What The Mourning Dove Symbolizes: Spiritual Meaning, In Dreams & More

A dove’s coo is usually filled with calming reassurance. We hear it, see the gentle bird, and wonder what it could mean. Usually, we think of a white dove as a gentle messenger that things are getting easier. What about its cousin, the mourning dove? Is there a spiritual meaning to the mourning dove?

The mourning dove usually brings a melancholy feeling, and the meaning could be comforting and consoling. The mourning dove carries with it meanings of sorrow or mourning and could be the answer you were looking for as a messenger of hope for the future that your love will guide you. 

These sweet little grey birds carry with them great messages of possibility. These messages can be applied to your life as you need them. What more could you need? What is the mourning dove conveying or affirming for you?

Is The Mourning Dove A Good Or Bad Omen?

It is mostly safe to say that the mourning dove has a neutral meaning and is often a sign that you can and will pull through a particularly challenging situation. It is believed that seeing the mourning dove meant good news and or a change for the better.

Visiting a mourning dove could depend on the circumstance; could it be a message from a deceased loved one, as some myths have told? Many ancient thoughts are that the mourning dove is a messenger and, more omnipotently, a messenger from God, not just a message from a deceased loved one.

Some believe that seeing a pair of mourning doves means love, a soulmate connection. This connection is thought of because the mourning dove mates for life and are then known to mourn their partner’s death. Love is always a good omen, and the mourning dove pair is a beautiful sight.

There are times when the mourning dove could be considered a negative omen, usually when it visits your dreams and appears suddenly or is a place that surprises you. This strange appearance could foreshadow the death of a loved one.

Different Spiritual Meanings Of A Mourning Dove

The mourning dove has been a meaningful symbol throughout the ages and holds meanings in different cultures and religions. The strongest spiritual connections are with those carrying a message of hope, love, peace, faith, and acceptance, especially regarding loss.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove: Providence

We are all looking for reasons to keep hoping, and the mourning dove is our sign to not give up on hope. The mourning dove is a sign that what you have prayed for is provided.

The mourning dove brings a deeply spiritual and personal message of providence, not just from a loved one but directly from God. You are being reminded that what you manifest in your life is happening. Be patient and happy knowing that you are being taken care of.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove: Faith

When you are looking for a sign or guidance spiritually, rest assured knowing that the mourning dove is reminding you to have faith. When the spiritual visit from the mourning dove reassures you, it means your hardship is coming to an end.

We can see an example of the dove in the story of Noah from The Bible, that a dove indicated hope after the storm. It was an affirmation to Noah’s faith that they would survive and live happily on land again, with the dove carrying its message from God that Noah’s faithfulness would be rewarded.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove: Love

As the mourning dove is seen as quite tame in most situations and enjoys attention, it represents love. The mourning dove also mates with one partner, and this connection is seen as special and unique.

Love is the purpose of the universe, and as the mourning dove appears to mourn its partner after death, we can see the journey of love. Love doesn’t die but rather transforms, and the mourning dove is a good symbol of how we need to carry on through love and for love’s sake.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove: Resilience

The mourning dove is a strong reminder and symbol of resilience because they are always on the move. The mourning dove shows us that if the conditions aren’t suitable in one place, the possibilities could be better than ever before.

The mourning dove can also be linked to reincarnation in a broader sense; as we say goodbye to one life, a new one is made possible. The message is all about carrying on in tough times and having the faith to keep moving and to keep improving.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove: Peace

The mourning dove is seen in history as a messenger from God, and peace can ensue in knowing God is with you.

The mourning dove could also be asking you to find peace within yourself. You may need to give yourself a break, or reevaluate your position on some things, to understand who you are and the possibilities of the next steps for your life.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove: Acceptance

The mourning dove is showing us, consoling us, that everything is connected and that we are not alone. You are receiving especially strong reassurance if you need a message of divine love to get you through a tough time.

In mourning and dealing with grief, it takes time and support to get to the stage where we can accept the new path. The mourning dove is the sign that you are being taken care of. The mourning dove could also be a message from a loved one that they are fine and that you can let go of sadness towards their loss.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove: Forgiveness

The mourning dove teaches us a powerful spiritual lesson on forgiveness. When the mourning dove shows up in our lives, it asks us to rectify disharmony and fix imbalances. These issues that need attention could include conflicts.

