Can You Store All Your Crystals Together?

Figuring out the perfect way to store your crystals can be a challenging task. You may wonder if you can store your crystals together. Some people will say you can and others will advise that you don’t. It’s a good idea to store crystals together that have the same properties, purpose, or effect, that way, your crystals aren’t working against each other.

Properly storing your crystals is essential for preventing them from rusting and fading. However, it’s not impossible! Here are different ways you can store your crystals and tips that will help you store them.

Finding the Perfect Spot

When you think of storing crystals, you may think of the perfect-sized wooden chest of drawers. While this storage solution is ideal, these chests of drawers can be expensive and difficult to find. You’d be surprised at how many other ways you can safely and strategically store your crystals.

Storing a Small Crystal Collection

If you’re just getting started, you likely have a small crystal collection. Welcome to the club! There aren’t too many rules when it comes to storing crystals. Small crystals collections are easier to store than large collections.

You can use velvet pouches or organza bags for your tumbled crystals, such as Tiger’s Eye, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst, to name a few. Tumbled crystals can also be stored in a wooden box or wooden bowl. You might want to use a different storing solution for your unique and delicate crystals, such as a cardboard jewelry box. If you’re looking for an overall good storage solution for any crystal, you might want to consider using a vintage printer tray to prevent dust from collecting on the crystals.

Storing a Large Crystal Collection

If you have a large crystal collection, you’ll need a storage solution that accommodates your awesome collection. A sealed box can be a helpful alternative if you don’t have a lot of space. Protective cases are great to use for crystals you don’t use often. These boxes can be glass, acrylic, or wooden.

Depending on the size of your crystals and their hardness, you can store them in one large box that has compartments or place the crystals in individual boxes. Make sure the box or container is large enough to house your crystals and keep it on a shelf or a desk. Keep crystals away from moisture and sunlight.

Using a display case is a great way to show off your crystals. You may have a lot of crystals that are beyond stunning and enjoyable to look at. Glass display cases are perfect for showing off your crystal collection and protecting them from dirt, dust, and moisture. These display cases can be placed in your living room, bedroom, or any other location.

Strategies to Help You Organize Your Crystals

Organizing your crystals is one way you can keep up with them and use them when you’re ready. Having your crystals in no certain order isn’t necessarily the “wrong way” to store crystals, but it helps you find the crystal(s) you need when you need them.

Organizing a small collection of crystals is easier than organizing a large crystal collection, but in both situations, organizing your crystals can be rewarding. Relying solely on your memory to help you remember where each crystal is can be frustrating and somewhat of a daunting task. Using a system to organize your crystals makes it easy for you to remember where they are and keep track of the crystals you have.

You can organize your crystal collection according to:

  • Chakra
  • Color
  • Crystal family
  • Use/Purpose
  • Texture

Tips for Storing Your Crystals

Now that you know different ways you can store your crystals, keep these tips in mind to help you keep your crystals safe.

Keep Your Crystals Away From the Sun

It’s a fact that direct sunlight recharges your crystals. However, certain crystals can become brittle or change color when they remain in direct sunlight for too long. Some crystals that can be damaged because of direct sunlight exposure include agates, carnelian, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, opal, sapphire, and more.

Prevent Your Crystals From Being Submerged in Water for Extended Periods

Yes, you can use water to cleanse your crystals and remove dust and grime. However, when you’re done, make sure you wipe them off with a soft, damp cloth. Keep in mind that some crystals can flake, rust, or dissolve when they are submerged in water for a long period.

Crystals that contain iron content are more susceptible to rust, such as tangerine quartz, magnetite, malachite, galena, and more. Some crystals dissolve when they are submerged in water for extended periods, such as desert rose, turquoise, Angelite, and others.

Certain crystals can fracture when they come into contact with water, such as obsidian, opal, mica, lepidolite, moldavite, and others.

Protect Your Crystals From Damage

One of the last things you want is for your crystals to become dull or break. When you’re considering a storage option for your crystals, you need to consider a crystal’s durability and wearability. Avoid placing raw materials and tumbled stones together in a pouch or similar storage can scratch and damage polished crystals.

Damaged crystals can reduce their power and change their energy flow. Crystals that are damaged can also be less pleasing to the eye.

Shielding Your Crystals From Unwanted Energies

A lot of the time, storing your crystals that have healing properties from other people’s energies and their view is the perfect way to prevent the crystals from absorbing negativity. You can also preserve your crystal’s natural powers by keeping your crystals out of view.

Create a System That Helps You Find Your Crystals

When you have a lot of crystals, it can be difficult to find them, which can be frustrating. Having an organization system helps you arrange your crystals and help you find them when you need them. Although there’s no right or wrong way to arrange your crystals, make sure you stick to the system you create. Another benefit to creating a storage method is being able to determine what your crystal collection is missing, such as crystals you want to add or a crystal you need to replace.

Now that you know a few different ways you can store your crystals, you can get to work! Storing your crystals doesn’t have to be a dreaded, complicated task. Enjoy your crystals!