What The Hummingbird Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

There is something magical to hummingbirds native to the Americas and not to be confused with sunbirds found in Africa and Asia. These tiny birds, of which the bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world, possess happy and carefree energy to them, but what is the spiritual meaning which they hold?

Hummingbirds are symbolic of many unique qualities, including messages from spirits, healing, vitality, good luck, and joy. They also encompass vibrancy and diversity, and they represent hope and inspiration. Acting as guides for spiritual growth and the journey to fulfill dreams.

A remarkable trait of hummingbirds is that they can hover in place and fly backward. On average, their wings beat up to 53 times per second, which produces an insect-like sound. Seeing these beautiful creatures reminds us to enjoy the little pleasures in life. To learn more about their spiritual meaning, do read on.

Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning Of A Hummingbird

For most occasions, hummingbirds are good omens and bring positivity with them. One will often experience the presence of one following a season of change or chaos. The hummingbird signifies that the period is over and encourages you to reunite with your essence and rebuild spiritually.

If a hummingbird has made its presence apparent in your life, whether that be by actually seeing one or if they come to you in dreams or artworks, you may experience a wave of inspiration. This will be directed to a longing to repurpose or seek out the meaning of your life. They encourage us to pursue our higher selves.

Like with many birds, the hummingbird is seen as a messenger from our spirit guides, angels, and the spiritual realm in general. They are an earthly manifestation of the connection between the two spheres. If you see a hummingbird, offer up a prayer, especially of thanks, and be reminded that past loved ones watch over you.

Interestingly enough, because of this, hummingbirds have been associated with death at times, but not negatively or mournfully. Instead, this tiny bird is a colorful messenger that helps us connect with loved ones who are no longer with us and offer us guidance from the other side of the veil.

As mentioned, they are colorful beings and certainly stand out, even though they are generally so small. They are enrobed in vibrant jewel-like hues and are a sight to behold. Additionally, they are partnered with the rich flowers from which they gather nectar. They, therefore, symbolize vibrancy and diversity.

When we consider spirituality, diversity is not always considered. We tend to find something and stick to it. The hummingbird implies that we should embrace the richness of multiplicity in our spiritual walks. We should not allow ourselves to grow stagnant but rather be on an ever-evolving trajectory.

The hummingbird encourages us not to fall into a spiritual routine, much like they visit an array of flowers and have the capabilities to aid in the pollination of various flowering plants. So we should be ever seeking to learn and discover more things so we may grow and help others in their journeys.

However, the hummingbird also encourages us to rest; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They embody busyness and haste, but even they need to enter periods of rest. When there is a lack of food, a hummingbird will enter a form of hibernation, known as torpor.   

Suppose you are someone who resonates with the hummingbird’s high energy levels and its ability to live at such a fast pace. In that case, the spirit of this bird wants to remind you that taking a respite and relaxing are vital to your overall well-being. Even the act of spiritual growth requires energy and, at times, must be put on pause.

Following rest, something else we require is healing, and the hummingbird demonstrates a sublime and harmonious relationship with its life source, which is the nectar from flowers. In return, the hummingbird acts as a pollinator, thus ensuring the multiplication of the flowers and, resultantly, their life force.

 By living a balanced and congruent existence, we can ensure that we heal from things that have ailed us. The hummingbird reminds us that we should seek equilibrium and be mindful of what we feed ourselves. All facets of our beings require sustenance, but we need that which promotes health and vitality.

Symbolic Meanings Of A Hummingbird

The hummingbird is a prominent symbol of good luck and enjoying the sweeter things in life. However, one key element is that they do not sit idle and wait for things to come to them. Instead, they actively seek out the nectar that satisfies, nourishes, and pleases them.  

Good things tend to come to those who harbor joy in their spirits and are receptive towards fortuity and providence. The hummingbird is vibrant and cheerful, and although there is work involved in obtaining what they seek in life, they are content and merry.

We should also be like the hummingbird that sees the good in life. When things are going well, we sometimes become familiar with living as such and become ungrateful for what life has provided us. Additionally, the hummingbird may travel far and toils to obtain the sweet nectar; we should welcome work.

The hummingbird is also representative of drive, perseverance, and endurance. We dream of and aspire towards things in life and amidst our “instant” world; many have forgotten the value of hard work, sacrifice, and tenacity. The hummingbird prompts us to be adaptable and determined.

With hard work, and these other traits and practices, also comes the need to be thankful for what life and others have imparted to us. It is said that hummingbirds were created from flowers, and to show their gratitude, each spring, they return to the flowers and offer their appreciation.

Part of what makes life pleasurable is the romantic relationships we get involved in. And the first seed sown in initiating such relationships is flirtation, which is another symbolic meaning of the hummingbird. Unlike some other birds, the hummingbird does not mate for life. This is not a sign for you to abandon commitment, though.

Affairs or having numerous partners simultaneously is not what the hummingbird exemplifies, but instead that if you are in a relationship and things are stagnating, try to reignite the flame by being flirtatious with one another and having some fun again. You are encouraged not to get too serious too soon if you are single.