If we want to move and be happy in life, find love and practice peace, we need to forgive those who have wronged us, including ourselves. Looking within is a very important lesson the mourning dove reminds us of.

When we can forgive and move on, we can achieve new heights and find a path that will make us happy, and of course, we can contribute to the community around us so much more. Happiness and joy are what the universe wants for each of us, to be free from the heaviness of grudges and resentment.

What Do Mourning Doves Mean Spiritually For Twin Flames?

The mourning dove is truly viewed as an epitome of love, especially because of its connections to death and coming to terms with the sorrow of grief. We only feel grief due to what we have lost. Mourning and love go hand in hand, sadly, so what does the mourning dove symbolize mean for the twin flame connection?

It is no surprise that the gentleness of the mourning dove, the way it soothes when it coos, is thought to help open your heart to a divine purpose. If the twin flames a connection is blessed by the mourning dove, then it means that through hardships, their connection will survive.

It is especially auspicious if you see a pair of mourning doves. The twin flame connection will be solidified by the mourning doves as the pair represent union. The pair of mourning doves symbolize connection and completion of we to be the best partner for each other. It is truly a beautiful message.

The Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove At Home

When you are visited by the mourning dove, in or around your home, it is a messenger bringing your attention to something urgent. This messenger carries a message of love and often divine love, directly from God.

You are specifically being asked to look within yourself and find peace with your past or any pain in your life. You should feel protected in this process of coming to terms with what has in the past been wrong for you.

The mourning dove is reminding you that your hope is not in vain, that your work towards improving your life and community is seen and supported by the universe.

You can find comfort in the mourning dove’s appearance that any trauma or grief you are working through can be eased. Look to the mourning dove’s calm and soothing coo for the hope you need to release your sorrow.

The Spiritual Meaning Of A Mourning Dove In Your Dreams

This is a message from your ancestors reminding you to stay focused on what you need in your life. It is time to look at what is making you unhappy and actively work towards outing your life in harmony and finding balance.

If the mourning dove appears in your dream out of nowhere or in a strange place, it could be an omen of death. This is sad but part of life and love and shouldn’t be thought of with fear.

If you dream of seeing a pair of mourning doves, it is, of course, symbolic of romantic love, possibly a soulmate or twin flame connection. Dreaming of the pair of mourning doves is focusing more on your desire for love than the waking connection itself.

The mourning dove can have the same universal meaning as dreaming of any bird that you have a desire to understand the universe better. You could be looking for a spiritual connection or purpose. Don’t give up.

A Mourning Dove As A Spirit Animal

Our spirit animals are not here to judge us, they are not here to harm us, and the mourning dove is no different. However, the mourning dove may be trying to get you to face something about yourself you don’t like. Rise to the challenge of your spirit animal, the mourning dove, face yourself, and be honest with who you are.

It can be difficult to look within and face those harsher truths about yourself; however, the mourning dove wants you to deal with any past issues to move forward.

You are being called to find like-minded people, to know who your community is so you can contribute towards the collective. If you work together with a community to make a positive impact, then you will fulfill your soul calling and be an inspiration to others, creating a better world.

A Mourning Dove As A Totem Animal

Similar to having the mourning dove as your spirit animal, the totem symbol of the mourning dove is being shown to you because you need to deal with the past. There is something holding you back, and you are being reminded that you need to see the beauty in things and have a positive attitude to find peace.

The mourning dove totem is a powerful symbol of love, thought to embody life and death. Simply thought that by overcoming death loss, that love can go on and improve life more than could ever be imagined.

This totem animal is reminding you that you can also try again, through time and space; while we exist, there is a possibility. The mourning dove is also connected through rebirth, and this is highlighted by the idea of there always being a chance to try again or even something new.


The mourning dove has a truly special spiritual meaning in that it represents love, the most important thing of all. It doesn’t only represent love but carries messages from loved ones as well as the wise and loving universe. This means that the mourning dove also reminds us of what it means to have hope.

The mourning dove shows us that our faith will be rewarded and that we can overcome any hard time we face if we deal with our problems. Especially looking within or dealing with past issues to move forward as the mourning dove does in all its movements.

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