What The Unicorn Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

Unicorns are mythical, magical creatures conveying messages, bringing healing from the veils between reality and the spirit realms. Ancient mythology prescribes the unicorn as the son of the dragon. When an individual’s spiritual ascension journey

has begun, these beautiful animals appear, either on a physical, spiritual or astral level.

Unicorns represent longevity, happiness, and prosperity. The horn centered at the third eye channels healing energy throughout the body and outward. Spiritually unicorns represent the soul’s journey back to the Source. They help enlightened souls along the path of self-realization and ascension. 

Read on if you need to know more about the unicorn as a spirit animal, guide, and the spiritual significance of a unicorn. This article will answer any questions you have about these mysterious magical creatures.

Unicorns: Are They Real Or Not?

Legends have been told about these magical, mythical animals that can be found throughout history. They can be seen on many coats of arms and are even Scotland’s national animal.  Unicorns were depicted in a set of tapestries, now held at the Met Cloisters in New York. 

The famous seven-piece tapestry dates back to 1500 AD depicts a group of hunters hunting a unicorn. One tapestry displays a snake poisoning a fountain. The unicorn utilizes its magical powers to remove the poison, thus allowing fresh, clean water for all animals, birds, and human beings. In this tapestry, the unicorn represents Jesus Christ, a being of pure soul. 

According to lore, the unicorn was one of the first animals named by Adam after he and Eve left the Garden of Eden. The unicorn follows Adam and Eve out from the garden, thus representing the quality of loyalty. 

Unlike Adam and Eve, the unicorn could return to the garden at the turn of every Century. Its strength and vitality were renewed when it ate from the vegetation and drank from the waters. Unicorns, therefore, have the unique ability to move across the many dimensions of this universe and beyond.

In another tale, the King James Bible mentions the unicorn nine times. Nobody knows the original meaning of the Hebrew word, re’em. A few scholars suggest a wild ox, “auroch,” or even an oryx, which is understandable because many people sold the antlers as unicorn horns.

What Became Of These Mysterious, Magical Unicorns?

Some believe the unicorns were on the verge of extinction due to hunters and healers wanting them for their horns, which were considered to have magical powers. There are a few theories related to why unicorns are no longer on this earth.

Unicorns became aware of human behavior; greed, anger, and hatred took over the human race. They adopted a conscious decision to leave this earthly plane and currently dwell on the seventh dimension, which relates to spirituality, a very calm and peaceful place.

Unicorns are the epitome of purity, innocence, Divine, and Spiritual Love. They are magical healers and drawn to others who reflect similar qualities. Other spiritual theorists believe unicorns left this world at the disappearance of Atlantis.

Around the time of the disappearance of Atlantis, they sensed the degradation of humankind, so they left to live in another faerie world.

Can Unicorn Spirit Guides Help You On Your Ascension Journey?

The easiest and most straightforward way to describe the Ascension journey is to see you as Source Energy going back to Source Energy. Human beings were created from the Divine Supreme Consciousness, descended to earth to fulfill a soul’s purpose.

Having given up all attachments to the ego-mind, the soul will make its return journey back to the Source, Supreme Consciousness. It is not a physical place the soul returns to. Rather, it is a journey from I, the Ego, to I Am, Source, Divine, or Supreme Consciousness. 

Unicorns are beings of pure unconditional Love with powerful healing energy. They constitute everything good and pure in this world. Therefore it is little wonder these ethereal creatures can assist with ascension. 

The Third Eye chakra, known as the Ajna chakra in Sanskrit, is located at the center of the forehead. Followers of any path of spirituality will tell you the third eye chakra relates to the perception of everything beyond ordinary human sight, on the spiritual and astral planes.

At the center of the forehead, the unicorn’s horn represents the third eye. Therefore, many healers and followers of spirituality believe the unicorn may assist with opening the third eye.

This is so human beings may come out of the unreal, material world they have been locked in and see the real world, where there is Divine Peace and Love, with no attachment to the Mind or Ego.

