What The Blue Jay Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

The blue jay, iconic for its boisterous nature and vibrant blue plumage, is Native to eastern North America. It is the same color as the throat chakra, which represents truth. They exemplify communication and encourage one to make the most of their potential. When seeing them, we are led to wonder about their spiritual meaning.

The blue jay is a mighty spirit animal, and it is also a spiritual creature that embodies faithfulness, trustworthiness, curiosity, and communication. It also represents mischief, mimicry, trickery, changeability, and noise. They symbolize feistiness and determination even in small stature.

As relatively small creatures, they are remarkable in their physical traits and abilities and spiritual meanings and links. Although some view them as tricksters, they remind us to follow our spiritual callings and the path to success and prosperity. So for more on the spirituality of blue jays, do read on.

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Blue Jay

Blue jays are exceptionally well connected to the spirit realm. As such, they represent spiritual growth and the graduating from one level of spirituality to the next until one reaches a point of self-actualization. They also remind us of the importance of maturing and exemplify this through the various stages of their lives.

Life is a journey, and we are constantly aging. However, not everyone continues to grow and evolve throughout their lives, and the blue jay indicates that even in our spiritual walks, we should set goals and benchmarks that we wish to reach. They encourage risk-taking and being curious to learn new and different things.

They teach us to have faith in ourselves and that in which we believe. We also need to practice patience now and then and master timing and prioritization. Just as they are sure to systematize their eating, mating, and sleeping, we should ensure that we make ample time for our spiritual growth.

They symbolize growth and signify elevation and the spirit soaring to higher spheres. They stand for spiritual sight and vision as well as the ascension of the spirit. The blue jay is well in tune with its holistic needs and desires and symbolizes being spiritually awake and informed.

 As such, they are not shaken by the complexities, hardships, and complications of life. They have a lightness to them that enables them to stay above much of life’s trivialities and can focus on the things that truly matter to them. They are petite, but their focus is like that of a spiritual warrior.

Being a blue jay means that not everyone will appreciate and support you. Some people and other birds are not entirely fond of the blue jay, but that does not deter this spirited bird. And as such, they show us that we must not be discouraged by naysayers and obstacles; we need to have persistent spirits.

They are also a clear depiction of independence and being free-spirited. They have no qualms about what others think of them and boldly stand out from the crowd. They are also strong-willed and somewhat atypical, not conforming to what the world might dictate for them.

Their gorgeous blue hue represents intuition and awareness of self. There are also links to peace, harmony, and tranquility, which are vital in one’s spiritual growth because, without these, we can get caught up and entangled by stress, worries, and concerns. We need contentment in ourselves and with the world around us.

Unfortunately, another meaning this color encompasses is sadness and depression. There may be other agents at play, but at the root, it is usually brought about by feeling disconnected from the spiritual realm. The blue jay calls on you to reflect and assess why this is and leads you to reconnect and devote time to this area.

The blue jay portrays focus and precision of thought. They can evade danger with ease, and this is due to their quick response time and having clarity of mind. The blue jay warns us not to allow ourselves to become lost in our thoughts or permit them to overwhelm us. A quiet mind encourages inner peace.  

Symbolic Meanings Of A Blue Jay

As they are songbirds, they spend a fair amount of time enchanting those around them with their music. This is symbolic of the need to express our creativity and not shy away from exercising these gifts. Creativity may manifest in various ways, but the principle is still the same.

People are peculiar because many of us would rather blend into our environments instead of stepping out into the limelight. The blue jay tells us to cast our cares to the wind and embrace what we have to offer the world. Our personalities and traits are unique, and we should share these with others for mutual enjoyment.

Following this is their representation of boldly expressing oneself and having good humor. We are not all standup comedians or pop culture personalities, but that does not mean we cannot be expressive and jovial individuals. Speaking our minds and having a good laugh are essential elements of life.

To execute these, though, we need to possess confidence, which is undoubtedly something of which the blue jay is symbolic. These birds are highly confident, and this is because they are risk-takers and believe themselves capable of achieving what they set themselves to, and we should imitate this.

When one possesses the confidence level of a blue jay, along with that comes assertiveness. They are not overly hostile, but the blue jay will protect itself and its offspring if threatened. This does not mean that you ought to become impolite, but instead, adopt a stance where you stand up for yourself.

One other noteworthy feature of the blue jay is their strong will and fierce determination. This comes from their high level of intelligence and the confidence and assertiveness they epitomize. They are hard workers, and they need to be to ensure their survival and the continuation of their lineage.

