoming marital, financial, or sexual problems. Furthermore, being bitten by a horse implies events will unfold. People close to you are spreading rumors about you and have hidden motives that will hurt you.
  • Killing a Horse: This signifies a difficulty with finances, acting as a reminder to manage your resources.


Horses provide the strength and courage you need to take necessary action in your life. Whether pursuing your goals, setting yourself free, or any other endeavor, the horse provides the guidance and knowledge you need to succeed.

Horses are reminders of the importance of balancing your wild and tame sides. In order to experience the beauty in life, you must fully embrace and be proud of who you are. Remember to follow where the wind takes you and embrace your passions.

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