It is believed that unicorns are attracted to beings of pure Love that reflect some Divine qualities such as helpfulness, being kind, and naturally soft-hearted people.

If this beautiful, mysterious magical creature has chosen you, you are truly blessed.

Your healing and ascension are about to start.

How Can Unicorn Guides Raise Your Vibration?

Some scientists believe that every living object, human, animal, insect, or plant, emits a frequency in hertz. The emotional frequency chart measures emotions, which grow from the lower negative emotions to the higher, more positive ones. 

It is further believed the emotions higher up on the scale, such as Love, which has a frequency of 500Hz, and Peace, which has a frequency of 600Hz, relate more towards being spiritually awakened. To attain self-realization or Enlightened, human beings need to transcend from the lower, base emotions to the higher Divine emotions.

Therefore when a human being is spiritually ascending, sometimes the ascension may be difficult and painful. It would help if you remembered, ascension to a higher level takes intense work on every plane, and you are working on a physical level and a cellular level.

You are also working on years of reprogramming from every birth you have ever taken. It may take years to clear up all that emotional baggage. Connecting with your unicorn spirit, using unicorn medicine makes the task easier.

Being a spirit of such pure, untainted emotions, the unicorn clears away negative energy surrounding an individual and replaces it with unconditional Divine Love.

How To Attract More Love And Healing With Unicorn Spirit Guides?

Have you questioned a child about unicorns or angels or fairies, for that matter? Children are incredibly innocent and such pure souls; they reflect Divine values and qualities. That is the reason children can see beyond what adults see and have a higher perception of this world and the one beyond. 

Unicorns represent unconditional Love. To arise to a higher state of consciousness, you need to release all negative emotions holding you back. If you think your heart chakra is blocked, call on your unicorn spirit guide to heal and clear you. 

When an individual begins their ascension journey, their physical bodies go through a metamorphosis, very much like when the butterfly breaks out of the cocoon. The symptoms they experience may be mild to severe.

This is sometimes referred to as “the Dark Night of the Soul” and can be pretty traumatic if not handled with the correct care and attention. During this dark time, the individual loses emotional and physical attachment to the physical world.

It may be physically and emotionally challenging, and no person should go through this alone. The unicorn spirit guide is a beacon that guides the person towards their goal of self-realization.

Their unicorn spirit can help them through cleansing and healing. A unicorn spirit animal is a being of unconditional Love and is ever willing to share this Divine Love with those in need.

There is a deep spiritual connection between Angels and unicorns. Some say unicorns dwell together on the Angelic realm with their Angelic counterparts. Therefore, when you require healing, call on Arche Angel Raphael to heal. HE, together with your unicorn spirit, will bring healing and Love.

When you need assistance with calling in your soul mate or twin flame, again, use the energy of your unicorn spirit. Set your intentions, and allow the unicorns to bring guidance. Be open and willing to accept the answers the unicorn brings. Do not be too harsh on the unicorn. Unicorns do not interfere with `free will.`

The Spiritual Meaning Of Unicorn Horn

One of the unicorn’s distinct features, which makes it different from a horse, is the horn at the center of the unicorn’s forehead. The horn is in the third eye position and has magical and healing properties.

More than just the magical powers, the unicorn’s horn has a spiritual significance. The third eye, which can be found between the eyebrows, is related to an individual’s seat of wisdom and higher consciousness. It allows for purity of thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection. 

The unicorn’s horn represents the physical opening of the third eye, allowing an individual to expand their spiritual gifts.

Connecting With Unicorn Spirit Animal

The unicorn assists enlightened souls with opening the third eye, healing, and ascension through intense spiritual practices. They bring hope, abundance, and a sense of newness.

Unicorns are pure light energy, making it that much easier to connect with them. They respond to any person possessing a pure heart who has pure intentions. 

To connect with these ethereal beings, first set your intention. Writing down an intention sets it in place, almost like Moses carving the Ten Commandments in stone. It sends a powerful vibration out into the universe, letting it be known what it is you desire. Then, all you need to do is envision and see your desires come to fruition.

