Don’t Wear These Crystals Together

When it comes to using crystals, you may think it’s better to wear two or more crystals to enhance their purposes, such as healing or inspiring creativity. While you intend to get the most from your crystals, combining crystals that have different energies will counter your efforts. Let’s look at the crystals that should not be worn together.

Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper

Although these two crystals are similar in color, their energies are incompatible and shouldn’t be worn together. Wearing these crystals simultaneously can cause discomfort and confusion.

Red Jasper is a crystal associated with Saturn, while Blue Lace Agate is associated with Venus. Red Jasper works well to heal your heart and mind while Blue Lace Agate is best used for concentration and focus.

Gomed and Amethyst

Gomed and Amethyst crystals are not compatible with each other in astrological terms. These crystals have different ruling planets and energies. Wearing these two crystals together can be an invitation for negative energy.

In the world of astrology, gemstones can, directly and indirectly, affect your energy fields, which means they affect your thoughts and actions. Gomed is excellent to wear to enhance your income and position, increase mental clarity, and improve your overall health.

Amethyst, on the other hand, is an excellent crystal for getting a good night’s rest. Although this semi-precious stone also has healing properties, Amethyst should not be paired with Gomed because you can potentially wreak havoc on your life by making yourself more vulnerable and prone to experience situations you probably don’t want to deal with.

Amethyst and Red Jasper

We’ve discussed Amethyst and Red Jasper but under different circumstances. Although these two crystals have a lot in common, wearing them together can cause trouble in paradise.

Red Jasper and Amethyst can both be beneficial for grounding and activating the third eye during meditation. However, wearing Amethyst and Red Jasper together can cause you to have low self-esteem and become depressed.

Tips for Pairing Crystals

Pairing crystals doesn’t have to be a daunting task. However, you do need to pay attention to the crystals you’re pairing together. Here are some tips that can help.

Use a Maximum of 3 Crystals

Using too many crystals at once can create an overwhelming feeling, which can have a negative impact on your thoughts and emotions, especially if you’re highly sensitive.

The key to success in this situation is to use 2 or 3 crystals that resonate with you more than the other crystals you have. Using a ton of crystals is less potent, reducing the effects of the crystal.

Pay Attention to Your Needs

Your needs can vary each day, so it’s essential to pay attention to what your mind, body, and spirit are telling you. Every crystal is not the same, and sometimes, combining certain crystals cancel each other out. Focus on how you feel and the things you want to achieve.

Take Your Time and Focus

Intention and focus are essential when you’re choosing crystals. Your emotions are also important. Focusing on your needs, emotions, and intuition will help you determine which crystals you need. Keep in mind, it’s normal for your needs and intentions to change, so make sure you remain focused when you’re choosing your crystals.

Signs the Crystals You’re Using for Pairing Aren’t Working

Some crystals will align with you more than others, which means some crystal combinations will work better for you than others. Here are different indications that the crystals you’re pairing aren’t right for you.

You Don’t Feel Significant Changes in Your Energy

Each crystal has a frequency. Sometimes the frequency of one crystal can overpower the frequency of another, making it difficult for you to feel a change in your energy and the energy around you.

You Feel Confused

Confusion can happen when you pair calming and energizing crystals together. While one crystal is trying to keep you calm and relaxed, the other crystal is going into overdrive to provide you with as much energy as possible, which can leave you confused or overwhelmed. Balancing these two different types of energy can be difficult.

Growing at a Pace That Makes You Uncomfortable

As you may be aware, crystals help you become the best version of yourself by stimulating growth on different levels and unblocking chakras. Having a lot of growth occur suddenly all at once can be beyond overwhelming. To help you avoid becoming overwhelmed, you can choose two crystals that help you focus on one aspect of your growth journey. Take your time on your growth journey and enjoy becoming the best you over time. There’s no need to rush!

You’re Low on Energy

It’s not uncommon if you feel like you’re running on fumes when you choose crystals that emphasize how you feel. For example, Clear Quartz is a wonderful crystal for healing and cleansing energy. However, Clear Quartz also amplifies your energy field when it is combined with other crystals, such as Lepidolite or Black Tourmaline. Each of these crystals helps with anxiety and depression, helping you heal from trauma, fear, and similar instances.

You may feel like you have little to no energy, but enjoy some of the other benefits of the crystals you use, which is fine. In this situation, you may only want to use one crystal at a time to see if you feel more energetic.

You’re Too Energized

The opposite of feeling low on energy is being too energized. You may feel like you took a 5-hour energy shot and have more than enough energy to conquer the world. Although being too energized is rare, it’s not impossible, and it can happen to you if you’re generally an upbeat person. If you’re usually happy-go-lucky, and you choose two or more different crystals, you may experience a substantial boost in your energy levels.

You may not want to have supercharged energy at the time. If this is the case, you can choose crystals, such as Citrine, Carnelian, and Pyrite to help boost your stamina to help you deal with frequent tiredness and fatigue. However, if you’re naturally upbeat, this combination of crystals may not affect you the same way.

The Bottom Line

Just like all crystals are not the same, people are not the same. The crystals that may work for a friend or relative may not have the same effect on you. Choose two crystals that you enjoy using, and try combining other crystals you enjoy to get the most out of the crystals. This is a trial-and-error process, so don’t worry if you don’t figure out everything overnight.