Sometimes, life will not be sunshine, rainbows, and filled with love and joy. And this is where the hummingbirds, agility, adaptability, and stability come into play. Although they are small in stature, even in the fiercest conditions, the hummingbird can stabilize itself while in midair.

This aspect of the hummingbird reminds us that there will likely never be perfect conditions or “the right time”. Instead, we should embrace the fact that difficulties will be ever-present, but that with focus and resilience, we can weather any storm and achieve our goals. Seizing opportunities that present themselves is critical. 

One of the primary reasons they can withstand the natural strife that life casts their way is their tremendous speed. Not only do their wings flap immensely fast, but other aspects of them are even more expeditious. Their little hearts beat approximately 1,200 times per minute. They are the embodiment of speed.

They represent high energy levels and zeal, and how they zoom from one flower to the next, fulfilling their vital role in the ecosystem, is remarkable. The hummingbird delivers the meaning that regardless of your size or supposed significance to the world, you can still use your positive energy to succeed. 

Dreaming About A Hummingbird

As mentioned, hummingbirds are generally bringers of good luck and favorable omens. This is typically the same case where dreams about them are concerned. The swift and graceful motions of the hummingbird are symbolic of even the smallest of things having great power.

Do not doubt yourself or your abilities if you dream about a hummingbird, instead realize that it is a message that you are sure to accomplish your goals swiftly and effectively. Another thing that you are encouraged to do is allow even the simplest of ideas to sprout and be patient to see what they may yield.

Often, the hummingbird tells you that your idea or a project you have initiated shows excellent potential and deserves your attention. If a hummingbird is seated in your palm, this is a sign that you possess a new desire, and if you are willing to work incredibly hard, it will be fulfilled.

If you dream specifically of a yellow hummingbird, this means that you will soon be afforded the opportunity to obtain success and recognition. Remember, though, that the hummingbird is immensely active, and this reward will not come without effort on your part.

As stated, good luck is probably the most likely meaning of dreaming about hummingbirds. If you witness one flying towards you, this indicates that prosperity is on the horizon. This may arrive in varying forms, though, affecting particular parts of your life, such as your relationships, profession, or health.

A hummingbird appearing to you in a dream has links to new ideas, as mentioned, as well as intelligence and spiritual resolve. It might, therefore, not signify worldly breakthrough, but rather that within the spiritual realm. You are advised to nurture your spirit and continue feeding it and seeking growth.

A negative connotation of a hummingbird dream highlights your inability or unwillingness to commit to concepts, projects, or even relationships. You likely whizz from one thing to the next, never entirely giving it your all or completing things. The hummingbird advises that you address this if you seek fulfillment.

If you dream of a hummingbird that is feeding, this is a sign that you are letting the good things in life pass you by and need to take the time to enjoy what you have going for you. You likely fret and worry too much, which causes you not to savor the sweeter aspects of life. Inhale and try to find time to relax.

Hummingbirds flutter about and move swiftly from one flower to the next, seemingly without restraint or a care in the world. Dreaming of a hummingbird may be symbolic of the freedom you long for in life. You may feel restricted and constrained by something, and your subconscious is bringing it to the fore.

The Hummingbird As A Spirit Animal

Often what happens with regards to spirit animals is that they choose you and not the other way around. The hummingbird will arrive seemingly out of thin air, but its bright and brilliant plumage will be hard to miss. It may come to you in a vision or dream, or you may be profoundly moved by the sight of one.

Be mindful of these experiences as they may well be a message that the hummingbird is your spirit animal. By examining the symbols and meanings of the hummingbird, you will soon get a clear picture of what it likely hopes to accomplish in your life. You are encouraged by them to step outside your mind and be open.

As your spirit animal, the hummingbird will encourage you to trust your innate gifts and abilities. You also likely have a creative flair, and the hummingbird is prompting you to utilize this talent. Creativity manifests itself in various forms, so be patient if you are not aware of yours just yet.

Along with this will come the promotion of increasing your flexibility and adaptability to what life brings your way. The hummingbird will witness your capabilities and help you effectively utilize them to traverse the unknown. It may be frightening, but the unwavering hummingbird will help.

The hummingbird will undoubtedly bring about change in your life; however, they also tend to appear to those who need to make alterations in their lives or are seeking guidance. One place it will start is by reminding you to savor life and its sweet moments.

One such alteration that you may be encouraged to make is to open your soul to those who love you and to focus on the power of adoration and interconnectedness. The hummingbird has an immensely active heart that promotes love. You will be prompted to both offer and receive love from others.

Just as love is a vital yet intangible component of life, so are spiritual matters. The hummingbird will usually appear to you in visual forms as a message to stop obsessing over the material world. The hummingbird indicates that you need to reprioritize and focus on the advancement of your spiritual walk.

Finally, your spirit animal exemplifies freedom and liberty. You might be living a restricted existence, and your spirit animal is trying to set you free so that you can blossom into the best possible version of yourself. It may be a controlling relationship, demanding job, or poor health choices, but you need to break free.


This small bird that comes in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and colors symbolizes joy, freedom, and appreciating life. Vibrancy, diversity, and vitality are definite representations. It also encourages and inspires us to be more, even if the odds are stacked against us, and it acts as a messenger between us and the spiritual realm.

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