The next step is easy. Connect with your unicorn. Sit in a quiet space, taking deep cleansing; healing breathes, in and out. Visualize the unicorn in your mind’s eye. See every detail, the color, the horn, hooves, mane, and tail. You call the unicorn from the ethereal, astral plane to this physical one.

When you establish this connection with the unicorns, you will feel their energy, similar to a warm hug encompassing you. You will experience an energy burst of pure white light around your heart chakra area. 

Like Angels, when a connection is established, the good intentions are set, and your awareness is opened, unicorns will leave signs of their presence. These signs may be a white feather; see images of unicorns or rainbows, which are divine signs that let you know they have received your prayer.

Unicorn Spirit Heals Inner Child

As a person grows into an adult, their physical features change from child-like to adult. There are very distinct changes in their features, body weight, and height. The person is now an adult; the child no longer exists.

However, that child does still exist. Amongst many spiritual groups, it is referred to as the “inner child .”Some who have had traumatic childhoods and were abused as children hold onto those emotions. These emotions may have a negative effect on them as they grow into adults.

By holding onto the negative emotions from the past, the adult cannot advance spiritually. However, not every person has had a difficult or traumatic childhood. So there is nothing wrong with re-connecting with the child within.

Because we have grown into adults, the time for play, fun, silliness, compassion, or joy should not be forgotten. If you didn’t experience these during your childhood, it is even more reason to explore them as adults.

Once a connection is established with the unicorn spirit, exhibit child-like qualities to release the Inner Child. Children are so free, innocent, and pure. Be like a child again.

Dance in the rain, laugh, take up an art form, music, whatever activity that makes your heart sing, and be free. 

How To Find Your Unicorn?

Do you know that one that got away? You had a connection with a person, but a relationship could not be established for whatever reason. According to New Age philosophy, That person is known as a “unicorn.”

Here are a few pointers to recognize your unicorn. They may be able to help you, but above all else, trust your instinct first and foremost. Your unicorn may reveal itself to you; however, you need to be as honest with yourself as possible. In some cases, finding your unicorn may be scary, so tread with caution!

1.   Unrecognizable Physical Attraction

Some feature draws you, a pull so strong it is unexplainable to that person. It may or may not be a physical feature that attracts you to that person. Not every person may appreciate a horn at the center of the forehead, which is fine. It is what makes each person unique and special.

2.     Not The Right Time

Timing is everything when getting into a relationship. With your unicorn, however, the timing is never right. If you are free, the other person is otherwise attached or vice versa. That is how you recognize that that person is your unicorn.

3.   Reciprocation Versus Unrequited

One of the most exact ways to identify your unicorn would be whether your Love is reciprocated or not. If it is not, then it is unrequited Love and most definitely not your unicorn!

Some myths state that the unicorn seeks out and finds you. It is not a one-sided relationship but one that is shared. In addition to this, there is almost always a mutually accepted physical and sexual relationship. 

You know you can never get back together with your unicorn. You take that as a lesson and use those lessons to propel you further. Every person we meet on this journey called life has a lesson for us.

Question yourself, connect with your unicorn spirit guides and find out why that person was your unicorn and what you needed to learn from them. Once you do that, you are free to move on.

What Does The Unicorn Spirit Have To Teach Us?

Whenever the unicorn spirit guide makes a connection, it delivers a message so that the individual may learn something. Here are a few suggestions for your unicorn making a connection with you.

  • They encourage you to be your unique and special self.
  • Your Unicorn Spirit wants you to pursue your dreams.
  • Release and heal your Inner child, be creative.
  • For you to realize the world is a magical place.


Unicorns are not just animals we read about in children’s books or see in movies. When we get in touch with ourselves, not just on the physical levels but the spiritual ones, we begin to see and read the signs from the universe.

Your higher self is sending you a message to encourage you to open up your world. Your Unicorn spirit animal is waiting. Are you ready to receive it?

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