We need to know how to balance the amount of work we put ourselves to and how often we rest, as we do not want to run the risk of burnout or fatigue. However, if we have goals and dreams that we wish to pursue (which the blue jay encourages us to do), we must possess determined spirits that are unrelenting.

As discussed, the blue jay takes care of itself and its own. This is a definite representation of protection and loyalty. These birds are faithful to their mates and somewhat territorial once they have established a nest. They guard their young and are well versed in deterring possible competitors or predators.

Dreaming About A Blue Jay

The blue jay is tied to the Air Element and represents thoughts, mentality, and intellect. If you dream about a blue jay, it could signify that you need clarity of mind. You may lack focus in life, and your thoughts are erratic and potentially debilitating. Meditation and centering oneself is advisable.

The blue jay is also representative of clarity and higher contemplation. You need to seek out the truth in your life, and there may be elements of deception and dishonesty. These may be born internally, in such a way that you are deluding yourself, or it could mean that others around you are being untruthful.

Dreaming of the blue jays’ brilliant blue feathers may well be linked to the previous point, and in this case, you are encouraged to scrutinize those whom you have permitted into your inner circle. It may be a simple matter of you not sharing the same views on things, or it could be more severe in that they mean you ill.

This is potentially a forewarning that people close to you are not as trustworthy as you believe them to be. Be wary of who you trust and consider learning more about them. This is also an excellent time to focus energy on reinforcing solid friendships and growing closer to those who are genuine.

Witnessing this beautiful bird should bring one joy and a sense of calm. However, if you feel uneasy in the dream, this signifies you are too harsh on yourself or those around you. Either you need to learn to show yourself grace, or there may be reason to apologize and make peace with people towards whom you have been critical.

Although the blue jay represents confidence and boldness, in a dream, it is a message that you are likely becoming overconfident or even arrogant. The blue jay is reminding you to stay grounded and to be humble. If you have success or growth in life, be grateful and do not allow yourself to be conceited.

Conversely, if the blue jay in your dream is vocal and making itself heard to all and sundry, then this is an indication that you need to let your voice be heard. This may mean that you need to allow your creativity to shine, or it can literally point to a situation where you are being pushed to speak your mind.

As blue jays are a particularly spiritual bird, it is no wonder that their appearing in your dream could be an indication that you are in dire need of spiritual growth and enlightenment. You might be remarkably busy and have not had the time to meditate, pray or introspect, but your soul is letting you know that it is needed.

The Blue Jay As A Spirit Animal

The blue jay is an intelligent and focused bird, and they do not stand for nonsense from anyone. They are confident and assertive and will bravely take on anyone who attempts to threaten them. They are also known for being rather raucous and somewhat intolerable, but they have good intentions.

With the blue jay as your spirit animal, you either already are someone who creates long-lasting and meaningful bonds with other individuals, or it will help you nurture relationships. The blue jay encourages loyalty, solidarity, and patience, which help grow any connection.

The blue jay also teaches reliability and protectiveness, which those close to you likely count on. As a spirit animal, it encourages you to pay attention to the people in your life and make provisions for them. Others do not all require the same things from us, and therefore it is essential to tailor what we offer to different people.

As your spirit animal, on the note of making provisions, the blue jay signals that you ought to plan for and have confidence in the future. To do this, you need to constantly be in tune with where you are, which will assure you of how prepared you are for things to come.

Part of what will be in the future is your spiritual development and evolution. The blue jay reminds you that life will constantly yield things to work through and obstacles to overcome. If you intend to thrive spiritually, you must commit to pruning your patterns, habits, and beliefs constantly.

Although it is good to heed the advice of others, especially those with greater wisdom and insight in certain areas, the blue jay suggests that you focus on your intuition and trust your instincts. This is particularly applicable if you are someone who has always done what you are told and never taken the reins for yourself.

Something that is derived from this will be your dreams and aspirations. You decide what these are, not other people. The blue jay reminds you to have faith in yourself and tells you that you can succeed if you commit and are willing to give your all. Yes, there will be adversity and challenges along the way, but push on.

Also, do not let others influence you into conforming, be like the blue jay who is quite content to stand out. Other people will always have perceptions, views, and notions about you, but there is nothing you can do about it. However, what you can do is dare to be unique and live your life to your heart’s content.


Blue jays are confident, assertive, and sometimes overbearing, but they are also symbolic of loyalty, patience, and determination. They have a solid link to spirituality and offer clarity of sight and communication efficiency. As spirit animals, they encourage reliability, planning, trusting your intuition and uniqueness.

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